Hot Chicks

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Feel free to say whatever you like about them - they won't ever be reading this Wiki.

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An alluring subcategory of bitches.

All men want them. Even fa/tg/uys. They are the physical pinnacle of females (and thus most perfect at a glance). Blame Darwin and Freud for our odd and indescribable attraction to them. Not that they could get them, either. The standard wargear for one of these fine specimens includes BOOBS, DAT ASS, and long hair. They commonly lack any locatable fat save in their breasts, any sleeves or pant legs, and often any higher brain function. They travel in parties, like RPGs, except they never do anything but show off and reject the attention they inevitably attract.

It is well known that all Hot Chicks are scions of Slaanesh.

Though they are conceivably attainable, unlike Animu or Touhou girls, the amount of resources effort it takes to attract one would cut too deeply into D&D 3.5 and Warhammer 40k time; not even the best of us have that much fortitude.

They are repulsed by everything we love, especially Neckbeards. They can't eat our food, they won't breathe our air, and they have an odd fascination for Furries. They have no respect for big books, tiny models, or computers.

Rarely, however, a young girl will be born who is fated to enjoy such things as /tg/ lives on. While many of these outcasts will fall into the same routines as fa/tg/uys (and evolve into ca/tg/irls), some may be possessed of a fortitude of will that allows them to become a Hot Chick. These individuals are extremely rare, as they need to have high stats in Constitution, Intelligence, and Charisma (plus Comeliness, if you still count it). This lets them interact with normal people, and other Hot Chicks, while still insuring they can both hide and enjoy their love of all things /tg/. Many of this rare breed are lost to the dreaded /v/. Any of the precious few still left to /tg/ have already found suitable mates in fa/tg/uys luckier than you.

Or, they are actually everywhere and enjoy inciting envy and lust in our hearts. Or just enjoy being viewed as unapproachable and hot as Elves.