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House Delaque is one of the six Hive City Houses of Necromunda, making it one of the six original playable factions for the game when it was debuted.

House Delaque is known as a house of spies and information mongers, with a particularly close relationship to Imperial House Helmawr. They have a reputation as assassins, spies, sabotuers and double-agents, which means that nobody in their right mind trusts a Delaque. The House is also defined by its pale skin, baldness and light-sensitive eyes, traits that have led some fans to assume they may actually be contaminated by Genestealers. Then again, as the Genestealer cults are now playable in Necromunda, perhaps they are secretly servants of the Alpha Leg*BLAM*the Alpha Legion does not exist

In the 8th edition rewrite, House Delaque is said to be the primary information broker of the gangs, observing rival Houses and reporting what they find to House Helmawr. No mention of their number being Genestealer-tainted is made; however, it is said that they have somehow allied themselves with the descendants of Necromunda's long-forgotten indigenous life (or perhaps they are those descendants). Few have heard of this claim, and fewer still believe it could be true- which is exactly how House Delaque likes it.

It is said that they use an especially vile elixir made by House Escher to forcibly bring out psychic powers in some of their number. These "forced psykers" gain the power to hear the thoughts of others, but only at a terrible cost to their souls.

Unique Mechanics[edit]

House Delaque is the sneaky, shooty gang of the House Gangs; everybody in it can learn both Shooting and Stealth skills, which is comparable to House Van Saar and arguably superior to House Orlock. Whilst gangers can learn Agility, this gang is extremely ill-suited for frontal assaults; only gang leaders can learn Ferocity and Combat skills.

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