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House Greim are the self styled "Military House" of the nobility of Necromunda.

They claim command over the PDF militia regiments, and conduct themselves as if they are perpetually preparing for war, despite the fact that most of leaders have never seen a battle or would even be willing to venture near a battlefield.

Because the Clan Houses are not permitted to engage in offworld trade, it is House Greim that actually exports the majority of wargear and munitions that the lower houses generate. This arrangement also allows them to pick and choose the finest equipment to keep for themselves which they gift out to their pet battalion commanders for their loyalty. Even after being deployed, many officers of the Imperial Guard are therefore indebted to House Greim for their commissions and continued favour.

Despite the puffed up showmanship, House Helmawr actually encourages it by awarding made-up titles and shiny medals for Greim's performance. Considering it such a small cost to have such an enthusiastic ally that he knows will support him if the other Houses ever stepped out of line.

House Greim is a longtime supporter of House Goliath, and take a great interest in their development; the potential for regiments of quick-grown, highly aggressive, supersoldiers is certainly an attractive prospect. Though their short lifespans and dependence on stimms is a drawback that has yet to be overcome.

Alliance Benefits[edit]

Working with House Greim offers a gang an actual logistical supply chain. While most gangs must purchase or scavenge their own munitions, House Greim is able to resupply ammunition of any sort. This can be invaluable to gangs that have a lot of equipment, like Plasma or Melta weapons that they might otherwise struggle to keep firing.

Gangs can also call upon the support of a Military Attache without having to roll for, which they should do all the time as the drawbacks are present whether you take them or not.

The three similar but separate drawbacks (only two are listed in the alliance page, but trust us, it's three) are related to the fact that House Greim are recruiters for the militia.

  • First, they may take an interest of the gangs Juves at ANY time and demand that they get conscripted into the militia and lost forever.
  • The second drawback applies if the party ever loses a skirmish, then the recruiters will demand that a random gang member be seconded to the militia temporarily. While this sounds similar to the first, at least the ganger has a good chance of returning with some added experience, and if he does die on tour then the House will completely refund his cost to the Gang Leader
  • The third drawback applies if the Military Attache is present on the tabletop, before the skirmish they will demand a gang member be temporarily seconded to the militia.

Therefore it is possible for House Greim to become very demanding patrons, since there is potential for them to demand two gang members at the end of a lost skirmish, as well as any and all of your Juves depending on their whims. This could leave your roster incredibly short, though you are permitted to deny the request, but this results in you having to test the bonds of your alliance to see if it still holds.


A military attaché can be sent to oversee their allies (as well as scout for new talent).

This is basically a low ranking member of the house being given the title of Kreig Master and being kicked down to the underhive to experience "real combat". Thankfully they get sent an actual war veteran called a Jagerkin to watch over them and keep them safe.

As an unlikely pair, the war vet is obviously the better warrior of the two, though the nobleman obviously comes with better gear. However, having the superior education of the Kreig Master allows the gang more influence over what scenario can be chosen for the next skirmish.

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