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House Ran Lo are one of the Noble Houses of Necromunda. Beneath the Imperial House Helmawr, but still above the Clan Houses of the Hives.

Ran Lo are the bankers of Necromunda. While the guild of coin enforces all tithes, taxes, and tolls, it is Ran Lo who keep the accounts and secure the vaults.

This makes them an essential part of the economics of Necromunda, as it is far easier to issue a note of credit than to ship cases upon cases of precious materials or coinage, especially if you deal in commerce with planets who may have their own currencies and estimations of value. As ever, those who deal with money tend to make the most of it, therefore they are incredibly wealthy in their own right.

They are however considered exceptionally boring. As befits their image as miserly Scrooges, they tend to dress conservatively, are not amused by needless ceremony, and are blunt and to the point. The other houses deal with them only out of necessity, considering them to be practically painful to be around.

Despite their outwardly boring demeanor, they do seem to be particularly noted for sending Spyrers down to the underhive to blow off steam. Guess they need to have an outlet for something.

Alliance Benefits[edit]

For a gang to gain the patronage of House Ran Lo is very similar to having an alliance with House Ulanti; it's mostly about money, except with Ran Lo it comes with less drama and a few annoying lines of fine print.

Gangs allied with Ran Lo will gain extra funds if the opponent gained more money than they did. Described as House Ran Lo trying to balance the books and be equitable. However it kind of implies that Ran Lo will only assist the losers.

Similarly, actual tangible support can be requested from Ran Lo in the form of an Auditing Conclave, though they will only deign to offer assistance if the gangs reputation is suitably low.

The drawbacks to an alliance with them are also similarly annoying: they don't like it when the gang has a low bank balance, meaning the gang leader needs to keep a deposit of 50 credits in his account at all times or the relationship gets testy.

Oh, and any income you thought you might get from your territories and businesses in the hive? Yeah well occasionally the Nobles think you need to pay tax on that so you don't get as much as you thought you were.

Fuck the tax man...


Now this is where things change slightly.

Despite all of the dubious "benefits" and the drawbacks of the alliance itself, having an Auditor Conclave kind of makes up for it.

Their mere presence on the tabletop grants more money, so if you can take them, do it, even if they achieve nothing you still get extra cash.

Even though the Auditor is an appallingly crap fighter, he is Fearsome representing the fact that nobody wants to confront the taxman, lest he find some error in your tax return form and you owe the government money.

To keep him alive he comes with an indentured bodyguard equipped as a sniper with the Trick Shot ability, so he ignores cover. The bodyguard can take hits for his master and they both activate at the same time for double the punch

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