Howl of the Devil Tiger

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The Howl of the Devil Tiger is a Dharmic path in the Vampire: The Masquerade campaign supplement Kindred of the East. Its adherents believe that through the proper application of pain, both on themselves and on the world around them, that Creation can be made clean. Their chosen Virtue is P'o.

Devil Tigers are evil bastards on a good day, but the ideal Devil Tiger is never malicious or petty. Oh no, theirs is a directed brand of evil, as their choice of prey are the truly depraved and destructive, the type who would bring down society for shits and giggles.

For you see, Devil Tigers see it as their sacred duty to seek out and destroy the most vile, a duty that was long abandoned by the devil servitors of Yomi. They're not devil-worshippers, but they want to become devils, as they think the ones currently holding the positions are incompetent and they can do a better job at it.

Quite a number of Devil Tigers fall to their P'o, and become akuma thralls of the Yama Kings, but those who remain loyal to their Dharma are some of the most fervent and dogged opponents of those who seek to become the Demon Emperor. Once the Sixth Age commences, sleeper cells of Devil Tigers will spring into action, becoming organized resistance to the Yama Kings' rule.

The Demon Emperor's rule may be inevitable, but it's not going to be a smooth one, not if the Devil Tigers can help it.

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