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Hrinruuk's symbol.jpg
A broken or an intact bow
Divine Rank Titan
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Hunting
Domains None
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Blood reapers, chuul, desert stalkers, druids, gnolls, hunters hounds, night-touched beings, proud, rangers, stalker slitherin, taurons, umber hulks
Look at this fucking smug asshole.

Hrinruuk, the Hunter (pronounced either he-RIN-rook, h-RIN-rook, or RRIN-roo-ick), is the titan of hunting in Scarn. He's the father of Tanil and Idra. He was also, arguably, the worst of the titans.


Before the Divine War, Hrinruuk, due to his personality, was actually on friendly terms with Enkili, Vangal, and several other demigods, and created many of the monsters that now roam Scarn. He also was one of the reasons that the Divine War started, as he decided to go after her own daughter Tanil and proceeded to rape her.

When the war started properly, Hrinruuk didn't take it seriously at all, seeing it merely as the greatest hunt there is. He hid from the gods and their armies, ambushed them and retreated before any serious harm could be done to him. In one battle however, he managed to kill the goddess Miridum, the daughter of Hedrada. The Judge became truly furious, and called the gods and their armies to hunt Hrinruuk, and for the first time, he feared the gods as he couldn't hide any longer. After he retreated to nurse his wounds after a battle, Tanil approached him and convinced him to join the gods side by giving his bow to her to take to the gods as a sign of good faith. Tanil however took control of the bow from Hrinruuk, causing him to lose some of his power, and bent it to her will. The Hunter realized this and left his hiding place to find her, only to find Hedrada waiting for him. Recognizing Hedrada as the first god to rebel, not even remembering he killed his daughter, he flew at the Judge in a despearte frenzy. Though he appeared to be winning over Hedrada, the arrival of Tanil and Corean turned the situation on its head, with Corean decapitating the titan, and giving the still-living head to Hedrada.

This however wasn't the end, as the headless body of the titan rose up and begun a campaign of destruction and terror, before being finally taken down by Tanil, Corean, and Vangal, with Tanil taking care of hiding the pieces of Hrinruuk so they couldn't do any harm to the land. After the war the gods also found the monstrosity that the Hunter had created before the war, a being tougher, more magical, and terrible than the tarrasque.


Hrinruuk was often described as a witty, fun-loving, and charming titan, with everyone from mortals to gods and fellow titans having a hard time not liking him. Of course, he was a titan, and like most, he was a narcissist, and believed the world was his personal playground. All he cared about was hunting and creating new creatures to hunt. When he grew bored hunting them, he left them to their own devices and begun making new beings.


Hrinruuk's follower, in Ghelspad at least, are apologists, whether they know it or not, as they tell their own versions of the events. They say that Hrinruuk didn't know that he had fathered Tanil with Denev, and that while he did have sex with her it wasn't rape. Though they do acknowledge that the Divine War was necessary and reasonable, they do belive that Hrinruuk was wronged during it. Tanil, or as they call her the Traitress, and Idra had, according to them, lied to the gods about Hrinruuk for selfish and power-hungry reasons, and that he was innocent of the accusations leveled against him. They also claim that the creatures he made were a benevolent way by which he could strengthen the creatures of Scarn through natural selection, and that he was no worse than Denev, and that Tanil would've had her killed if she had the chance. However most people who hear these raving apologist's often react with disgust at their claims, or in extreme cases, find the nearest blunt object to cave their skulls in.

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