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Aliases The Decapitator, Master of Ambush
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Lesser / Intermediate God
Pantheon Goblinoid
Portfolio Bugbears, ambushes, combat, violence
Domains 3E: Chaos, Evil, Trickery, War
5E: War
Home Plane Great Wheel: Hruggekolohk (Pandemonium)
World Tree: Hruggekolohk (Clangor)
World Axis: Banehold
Worshippers Bugbears
Favoured Weapon Morningstar
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Hruggek examining his skull collection.

Hruggek is the Chief Deity of Bugbears, being the god of Ambush tactics, combat and violence.

Hruggek was originally serving under the more important deity Bane, and in 4th edition was listed as living in Banehold. Currently in 5th edition he is independent again, living in Acheron and being worshiped by bugbears.

His relationships with other Deities is unknown, as is much of his history due to being a more obscure deity.

His current symbol is a morningstar, something that has remained the same since his first introduction in 1st edition


Black morningstar
Aliases Hruggek
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank Celestial Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Energy)
Portfolio Bugbears, warfare, fury
Domains Energy, Chaos, Strength, War
Worshippers Bugbears, warriors, berserkers
Favoured Weapon Morningstar

In Mystara, Hruggek is the real name of the Immortal Bartziluth, the patron of bugbears.


Bartziluth was originally a bugbear from the Broken Lands, where he was renowned for smashing the faces of his enemies with his morningstar. No one actually knows how he reached Immortality, or who sponsored him to the sphere of energy. Since his ascension though, he has been the patron of bugbears everywhere.


Bartziluth appears as a huge bugbear, wearing shining leather armor and carrying his signature morningstar. He looks as savage as most bugbears, but his eyes show craftiness and intelligence.


Bartziluth is always seeking to witness well-fought battles, taking pleasure in watching warriors going berserk in the midst. He has no personal allies, and is enemies with Halav and Atzanteotl, though Atzanteotl refuses to consider him a proper enemy, which frustrates Bartziluth.