Hua Yuan Exterminators

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Hua Yuan Exterminator Guardsmen
Hua Yuan Emblem.png
Battle Cry "Nullus est instar Domus!"
"給點顏色你看看!" (Gei diǎn yánsè nǐ kankan!)
Founding Sometime in the 41st Millennium
Homeworld Hua Yuan
Strength 1200 regiments
Specialty Hive Warfare, Surgical Strikes, Lights and Noise
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Cyan, Hot Pink, Beige and esoteric camo patterns.
Two Guardsmen of the Hua Yuan 1st Exterminators performing a Flash and Clear Room breach.

Cyberpunk Hong Kong/Kowloon Imperial Guard. What could go wrong?

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The Exterminators[edit]

The Regimental Insignia: Yuan, The Garden.

In the grimdark depths of Hua Yuan's singular, eponymous hive city, there are only gangers, dead bugs, and disco. Or, at least, that is the hive’s reputation. The Hua Yuan Regiments are experts in pest control, shock and disorientation tactics, and urban warfare, none more so than the Hua Yuan 1st Exterminators. The regiment is renowned for their use of neon-colored and luminescent-adorned armor, initially intended to blend in with the underhive’s unique lighting arrangements. Over time, the Exterminator regiments came to incorporate their "unique" aesthetic taste into their regimental tactics, making extensive use of fireworks, disorienting lights, and multicolored smoke bombs to confuse and isolate enemy units. The Exterminators’ ranks are drawn from the first-born children of all classes of the cramped industrial city; Administratum clerks have speculated that the decision to include underclass conscripts may explain the Exterminators’ penchant for leaving colorful graffiti everywhere they're deployed. Despite these eccentricities, their origins in the extraordinarily-cramped and dangerous mining city have made the Exterminators ruthlessly efficient when confronting hive gangers, on other worlds or their own.

Of the 1200 odd regiments that have been created on Hua Yuan, nearly one half of them are "Exterminator" regiments, specializing in their distinctive style of bright, loud, and up-close and personal combat. These are supported by some 250 Armored regiments, and 400 conventional guard units also trained from the firstborn of Hua Yuan.

Hua Yuan Exterminator Regiments[edit]

All Regiments raised on Hua Yuan can trace their history back to what would become the Hua Yuan 1st Exterminators. In 899.M41, following the surfacing and attempted uprising of a Gene Stealer cult, the Hua Yuan 1st Regiment became famous among the forces present for their successful engagements against the Tyranids, their familiarity with tight urban combat, and usage of unconventional tactics. Alongside the Sororitas present on the planet, they quickly assisted in beating back the infestation, and earned the nickname "Exterminators." Members of the regiment rapidly developed a hatred of Tyranids, which was only increased by some members secret use of a special Combat Stim made from Termagaunt adrenal gland which allowed them to see Tyranid warp signatures at heavy toll on their body and mind.

The massively crowded environment makes law enforcement and public order a constant issue on Hua Yuan. As a result, many of the recruits are well accustomed to violence and combat. Their temperament is rough and obnoxious, which only ever gets covered up by their extensive training in the Exterminator forces, never removed. This unique personality has led to some of the Exterminator's more cherished customs: Looting and trophy taking. Whenever they engage an enemy, whatever pieces weren't destroyed will be whisked away back home to flaunt their feats. In addition to the standard equipment, veteran guardsmen will often be adorned with Tyranid skeletal remains, pieces of repurposed tau armor (usually covered in profanity), scrap ork contraptions, and anything else they can get their hands on. Some have even looted Eldar Soulstones, incorporating then in whatever way they can.

In the aftermath of the fighting, the 1st Regiment's unorthodox tactics attracted much in the way of positive attention from Administratum and the nickname was made not just an official name for the regiment, but a unit classification as well. Their first engagement after earning this title left the Hive covered in graffiti saying "Exterminators were here".

Since, over 500 Exterminator Regiments have been created on Hua Yuan, all building upon the unique training and tactics of the 1st Regiment. These regiments are sent far and wide across the galaxy, as they have become quite the commodity in the fight against the Tyranids. In their extensive conflicts with the Tyranids, they've developed quite a number of successful tactics and techniques, tried and true.

History and Background[edit]

The concept of the Exterminator combat doctrine is evolution in its purest form. Before the Praetorians discovered the lonely moon, the gangs and sects ruled the hive, whilst the proto-nobility manipulated these forces against each other to maintain their power. The Exterminator practice of free-running was born in this urban crucible, sliding around the sloped sides of the burgeoning hive, and sprinting in and out of the metal labyrinth the quickest and easiest way around the wreck of the Brimstone. Once the hive blossomed in full the art of freerunning, known as Yùnxíng miǎnfèi or simply Yunyun in the hive, expanded. Some gangs are legendary for their acrobatic ability, especially in the upper levels of the mid-hive, where one can better jump off roofs and actually get some air. The current urban fighting doctrine is also a formalized fighting style developed in the hive, where the battlefield is is not a simple plane, but a multitiered chessboard, in which the flow of battle is in constant motion. A Hua Yuanese fighter must be constantly aware of what's around them, even from above and below, hyperfocused on their surroundings. This coupled with agile troops makes for a highly reactive fighting force, never one to hold ground for long.

The most famous aspect of Exterminator Warfare, dubbed "Color and Mayhem", was actually a product of the enforcer gangs and PDF created by the nobility. Typically gang warfare was naturally quick and violent, but without much in the way of pretense. Using concussion grenades and tear gas was the work of law enforcement. Gangers typically liked to ambush their quarry using vehicle borne improvised explosives and simple rushing assaults. The transient and quick paced flow of battle was combined with the raid style opening of combat, which ultimately co-evolved into making the battle space as usable as possible, in the Tyranid invasion.

The Genestealer cult was quietly flourishing in the bowels of the ship, then expanded even further when the hive began to grow around the wreck. By the time the PDF and gangs where finding a common enemy in something that wasn't entirely a gang or a cult, the splinter had already found them. When the hive ships, tossed into orbit by the abating warp storms and subsequently crashing, arrived in Hua Yuan. everyone that could hold a weapon became a soldier, and the line between sect, gang, and enforcer was eradicated. The unlivable atmosphere, coupled with the absolutely barren landscape forced almost all of the invasion to take place within the hive. It was here, in the event known as the Fall of Seven Walls, in which the hive was beset on all sides. The gangs, cults heretic and faithful alike, and those who upheld the law banded together to repel the Devourer. Surgical precision met chaotic and frantic fighting. The gangs taught the law the delicate art of fighting dirty, and the PDF instructed the criminal element on how to properly conduct themselves in the field of battle, and the sects provided a sense of fearlessness and ruthless fanaticism that only those who believe their souls saved could.

The Tyranid threat forced them into a cohesive fighting force, and in a surprising show of solidarity, all levels of the hive where fighting as one. The Hive Mind saw that mass formations of swarming hives was proving to be ineffective, as the humans were willing to incinerate entire Hab-Blocks to deny the swarm biomass. Forced to assimilate whole cells of the Genestealer cult in order to keep numbers up, the Hive Mind adjusted its tactics rather quickly, shifting resources from ranged bioforms to more specialized bioforms such as Lictor and Genestealer broods capable of assassinating whole command structures and carnifex broods that were capable of dismantling entire hab blocks by themselves. This change in warfare caught the Hua Yuanese off guard, and the defensive was slowly becoming dismantled from within by genestealer hybrid infiltrators and assassin bioforms.

One invention finally turned the tide of war. The genesis of this dubiously heretical Combat Stim is shrouded in mystery, but its use was the catalyst that drove the Tyranid threat into near extinction. Named Xenon after the pale glow it exhibits when it it is first made similar to the element of the same name, Tyranid Dust was used to root out Hybrid's in their ranks. Although higher generations of hybrid could escape the notice of individuals under the effects of Xenon, the use of the drug saved untold lives and prevented a plethora of assassinations that would have spelled the end of the fledgling hive.

With Xenon in the arsenal of the most dedicated fighters, they developed the less famous style of fighting that gave them their name. Exterminatus.

The fighters realized, like so many before them, that the only way to defeat the enemy before them was by being relentless in their removal. They had but one choice; to extinguish the Tyranid threat completely, no matter the cost, no matter how. To this end the element Kaihonium was used as a cheap alternative to Holy Promethium, entire floors set ablaze with green, orange, blue, and pink fluorescent flame.

Others sealed off hab-blocks systematically and flooded them with poisons. Every time they would concocted a new breed of toxic fume, and they would unleash it upon the enemy, rarely allowing the Hive Mind to adjust to their tools of extermination. Hunting them through the hive these exterminators razed the city. When they could pinpoint a brood they would descend upon their quarry like hawks, busting into a hab-block and clearing it out of any and all life. If they could not find the source of the infestation they would simply ignite the area, or conduct horrifying chemical and biological warfare. It was an effective strategy, and soon the brood found itself with too little biomass to continue the offensive. The Tyranids fled underground, deep within the world's crust.

The Exterminators helped rebuild and rooted out what they believed to be the last of the Tyranids. When the Praetorians finally arrived they were inducted into the Imperial Guard wholesale, the enigmatic enforcer captain Yeoh Hong forged into a commanding officer for the regiment, and one of the most famous figures in the division.

Exterminator Company Structure[edit]

The Hua Yuan Exterminator regiments operate in a tight structure, with companies having very specific roles both on the battlefield and off.

Command Company[edit]

The Command Company is the beating heart and cunning mind behind any Exterminator force. Composed of a few Vox companies and a dedicated Honor Guard to protect the command team, the Command Company is the spider in the vast web of cell like Companies that the Exterminators employ, aggregating and compiling intel compiled by the FOBs and firebases in secured locations throughout the AO and relaying orders and directing the flow of battle.

The Command Company often operates outside the AO or in a central location relative to the AO's of the subordinate units, issuing orders via Vox, and should interference, be it atmospheric or otherwise, prevents standard communication, HQ will utilize couriers and servo skulls to relay critical orders while the companies rely on contingency plans and training to continue the mission self sufficient.

Infantry Companies[edit]

These companies form the backbone of any Exterminator regiment, no matter how specialized. Every infantryman in an Exterminator unit is considered the best of what the Hive has to offer, but even in the Exterminators the infantry are considered the best of the best. These guardsmen are highly mobile, the physical fitness standards required to remain in an Exterminator regiment after conscription are one of the leading causes of Guardsmen washing out and being transferred to a Line Infantry unit, or in more severe cases Penal units, if not executed outright.

A standard Infantry Company is composed of at least five platoons, with typically no more than ten. These platoons will fall under the supervision of a Chief Sergeant that monitors and coordinates the squads within their platoon. The platoon sergeants then report to the company commander, typically a Captain, the Major Chief Sergeant, and the attached Commissar. The Major Chief Sergeant and the Captain manage their company, coordinate with other supporting companies, and report to the command or HQ element. However the role of the Commissar is to dispense judicial punishment amongst the ranks, and maintain good order and discipline when the platoon sergeants fail to do so, which usually occurs when a Guardsman succumbs to Xenon, or Nid-Dust and is deemed unfit for service.

At the squad level a squad, or fireteam in a combat environment, revolves around the squad leader, typically a Staff Sergeant but no lower than a Sergeant (unless they die, in which case the highest ranking member of the squad will assume the position; this is typically the easiest way to receive a promotion). A squad usually has around six or seven Guardsmen, within the squad will be a variety a specialists, who train their battle buddies in their particular skill set should they die in the field so as not to cripple the team upon their death. Standard specialists within the squad consist of the medic, Voxman, designated breacher and point-man (the guardsman that performs the entrance breach in a Flash and Clear, and the first guardsman into the breached area; in more cramped situations a single guardsman can perform both roles), and the Hunter, or Xenon-boy. The hunter performs a crucial role in the squad, simultaneously a great honor and a great mark of shame upon the squad. The hunter is the designated Xenon user. While almost all Exterminators have used the malicious drug at least once, the hunter is the member of the squad that has used the drug the longest, and has thus built up a certain resistance to the most debilitating of its ill effects, but has likewise developed a crippling addiction to the vile substance. Hunters often spiral into insanity with prolonged use, viewing their squad mates with suspicion and eventually with violent fear, battle brothers slowly becoming Genestealer infiltrators in their clouded minds. Nevertheless, these Guardsmen play a vital role in routing out Genestealer infestations and preventing ambushes from stealthier bioforms, Exterminators bounding after their Xenon-boys like hunters after bloodhounds.

Armoured Companies[edit]

The armoured components of Exterminator Regiments serve to both ferry Guardsmen across less dense areas of the battlefield and to provide extra firepower when necessary

Armored companies share their footslogging comrade's experience in fighting urban combat, especially in tightly packed environments. Their tactics are therefore typically based upon area control, utilizing their heavy firepower and armor to block off major thoroughfares and working in conjunction with infantry to cut off pathways, allowing friendly units to shape the battle in their own favor.

As a result of the more practical tactical doctrine, Armored units are primarily made up of light armor, such as several Chimera variants, modified Centaur AFVs, Cyclops RDVs, and occasionally Tauros when fighting in more open environments. Additionally, due to the subterranean nature of Hua Yuan and most Hives, Armored units will occasionally utilize Termite Burrowing Vehicles to great effect to break enemy fortifications and (unconventionally,) to destabilize the very earth beneath entrenched enemy positions. Additionally, units will frequently utilize deployment of Sentinel units to supplement infantry movement, deploy dazzle weapons, and move into support positions otherwise inaccessible to other armored units.

Exterminatus Companies[edit]

Stormtrooper Attachments[edit]

Exterminator Combat Doctrine[edit]

All Hua Yuan regiments have developed their own unique doctrines, and the elite Exterminators are no exception. Relying on quick reaction times and swift operational tempos, the Exterminators offer an effective if seemingly frantic and chaotic fighting style, both in combat engagements and at the command level.

Color and Mayhem[edit]

"I'll give you some fucking color to see, bitch!"

– Unknown Exterminator, during a raid on a Slaaneshi pleasure-house

FOBs and Firebases[edit]

An integral part of Exterminator doctrine is the use of forward operating bases (FOBs) to maintain forward momentum when clearing out a Hive. During the initial penetration of a hive and the ensuing firefights, numerous hab-blocks will be leveled as part of collateral. This freshly created real estate is the perfect environment to set up a firebase, moving light armor and light artillery into position to secure a solid point of entry and exit that the Exterminators can operate out of. Whatever the Exterminator’s preference, however, an FOB can be anything, anywhere: a tunnel system, a rooftop, a corner candy store, just reinforce it a bit, set up patrols, and move in the equipment and you're set. Normally a Hive can't allow for a legitimate firebases in their current state, so it takes some “renovations” in order to have a fully functioning one, leading to numerous complaints from men all along the administrative ladder. The hive would be divided into stratum accordingly, removing citizens and setting up firebases that they can perform quick, surgical strikes from until an area is deemed pacified. Repeat process until the entire hive is cleansed of the Imperium’s enemies. The Exterminators are quick to set up a network of bases, the rear ones concentrated around the points of entry are for command, infirmaries, supply and respite. The forward bases get setup in preparation for the next push or in pacified areas to bring supply lines forward.

The kind of operations performed out of the FOBs can be categorized in two: The Scythe and the Scalpel. When they set up a scythe, they are meant to sweep through a particular area, going block to block in the hopes of completely eliminating any enemy presence in their particular stratum. A scalpel is used when intelligence suggests high enemy concentration within a particular area, and perform surgical strikes to either secure points for other units, cut off the enemy forces and isolate them, or outright eliminate an enemy enclave. In either scenario, the operations rely on fast, heavy handed and carefully articulated plans to maximize surprise and confusion in the enemy ranks. They won’t occupy an operating base for too long, as holding a line can cause the theater to stagnate, and when Exterminators stagnate and lose momentum they begin to lose control of the AO. They like an AO to be just as chaotic as they need it to be, in ways they can manipulate. That or they want it nice and calm, or draw the enemy's attentions so they can surprise them, but a violent gridlock or a stagnating line is the last thing they want. The Line Infantry is virtually shit. They try to constantly be on the move in a strategic sense, constantly moving throughout a hive, setting up temporary bases in order to make sure nothing falls through the cracks as they progress.

To that end, FOBs will be nothing more than staging areas with a communications company attached, parking spaces for supply transport units, and a lightly fortified command trailer. Everything will be made to be compacted down and moved ahead quickly to remain at pace with the troops advance. Medical units may be attached to these command elements, but are also forced to remain mobile, likely field surgery units set up to operate out Samaritans. Supply units follow immediately behind advancing troops, ready to prepare the next command/operations base as the AO is secured. In prolonged engagements,however, these firebases can be so ingrained and well fortified that they become permanent fixtures for enforcers and pdf’s once the Exterminators pull out and conflict ends.

Hua Yuan Line Infantry Regiments[edit]

Whilst Hua Yuan specializes in training elite hive fighting Exterminator units, between requirements for more generalized forces, washouts from the Exterminators' intense training, and increased tithe demands, conventional Guard Regiments are also frequently raised and trained on Hua Yuan. Such regiments are generally seen as mediocre forces in comparison to the more specialized Exterminator units, are equipped with relatively poorly made local Lasguns, and are the origin of the phrase "Hua Yuan lightshow."

Lacking the discipline of their more well trained brothers, the tactics used by these guardsmen are strikingly similar to what you might see during a turf war of some gangers. Rushed out to meet tithes or kicked out of Exterminator training, there's little discipline to be found anywhere in the ranks, including the officers. The Imperium at large uses them little better than penal legions, cannon fodder to flood a world with until one side stops moving first. They regularly work hand in hand with Exterminators, they act as a moving meat wall for strategic Hive swarming while the exterminators do the cool shit. There's a clear resentment on both sides, often only having their pride in their homeworld and disdain for outsiders act as a unifying force.

Because of its unsavory recruits and loose command, the regular regiments have some interesting quirks. The have a nasty tendency to loot the worlds they're deployed to, keeping what they like and selling what they don't back home, in almost a bastardized version of the exterminator's trophy taking. Tagging is another favored pastime amongst the forces, leaving all kind of profane and borderline heretical writings and pictures all over the former battlefield. Fights are common amongst the guards in a regiment, given their pride in their ganger/territorial heritage. Because of this, they essentially act as large gangs on the world's they're stationed on. Given their size, they wipe out local outfits pretty quickly leading to a surprisingly comical situation where planetary governors will sometimes ask for them in order to drop crime rates.

During prolonged occupations, where other armies put up tents, the Yuanese dig in. Less long pits in the ground, more compact network of tunnels, they feel more at home in these cramped quarters than they do above ground in the open air. These encampments tend to be several levels deep and relatively hard to detect.

They house all the necessary facilities of an army, from infirmaries to sleeping quarters, training pits, mess and operations burrow, as well as the non-essential drug dens, bars, brothels and gambling house. When there's no blown-out buildings they can all cram into, Yuanese guards often dig these series of foxholes and tunnels that they live in, called a "Hua Yuanese Trench". While it can provide some protection from enemy volleys, it is mostly a way to recapture the cramped feelings of home. Most guardsmen feel extremely uncomfortable in open spaces, even forests and jungles are quite unnerving for these men and women.

Soldiers will often keep dogs or other similar beasts that they find on the battle field for morale or to use as an extra set of eyes, and during particularly trying times, as food. After a deployment these beasts are usually left to fend for themselves in the abandoned FOBs or are eaten. Often, however, guardsmen will pay handsomely to secure the passage of animals they've grown attached to back to their garrison or their families. These beasts rarely survive the journey back to Hua Yuan. Sometimes a particularly exotic or faithful Beast will be presented to a unit commander as a meal or a trophy gift. Commanders, especially at the Regiment and Division level enjoy displaying their animal companions, as it reinforces their image as leaders worth respect in Gardeners of all levels. Xenos Beasts, such as Squigz or Kroot Hounds are never eaten, and even rarer still is it for them to be kept as pets. Those that do attempt to keep such things are either executed by a Commissar or reported to the Arbites and then the Inquisition. However commanders that would acquire such a beast usually seek approval from the Commissariat and the Inquisition, which are the same channels one must go to through to keep Xenos flesh or Xeno-tech as a trophy. Such requests are usually denied and the item in question is confiscated for Inquisitorial study, but their are cases in which a battlefield commander can display a creature such as a Kroothawk. These beasts typically don't last long in the toxic air of Hua Yuan, and those that do are often neglected in favour of less heretical companions.

Because of their lack of proper supplies most of the time, members of the guard have become experts at cooking cobbled up grub. Made from whatever they can get their hands on, their butchered taste-of-home has lead to other regiments thinking Hua Yuanese food is inedible garbage. Most known dishes are pretty modular as a result of the improvised culinary they often have to make due with. Imitation Fish Soup (鱼缸仔, Yúgāng zǐ) has three main components, imitation fish (boiled or fried), noodles, and a thick, chicken/mushroom/egg substitute stock for broth. Dried Beef and Noodles (牛肉和麵條, Niúròu miàn) is a common Yuanese dish, made from stir-fried "beef", he fen (broad "rice" noodles), dark "soya" sauce, and "bean" sprouts. Hua Yuan styled buns are pretty popular, including fruit buns (with or without a slab of butter substitute inside), cocktail buns, Satay beef buns, barbecued pork buns, etc. Youtiao (油條), is a fried dough lightly salted and made so they can be torn lengthwise in two.

Hua Yuan Armored Siege Regiments[edit]

The birth of the Hua Yuan Armored Division was entirely by accident. A less-than-competent member of the Administratum assigned all of Hua Yuan's heavy armor to them, and as result they take being a tank regiment very seriously and are very professional in the greater imperium sense. No flashy colors, no gang behaviour, and exude professionalism. They feel like the Imperium had set out to give them this task, despite it being entirely an accident. They are considered uppity for this but also they tend to survive due to it.

The 1st Hua Yuan Armoured and their successor regiments consists almost entirely of Leman Russ battle tank variants due to their origins, but since proving themselves and their adopted doctrine have implemented Basilisks and their variants into service as well as Bombards, Colossi, Ragnarok and Thunderer Siege Tanks. However in more recent engagements the Armoured Regiments have utilized Deathstrike Launchers and Manticores as well as Hades Breaching Drills to great effect during Hivecracking engagements.

"Hivecracking" is a form of siege warfare utilized by most armoured Hua Yuanese regiments. The optimal Hivecracking tactics are to encircle the hive in question and advance, utilizing fixed gun emplacements, mobile artillery, and armoured elements. Typically fixed artillery, either provided by the host planet, another Regiment, or by the sparse few artillery companies some Siege regiments have, and is used to highlight strategic weak points and draw fire from the advancing mechanized elements.

The tanks and other wheeled and tracked assets usually harry defensive positions and attempt to create breaches to be utilized by Exterminators waiting in reserve. Destruction is often extremely precise and thoroughly calculated, so as to not invalidate any maps and layouts of the hive. Typically six breaches will be attempted to be made, six on around the sides and one in the center, either through insertion in the top or through tunneling efforts made by the Exterminators, mimicking the horrific "Seventh Wall Fall" event in Hua Yuan's history. The Exterminators then perform a "Flash and Clear" on a theater wide scale, Companies rushing into the breaches at intervals, so the enemy can't fortify any one position, then rendezvous in predetermined locations or an auxiliary location. When fighting enemies such as Tyranids the Exterminators will usually choose to utilize only two flanking breaches so as not to spread their numbers thin.

The Armoured units stand in reserve and provide covering fire and will finish off enemies flushed out from the breach. Once the outer layers of the hive are secured they will usually close in, denying the enemy any escape and providing semi-permanent firebases or fully operational installations for allied force

Hua Yuan Penal Regiments[edit]

Penal regiments, known as 地獄害蟲, or Hell Vermin, are where the captured criminals of Hua Yuan are sent to be punished. Penal regiments' recruits on Hua Yuan are people from all walks of Gardener life, who's new job it is to act as a human bullet-detectors. These men and women lead hard, sad, and extremely short lives during their tours of service. The Penal regiments are used almost exclusively as the initial frontal assault, first ones to saturate the area with bodies in the hopes that they'll sponge up all the bullets for the Regulars and the Exterminators. Tactics involving these units include sending them out into open fire or down potentially dangerous hallways to get a fix on where enemy concentrations are by the body count. They come equipped with shoddily made Lascarbines, an extremely bright hot pink or neon yellow prison uniform (making them an easier target), and explosive collars that detonate when their Commissar dies.

The prison system on Hua Yuan is near nonexistent, usually not going any further than house arrests or the dungeons of the local abbey, if they're kept alive. The entirety of the incarcerated not granted such luxuries are sent off to bolster the ever thinning Penal regiments. They receive no training, and are immediately shipped to join up with the rest of the penal forces offworld. Standard practice for long campaigns is to have each prisoner in handcuffs during marches, and having them dig their own 8 foot deep hole, which they are to remain in when they are not slogging along to their deaths. If one were to survive long enough, however, they will be granted a full pardon and incorporated into the regular Gardener Guard forces.

The demographics of these regiments are a microcosm of the hive itself, having soldiers from every level of Yuanese society. Predominately, these regiments are filled with members of failed gangs, either from the losing side of gang wars, or impressed by local enforcers to meet a quota. These men have only very rudimentary combat skills, but these prove to be better than none when faced with almost certain death. Bitter even before they were imprisoned, these men have sticks mile-deep in their asses now that they are, often times destroying as much of the Hives they're stationed to as possible, if they live long enough to get the chance. There are also a decent amount of lesser noble-born in the ranks, sold out by their rivals, or turned in by Imperials. These men got on the wrong side of somebody, and now are little better than the scum of the Underhive, fighting and dying alongside those they would have never even seen before. There are also members of religious sects who practically volunteer to entire into Penal service, believing it to be the most pure way of serving the Emperor and atoning for their home's sins. These suicide cults often sabotage operations by tampering with the explosive collars and killing the Commissar in battle, causing mass suicide bombings.

Notable Hua Yuan Regiments[edit]

Hua Yuan 1st Exterminators - The original Exterminator Regiment, and masters of hive fighting.

Hua Yuan 43rd Line Infantry - The first regiment raised solely from losers of a local gang war, creating a local practice of drafting gangers from the losing side of gang wars to avoid "a slaughter not advancing the cause of man." While the 43rd were a reasonably successful Line infantry regiment, successive ganger regiments would be little better than penal regiments. The creating of such units also lead to founding a of a Minor Schola to train commissars specifically for such units.

Hua Yuan 13th Penal "Razorgirls" - A Penal regiments raised from a group of all female pit fighters with many bionic limbs who nearly escaped and managed to kill several nobles, the regiment was raised on the condition of its surrender.

Unique Equipment[edit]


Although the vast majority of Hua Yuan‘s Guard forces use imported Galaxy or Accatran pattern Lasguns, a large number of local designs have been catalogued by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Collectively known as HY-Grade Las Weapons, these locally manufactured devices are infamous for their ubiquity in the lower levels of the hive as well as their unreliability. Although inexpensive to manufacture (and thus perfect for use by underhive gangs), substandard materials and improper fabrication techniques routinely lead to problems not suffered by equivalent armaments. Among the most commonly reported are a failure to focus photon beams correctly, as well vastly fluctuating power outputs. These two factors often manifest in the weapon appearing to fire differently coloured beams between shots, often with substantially varying levels of killing power .

Hua Yuan soldiers issued with locally sourced weaponry often seek out replacements as soon as it is possible to do so, to the dismay of quartermasters from allied regiments. Nevertheless, enough have been observed in combat by other regiments for the phrase “a Hua Yuan lightshow” (a barrage that looks impressive but fails to do any real damage) has entered Guard cant in several theatres.


Certain members of the guard found that more traditional las-weapons weren't quite suited to the task at hand, and resorted to a more homebrewed recipe. The las-compact submachine pistol was a signature of the gangs and Mechanicus of Hua Yuan, its compact nature and high rate of fire are well suited to the cramped and narrow home it was born in. Its shot-count seems to vary per chargepack, but it is usually around thirty shots with overcharge capabilities. It is otherwise reliable for something so niche.

Las-Uzi Pistol 30m S/–/6 1d10+2 E Pen 0 Mag 30 Rld: Full (Reliable, Overheats, Variant Lasgun settings) 1.5kg Average


Another tool in the arsenal of the Hua Yuan Exterminators is the diverse set of 'blinkers'. These small devices consist of high intensity lights hooked to self contained power sources and rudimentary alternating systems. These tools play an important role in the Exterminator's 'Colors and Mayhem' doctrine, serving to add yet another layer of disorientation and misdirection to the already cacophonous displays utilized.

These devices are all flash and no bang, simply projecting their blindingly bright light at random intervals to distract and disorient foes. Blinkers can be thrown or set as traps and are primarily used on cultists, rebels and humanoid enemies.

To maintain stores, Enginseers and sharper Guardsmen manufacturer these devices in the field with locally sourced [Read: looted] materials. As they are hive specialists, there is rarely a lack of material. The complexity of the devices vary from division to division, with the more elite ones, such as the Fifth Division, using specific wavelengths and colors that their optics are polarized against. This allows them to use the devices more freely and tactically against their foes. The less experienced or less Specialized Divisions are content with making rudimentary devices, making up for the danger of blinding themselves with rigorous drilling in communication and usage.

Tyranid Dust Stimulants[edit]

A special Combat Stim made from powdered Hormagaunt nervous tissue, Tyranid Dust is a commonly utilized drug among members of Exterminator Regiments. Inducing in those who snort large quantities of it the ability to "see" Tyranid warp signatures, at the cost of their ability to see color. Those who consume such quantities of "'nid Dust" are also prone to losing their self control, entering a hyperfocused trance, in which they will obsessively seek out and attempt to kill any Tyranids they can find. Killing Tyranids in this state tends to induce a strange trance-like state that allows users to better resist Tyranid Psyker attacks, an invaluable trait when facing down Broodlords.

The use of Xenon is closely guarded secret outside of the Exterminators, and an open secret within, innuendo and doublespeak composing entire conversations when referencing the dangerous Combat Stim. Commissars entering a Tyranid Hunting Exterminator unit (which is the large majority) quickly discover the origin of this sickly drug, and its pervasiveness. Used as a moist snuff or chaw to produce a consistent hyperactive state, rolled like a lo stick and smoked to ward away exhaustion and allegedly prolong life or mixed with Hua Yuanese sewer herbs to induce a heavy stupor (often used whilst on leave), mixed in tea to combat aging and relieve soreness of the muscles, and most dangerously as a glowing white snorted snuff.

Snorting the drug produces the most potent effects, sending those who are heavily addicted to the drug into homicidal rages against the drug's progenitor xenos.

Directions to produce Tyranid Dust[edit]

Required Materials:

  • Four ounces of Hua Yuanese Mind-Mold
  • Tyranid Subject

For safety one should don a Void Suit or similar protection, and for best results one must capture a LIVE gaunt, although the results can be produced as long as the subject's brain is intact and the creature has been dead for no longer than 12 hours. Termagaunt adrenal glands can be used as well but will create a much tamer product. If the subject is deceased only the head is necessary.

1. Expose the cranial cavity of the Tyranid subject by removing the cranial plated carapace

2. Sprinkle the mind mold on the immobilized or dead Tyranid organism's exposed brain, ensuring proper coverage of the exposed area.

3. Wait until the Tyranid's immune system starts showing signs of repelling the infection, or if using a deceased subject wait for about 20 minutes.

4. Using a flamer or similarly intense source of heat, exterminate the Tyranid. When using a decease Tyranid just sear the brain without melting it

5. Extract any swollen nodules from the burnt husk.

6. Dry them, then crush them into a fine powder within 14 minutes of extraction.

If done correctly the final product should be a fine, glowing white substance. The color and brightness of the glow indicates purity.

After taking a dose, which lasts 1d10+2 hours, a character does the following: Make a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test. If the character fails by three degrees or more, they are considered infected by Mind Mold (see Dark Heresy 2nd Edition Core Rulebook). Upon success, the character gains the Forbidden Lore (Tyranids) skill at rank 1 and they must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test. Success grants the character immunity to Fear effects originating from Tyranids, plus the ability to automatically detect all Tyranids and Genestealers within a number of meters equal to their Perception Characteristic.

Standard kit[edit]

  • One Field Uniform
  • One set of Poor Weather Gear
  • One Lascarbine (Main Weapon) with four Charge Packs and the Compact modification
  • Two Frag Grenades
  • Two Smoke Grenades
  • Two Krak Grenades
  • One suit of Light Carapace Armor
  • One Microbead
  • One Respirator/Gas Mask
  • One Rucksack or Sling bag
  • One set of basic tools
  • One Mess Kit and one Water Canteen
  • One blanket and one Sleeping Bag
  • One Rechargeable Lamp Pack
  • One Grooming Kit
  • One set of Cognomen Tags or equivalent identification
  • One Primer or Instructional Handbook
  • Combat Sustenance Rations; Two weeks’ supply
  • Tyranid Dust stims x 14
Enlisted Ranks
One Mono Knife
Officer Ranks
One Ceremonial Blade.

The Crunch[edit]

Regiment Classification
Standard Guard Regiment
Regiment Demographic
Nature of Recruitment
Standard Conscription
Homeworld Designation
Hive World
Homeworld Terrain
Dead World
Regiment Core Units
Hive Warfare
Loyalty Rating
Adherent (standard)
Special Equipment
War Trophies
Regiment Creed
For The Homeworld
Regiment Friends
Imperial Guard ("Occupying" Praetorians)
Regiment Enemies

Only War Statblock[edit]

Hua Yuan 1st Exterminator Regiment

Hive world
+3 to any two of Agility, Fellowship, and Perception
Common Lore (Imperium), Deceive, and Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Accustomed to Crowds
Crowds do not count as difficult terrain, When running or charging Hive worlders take no penalty to Agility tests to keep their feet.
-10 Survival checks outside of artificial environments.
Urban Violence
Start with one of the following talents; Heightened Senses (Hearing), Paranoia, or Unremarkable.
Starting Wounds
Start with -1 wound.
Commander Type
Maverick (2 points)
Starting talents
Resistance (Fear)
Regiment Type
Line Infantry (2)
+3 Strength, –3 Intelligence
Starting Skills
Starting Talents
Rapid Reload
Standard Kit
One M36 Lasgun and four charge packs per
Training Doctrine
Close Quarters Battle (5)
Starting Talent
Double Team or Combat Master
Members of regiments that specialize in Close Quarters Battle gain an additional +10 bonus to all Ballistic Skill Tests made at Point-Blank Range.

Favored Rare Weapons

Plasma Cannon

Special Rules

Tyranid Dust Stims
When taken in near overdose levels (5 doses) drains color from the user's vision and reveals Tyranid and Genestealer warp signatures. Gives the user an overwhelming desire to kill any seen Tyranids, and must pass a -30 (Very Hard) Willpower to retreat from combat with Tyranids. Each Tyranid killed in melee by the user while affected grants +5 permanently for Willpower tests to defend from psychic powers and effects from Tyranids to a max of +30.

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