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HoL (sometimes written as "HōL") is a role-playing game created by Dirt Merchant Games and was first published by Black Dog Game Factory, a subsidiary of White Wolf which produced adult oriented RPGs and supplements, back when few publishers were willing to use the word "fuck" in a rulebook. The HoL Core Rulebook was published in 1994, and was followed up by one other supplement Buttery Wholesomeness in 1995. HoL is a satire of RPGs; The pages of the books are written by hand, loaded with foul language and the authors freely take stabs at other popular games, particularly Warhammer 40,000 and Dungeons & Dragons, and those who play them.

The plot of the game is that the human race brutally destroyed all other intelligent life across the universe. Now the government, The Coalition of Worlds, or COW, has put all of the trash, both actual junk and criminals on one planet out in the middle of no where. No guards but surviving a week, much less escape, really is not going to happen.

Most of the pages in HoL are, simply put, a bunch of bullshit. The authors feel free to go on to tangents and rant about nothing at all. They encourage players to kiss the GM's ass and attempt outlandish / stupid tasks. Basically it is a RPG with pre-made house rules and running jokes.

Most characters used are pre-made ones. The main rulebook does provide a sheet, but no creation rules, other than coming up with a concept and clearing it with the "HoLMister" (GM). Buttery Wholesomeness does provide a very convoluted character creation system, with the book itself calling the major section of the process "charts up the ass." In case you haven't figured it out, they were making fun of games like Traveller and Rolemaster here.

HōL is the one of the best games for just fucking around and having mindless fun. There are no profound themes explored, no moral dilemmas presented and no attempts to portray itself as anything more then a foul-mouthed time-waster. Enjoy.

See also Paranoia, which in many ways is essentially this game with the rules properly fleshed out.

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