Humanity's Last Stand

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Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.

It all began so simply...

A bunch of dipshits began posting a series of comics by Jay Naylor, an avowed furfag, on /tg/. The comic in question, The Fall of Little Red Riding Hood, started as a slumber party story wherein anthropomorphic wolf slips a roofie to and then bangs the titular Red Riding Hood, after which the comic-series quickly devolved into an apocalyptic, rambling tale in which Wolf-men were invading, using a combination of potions, pheromone cocktails, and sheer idiocy to corrupt women into wolf-breeding-fodder, topple a kingdom, and where humanity as it were was held at a precipice.

At about this time, the thread was locked, the comic itself re-posted and re-re-posted on /d/. That would have been the end of it, but certain powers just would not let it lie. An Anonymous posted on /tg/ a few frames of the comic, posing a question to the fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls... A question that would quickly blossom into /tg/'s time-honored tradition of getting shit done...

The Question that Started It All[edit]

Furry Anthros From Another World have invaded, do you:

  • Live as a Slave, unharmed but subservient
  • Live under wolf rulership, free but castrated

The answer, amusingly, was not one that the original poster ever truly expected: /tg/ chose the obvious answer: To die standing. The resulting backlash against the furries was as no one ever expected, as every major fandom /tg/ has organized together and stood as one, with the same answer: Die fighting, and in doing so, managed to unite that which could never be united; Angry Marine and Black Templars players stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the forces of Chaos, the Necrons, and the Adeptus Mechanicus, just to name a few. As one all-too-canny Anon put it:

"/tg/ takes a trolling attempt by furries and turns it into an effigy of furry hate to the point that space marines and chaos space marines have decided that killing Anthros are more important then killing each other.

I think that's taking lemons and using them to beat furries to death. So, well done /tg/"


The thread also had its share of people demanding a Sharkgirl thread, and assholes screaming about fursecution, but that's neither here nor there. The true gold was what resulted from the aftermath of this thread of delight: Several in /tg/ began to respond with the fact that the prospect of the thread could make for a really goddamned interesting P&P RPG plot. And thus, the campaigns began. Though the majority were in Dark Heresy or Dungeons & Dragons, one dipshit decided to get a D20 Modern Campaign started using d20 Past's Age of Exploration model.

Campaign Setup[edit]

Basing itself a bit on the aforementioned Jay Naylor comic that made /tg/ apoplectic for several minutes, the campaign takes place in a war-torn kingdom - the largest one on the central continent the game takes place on - where the forces of Humanity have been at war with their neighbors, the Elves in the next kingdom over, for over a decade. With the King of the country doing an impression of Sigmar and leading his troops on the battlefield, the Queen was left to manage the day-to-day affairs of the country, but dark things have been brewing. The Wolven, a race of humanoid wolf-creatures with a tribal structure, have been harrying the fringes of this land for ages, striking from the forests and generally posing nothing more than a mild inconvenience. In time, however, they've become a far larger threat; using special potions and magic, they've found ways to entrance female humans, quickly (and extensively) altering their bodies to make them not only wholly subservient to the wolves, but to make it so they breed further Wolves atop this. Several villages have recently fallen, and the Capital itself has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Wolves themselves, the queen likewise corrupted in the process. With the armies of man pressed by the threat of the Elves and unable to provide more than basic military defense against the ongoing Wolf Incursions, it seems like humanity has little hope for survival...

...Enter the party. Taking the role of adventurers, pirates, criminals, retired war heroes, mercenaries, civilians, and more, the party has emerged finding their homeland in chaos, and little standing to stop the Wolves - little, that is, except the party themselves. Unwilling to allow humanity to go quietly - or alone - the party begins to deal with the threat on a small level - starting with a low-level incursion at a border town - before slowly beginning to uncover the real extent of the threat and moving to counter it. Exactly how it flows is dependent on DM; this asshole recommended handling it by implementing a basic mission tree with different potential routes to go on dependent upon what the group accomplished. This led to the party organizing a civilian resistance, bringing proof of the Queen's corruption to the King and forcing a (temporary) peace with the Elves, and culminated with the party burning down the entire forest with the bulk of the Wolves' forces with it.

Other variants on the campaign involved a more-political approach, finding ways to infiltrate the Wolves' numbers (I.E. using Druids) and assassinating their leaders, or a more Call of Cthulhu-esque game where the party learns the horrifying full level of what the Wolves actually intend for humanity, and must fight a foe mighty beyond their reckoning and with formidable power, waging a personal crusade that may never be acknowledged, but yet may still save humanity as a whole. Yet another canny fa/tg/uy made a Savage Worlds campaign that began with the players escaping a concentration camp of sorts and leading a glorious revolt against the Anthros' rule.

Dark Heresy variants focused on the various races of the 41st Millennium encountering a furry race subjugating humanity (and other races) writ large and temporarily declaring a truce, forcing races that would normally drown one another in Bolter fire to put aside their differences - and temporarily put trust in one another - whilst they perform an anti-furry Exterminatus.

There's a lot of potential here, in other words.

But Even Heresy May Not Eternal Lie...[edit]

In an interesting turn of events, Jay Naylor himself has actually pointed out in a sequel of sorts (called "The Cottonwine Field Notes"), that humanity got it's shit together and kicked their collective furfag asses out of their lands. Despite the comic generally being an excuse to provide more heresy (I.E. porn) under the guise of a research paper (written by an inquisitor, no less!), this possibly shows that even he did not, in fact, completely abandon his humanity.

The first theory is that Naylor knew full well what he was writing: a quick and dirty fetish comic that prioritized porn over plot. This is obvious when you look at the excuse made to have orgies happen in the first place: the narrator, the heretic Little Red Riding Hood, is dismissive at the prospect of her tribe of wolves in loincloths ever being beaten by an onslaught of rich and trained religiously-motivated steel-age knights whose king is fanatical and popular enough to declare crusades. The second theory, is that he went full-speed backpedaling after the powerful response most sane people had while pointing out all of the above. In this way, not only fa/tg/uys have stood up for humanity, but many others took a nod from them, and did as well.

And at least that was enough to scare a furry back in line.

And that is awesome.