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"We poison our air and water to weed out the weak! We set off fission bombs in our only biosphere! We nailed our One True God to a stick! Don't fuck with humanity!"

– Anonymous /tg/ poster

"God has a hard-on for marines. Because we kill everything we see."

– Full Metal Jacket

"Everything in our superior culture symbolises death, meaning we can do away with metaphysics entirely. Instead, we can fully focus on the extermination of all other sentient creatures without long-winded, tedious and bloviating discussions, symposiums and debates getting in the way. Every moment we spend questioning our actions is a moment we could better spend slaughtering xenos, after all!"

– The Regimental Standard

Out of all threads that appear at the /tg/, it is this kind of threads that hold that one special place in the hearts of fa/tg/uys. It shows humanity for what it really is: a savage but superior bunch of mighty and brilliant alphas with machines that rape any organism that dares stand in its path, then proceed to do the same to any aliens across which they come, as they are all pathetically inferior in every way. This can take many forms, including military, cultural, culinary, and sexual(is surprisingly not much). The foremost is the most common in these stories.

Many glorious hours of dedicated hard work were given to these threads, the finest lines of which would make any xeno race run to the edge of the known universe, even if the humans were still in the stone age. Reasons why humans are such a threat to the rest of the galaxy are various, but a good deal can be summed up in the following list:

  • Our Creation - We were created and we THRIVED on all range of extreme environments all over the Earth, from the infernal heat of Africa where everything is trying to KILL YOU! ALL THE TIME!, to the frigid apocalyptic wastelands of the North and the Ice Age where survival depended on constant invention and ingenuity. Fuck, the lowest recorded temperature in Canada (which most of America thinks is home to a bunch of pansies), where people live, is about that of Mars, 33.9 million miles further away from the Sun than we are. Aliens usually evolved on some herbivore world or become less "on their guard" due to centuries of living away from nature, not troubled by survival.
  • Our history - Humans have been getting better at killing each other basically even before they made stone axes, and we got better over time. You think proud warrior races have shit on us? Spartan style training they undergo makes only a handful of survivors. No matter how good they are, we'll just drown them in conscripts. We also nearly went extinct once, BECAUSE A HUGE VOLCANO EXPLODED, making us only have about 5000 INDIVIDUALS left and of them ONLY 40 PAIRS were BREEDING ONES. Did that make us quit? NOPE. Only about 70000 years later we had 7,4 BILLION INDIVIDUALS, having 100 TIMES more biomass than any other large animal species in the history of our planet!!! That is a hell of a lot of breeding (which has also made us have a very low genetic variety almost making us inbred but not quite. BUT STILL) NOPE, after some time the amount of random mutations in generations following have restored the diversity, which had an added benefit of "flushing" the old traits and selecting for new ones. Viral weapons engineered to target us along with superior military weaponry? 500 years ago the native populations of America got reduced to a tenth of their original number due introduction of foreign pathogenic agents and european conquest wars, Coronavirus and Independence Day got nothing on what they endured, they were used as the lower menial caste for generations, yet in half a millennium they recovered their numbers, mixed with the conquerors, learned most of their technologies and social achievements and finally threw their foreign overlords out of their territories and are in the process of catching up with the developed world, buenos dias señor! (You can see the same pattern in India, Africa, etc, aside from very specific incidents not even humans can wipe out humans) With The moral of the story is that do not fuck with us, xenos. No matter what you do WE WILL SURVIVE. And after a while: WE. WILL. THRIVE.
  • Our bodies -So-called "apex predators" like lions, bears and sharks are relatively harmless compared to us. Our blood is literally made of iron. We're the ultimate omnivores, we hunt down, kill, burn and fu-*BLAM* Heresy of the highest order! eat absolutely anything, sometimes to the point of rendering entire species to extinction (Woolly mammoths, which are basically fucking huge elephants on steroids, learned this the hard way. And, contrary to what Jaws would have you believe, sharks are also getting the same genocidal treatment, as they're now a critically endangered species all because we eat their fins for fancy soup). It's as if we are Tyranids without a hive mind. And if that piece of meat has parasites in it, or if that vegetable tastes a little too bland? No problem, as we have a little something called cooking: Just Burn it before you eat it! Kills the parasites so you can digest them, and also makes the flavour a lot better. We also, in a direct fuck you to Darwin's laws, have the reputation of consuming different kinds of toxic chemicals yet still remaining alive, all for the sake of the experience of consuming it: the most notorious of which is Alcohol, one of the most volatile, flammable, caustic solvents in chemistry that is for all intents and purposes, POISON. It's an instant Exterminatus for all bacteria and microorganisms, and a VX-like neurotoxin to invertebrates, arthropods and almost every other small animal. Why? Because it's FUN! We use nutmeg, a hepatotoxic hallucinogen (in higher doses anyway, although it contains chemicals similar to MDMA), because it's TASTY! If we have a headache after ingesting alcohol, we take acetaminophen, another drug that's a fuckyou to our liver that'll kill many other mammal species on the planet.
    • Something that's also tend to be forgotten nowadays is that our ancestors were known for their extreme amounts of endurance. We used to walk for miles nonstop towards absolutely anywhere, and this physiology that evolved for a nomadic lifestyle is the reason for humanity spreading all over the earth when other terrestrial animals tend to stay only within a single biome. How do you think we were able to cross the inferno that was the Sahara (even as late as Pharaonic Egypt, the Sahara was significantly smaller than it is today; when our Paleo/Neolithic ancestors were first leaving Africa, most of the Sahara was still highly productive savannah), or settle in the infertile mountains of the North, without the use of modern amenities like cars, roads and trains?
  • Our mind -The most terrifying aspect of us would probably be our brains and technology. Our aggressive instincts combined with our intelligence will never cease to come up with better and deadlier ways to warp reality in our own Image, and to torture and exterminate the enemy, and such would probably seem like incomprehensible Lovecraftian Magic to lower species. Our modern tech would scare the shit out of tribal communities. We have exterminated a lot of species like the Dodo simply by uncaring accident (which is probably why we are thriving during an extinction event (for now at least)). What we can come up with scares the shit out of ourselves even. Think Nuclear Weapons and M.A.D. for example.
  • Our pets -Humans have this neat ability to enslave assimilate other lifeforms into their society as a symbiotic or commensialistic partnership. Wolves were initially picking our scraps, until a genetic mutation occured and we figured out behavioural conditoning to turn them into our own personal bodyguards and attack drones; this eventually created Dogs which humans now considers family while also moulding them into different breeds according to our aesthetic and material needs (same happened to Bovines to a lesser extent). We took Horses in and made them an extension of ourselves in order to augment our speed and strength (having draft animals just does wonders for human society). Cats, one of the most efficient and ruthless predators (kindred spirits anyone?) guarded our food supplies and acted as biological pest control, and are now beloved darlings that have been classified as an invasive species that kills hundreds of millions of prey animals annually. This does not even go into our latest genetic engineering efforts where we modify and create new life for fun and profit.

As you can see there is a lot of material to roll around in these kind of threads. Humans may not be as powerful sometimes, just a serious player in the galaxy through economic superiority or science, but that's not the real "Humanity Fuck Yeah" thread. The real deal is us having our way with the galaxy as we see fit. Murdering billions of xenos, or fucking them if they're hot enough, taking their delicious alien babies and eating them in front of their parents, mining their planets to the core and moving on, leaving nothing but dead rocks in our wake. We march on, our mantra singing through the stars:


This song pretty much sums it up nicely; [1]

Xenos Pay Attention You're Next[edit]

Our metal boxes will blot out the sun.

Our species thought we knew war. We built our civilization on foundations of honor and prowess, we were like a rapier: crippling our foes with small yet decisive blows. We killed our enemies yet we allowed them to surrender, there was no needless killing. That was before the humans came and they showed us the truth... That we were just naive children and that true war is won through unrelenting cruelty and spite. Despite our warriors' training, despite all our experience, still we fell to the innumerable waves that the humans sent against us. They burned our worlds, slaughtering our children in horrific ways using them to learn how to kill us more efficiently. After many blood-filled years, these Terran butchers arrived on our home and they transformed it into a corpse-filled landscape. I tried to take my life but one of these power-armored animals stopped me. As he leveled his vicious weapon at me I noticed his face for the first time. His eyes were filled with murderous glee and his mouth twisted into a sneer as he whispered three final words to me: "Humanity, fuck yeah"...

"Do they not know who we are, my brethren? We are the chosen of the Emperor, the scions of Terra. We are dominion and we are numberless. We are war itself and the death of all who oppose us. We are Humanity and we shall educate our ignorant foes as to the true meaning of that word!" -- Lord Inquisitor Aedrick Mantel of the Ordo Xenos, from Imperial Armour Volume 12 "The Fall of Orpheus".

In real life, there are people who claim encounters with aliens. Contrary to the popular trend here on HFY, the people who supposedly encountered aliens in real-life are often shocked or even frightened of them. In addition, abductees and witnesses stated the aliens had advanced technology beyond anything humanity has made that rendered the humans involved helpless against the aliens before being taken to their spaceships for experiments. But don't despair HFY, there are a few accounts where the people in question fought back: in one account a person was about to be abducted by an alien but stabbed them with a knife. Though the knife couldn't pierce the alien's skin, the resistance resulted in the aliens being driven off without abducting anyone. There was also an incident in which the would-be abductee ran inside, grabbed his rifle, ran out, and starting shooting at three aliens coming at him. One of them had to be dragged away by its compatriots. He hasn't had any xenos problems since then. Similarly, the Hopkinsville Goblin incident was when a group of people encountered some aliens that were harrassing them, and they responded by blasting them to hell with shotguns before fleeing due to the weapons doing nothing against them. In other words, if you're being abducted by aliens, fight back! Armed or not. Kick them in the gornacks! Gouge out their eyes! Bite them!

-- There was also a reference once on an infamous board to a story about an overweight powerlifter who was abducted, woke up and threw a few greys off him after breaking from restraints. Afterward, he was led down a hall where he passed out and woke up at home. I don't think he killed any of the aliens but they were supposedly the 4ft tall skinny greys, and he was able to punch one which flew into a wall, and the others retreated. He was then led into the hall. Source pending.

Now with a song![edit]


Humaniteh, fuck yeah!
Coming again to kill some mother fucking xenos, yeah!
Humaniteh, fuck yeah!
Genocide is the only way, yeah

Aliens your game is through 'cause now you have to answer too
Humaniteh, fuck yeah!
So lick my butt and suck on my balls
Humaniteh, fuck yeah!
What you gonna to do when we come for you now

It's the dream that we all share
It's the hope for tomorrow
Fuck yeah!

Grox Burgers, fuck yeah!
Space-mart, fuck yeah!
Terra, fuck yeah!
Grifball, fuck yeah!

Orbital drop, fuck yeah!
Run and gun, fuck yeah!
Commissariat, fuck yeah!
Penal Legions, fuck yeah!

Fuck yeah!

Spacebucks, fuck yeah!
Disneyverse, fuck yeah!
Heresy, fuck yeah!
Promethium, fuck yeah!

Assasination, fuck yeah!
Killing, fuck yeah!
Spacemarines, fuck yeah!
Taco Bell, fuck yeah!

Rodeos, fuck yeah!
Space ship and beyond
Fuck yeah, fuck yeah

Buraeucracy, fuck yeah!
Space ships, fuck yeah!
Emprah, fuck yeah!
Combat Drugs, fuck yeah!

Sly Marbo, fuck yeah!
Sanguinala, fuck yeah!
Premier Sanders, fuck yeah!
Popeye, fuck yeah!

Capitalists, fuck yeah!
Imperialists, fuck yeah!
Fuck yeah, fuck yeah
Simple deaths, fuck yeah!

A-10, fuck yeah!
Baneblade, fuck yeah!


"Humanity Fuck Yeah" sometimes refers to omnicidal maniac-level racism against everything that isn't non-powered and normal human beings (because, you know, a human with superpowers is not really a human, right?).

Readers may experience ocular bleeding due to excessive TVTropesisms escaping from humanity's natural habitats. This is a normal, if unpleasant side-effect.

Some great examples of "Humanity Fuck Yeah":

Recommended media about humans kicking ass[edit]

Note: While any media can actually bring a moment of a human kicking ass, it is imperative that such narrative presents humanity as a whole showing exceptional abilities to defeat super-powered/non-human adversity. For example, a book about humans slaughtering hyper-advanced alien invaders is absolutely "Humanity, Fuck Yeah". A book about World War 2 is not "Humanity, Fuck Yeah", because although it presents humans kicking ass and taking names, it is against other humans and there's ass kicking on all sides so that does not count.

Also, "Humanity, Fuck Yeah" only applies if humans are defeating super-powered non-humans through strictly technological means. For example, in X-COM: UFO Defense, regular troops gunning down aliens is HFY, as are heavy weapons platforms (big robotic gun platforms). PSI troopers, despite being humans, use supernatural powers so they are not HFY.

Behold a list of "Humanity, Fuck Yeah" works:

  • As much as humanity gets its ass kicked in H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds there are moments where humans manage to hold the fucking line against hundred foot tall murder machines from Mars, in one instance with the British Army knocking down a tripod with cannon fire. But the crowning moment must be the scene with the HMS Thunder Child steaming into action, destroying two tripods with its guns, and then ramming a third before sinking. The end qualifies as well: humanity ultimately manages to outlast the invaders because unlike them, our bodies have built up an immunity to the microscopic lifeforms that inhabit our planet.
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series is one of the earliest examples of this. A Confederate veteran of the American Civil War finds himself on Mars and proceeds to kick everyone's ass, marry a princess, and become chief warlord of the entire planet.
  • Xenophobia, a less than a minute-and-a-half song about committing Humanity Fuck Yeah with regards to Sci-Fi.
  • Kevin Jenkins universe Humans are from a 'deathworld'. Lots of stories here. [Now in it's 3rd year of serialization, with 40+ chapters and 2 million+ words in the main storyline alone, there's a lot to sink your teeth into if you're into this kind of thing.]
  • Independence Day (1996). This is a must-see film. "We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!" Also Will Smith tricking an alien fighter pilot into crashing after his weapons prove useless, then personally punching it out and dragging its ass across the Nevada desert while bitching at it for ruining his holiday. "Welcome to Earth."
    • Now having a sequel 'Fuck YOU ALIEN SCUM
      • Now kinda wishing we hadn't had that sequel.
  • Starship Troopers novel by Robert A. Heinlein. The ST movie by Paul Verhoeven has humanity taking Humanity Fuck Yeah by the balls and cranking it up past 11. The novel is far more philosophical, but still includes copious HFY; it features the protagonist concluding that humans have a biological imperative to expand as far as possible, and pity any race of arachnid aliens that gets in their way.
  • Conan the Barbarian from Robert E. Howard, because going hand-to-hand combat with a Cthulhu-like daemon-god and making it run away screaming in fear is the very definition of HFY. Remember that R.E.Howard and H.P.L. were friends, and many of the Cosmic Horror entities that HPL created are actually canon in Conan's universe, and he banishes them with brute force and axes.
  • Incidentally H.P. Lovecraft, who was pals with Howard, got a few tales where humans beat back the Great Old Ones, namely The Dunwich Horror (elegan/tg/entlemen professors fight back a huge eldritch demigod), The Call of Cthulhu itself (badass Norwegian officer ramming Cthulhu's head with his ship anyone?) and the Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (/x/ dreamer rallies an army of ghouls and nightgaunts to kill lunar toad-like abominations and then storms Kadath, residence of Earth gods).
  • The Damned trilogy, by Alan Dean Foster
  • ARK: Survival Evolved. Basically you are a “survivor” placed on an “ark” which is a giant space station island with dinosaurs designed to kill you, to simulate natural selection so that future humans can have a group of the perfect specimens to save future humanity. You make the dinosaurs your bitches, breach the system, and prove you are the Übermensch.
  • Warhammer 40,000, obviously, particularly when it comes to the Imperial Guard. Although admittedly, Humanity Occasionally Does Not Fuck Yeah here, but then again, here is the awesome.
  • Traveller
  • Star Trek - yes, somehow. A note - the Mirror Universe episodes (TOS - Mirror Mirror, various DS9 ones, ENT - In A Mirror Darkly part I and II) in general are basically Humanity Fuck Yeah at it's best. In TOS-MU, everyone is more badass and horny, and mass killing alien scum who refuse to submit is the order of the day, but get told to make things better and more peaceful by our flawless prime universe counterparts. Does that sound like humanity to you? No? Good, because it's not because fuck that noise. Even their uniforms are more awesome (and sexy). ENT's In A Mirror Darkly shows the Empire at it's most brutal, starts with Zefram Cochrane trying the Vulcan salute, only to pull out a shotgun and shoot the Vulcan point blank! And from there, they straight up are attacking THE THOLIANS, and STEAL the USS Defiant from TOS's The Tholian Web! Many other shenanigans ensue. No less than later in DS9 confirms that hippy peace kumbaya is bullshit as in the intervening 100 or so years, M-Spock became Emperor and instituted weakness, and the Empire is predictably overthrown by the Alliance (a Klingon/Cardassian dominated political order) - and it's not just humans that are mass enslaved, but all the core races who were cowed or bros with humans and the Empire like the Vulcans and Andorians. See, conquest and HFY is good for the galaxy! But thanks to efforts of people who find themselves on the other side like THE SISKO, not only do the enslaved start a rebellion, but by the last Mirror episode, are looking like they will seriously win it. According to some books, this was actually Emperor Spock's master plan - cause reform to weaken the Empire, and lead to it's seeming death, which would make him one of the best alien believers of HFY of all time. Eventually, revolution will come, and the Empire is reborn as a sort of human-centric Galactic Republic - shorn of all the weaknesses but with an unquenchable thirst for HFY. They are last seen conquering the Breen and Klings or some shit - pure awesome. Hell, lots of REGULAR Trek episodes eventually are filled with HFY - especially anything involving THE SISKO, later era Kathryn "KILL THEM ALL" Janeway, or Section 31.
    • Also, a tumblr thread of utter hilarity showed that compared to Vulcans, humanity is an entire species of Doc Browns -- a bunch of deranged hyper-neophiles tooling around in ships packed full of beyond-cutting-edge tech they don't actually understand very well. And constantly succeeding. When Vulcans have two warp cores, they experiment on one and save the other for a backup. When humans have two warp cores, they plug them both into a third warp core, travel to an alternate dimension, fight everyone in it for offending their moral sensibilities, steal their warp cores and plug those together, punch their way back here, then try to turn a nearby sun into a torus because that was what their initial scientific experiment was for and they didn’t want to waste a trip. That happened last week and we still have no idea what the torus sun is supposed to accomplish.
  • Mass Effect. Only on certain Renegade playthroughs, though; Paragon is hippy dippy "live in peace with xenos" Federation bullshit (to be fair, xenos in Mass Effect are actually friendly or reasonable, with a few exceptions). Even just the backstory has only-just-then-become-a-spacefaring-species humanity fighting a widely-feared and centuries-old galactic superpower to a standstill, followed up by earning their respect to such a degree that they let us jump the queue to join their galactic council club (or letting the current heads of the galactic council club die in battle so humanity fills the power vacuum). Although is just in the first game; the villains you stopped from getting summoned arrive anyway and since mankind never dominated the galaxy only multiculturalism can save you.
  • X-COM: UFO Defense. And XCOM Enemy Unknown/Within. Turns out humanity is the greatest hope the alien invaders have, and we're being tested to see if we are worthy of it (we are). And XCOM 2, because even when we lost the war, we WILL win it!
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. BELIEVE IN THE ME WHO BELIEVES IN YOU!
  • Gurren Lagann's precursor Getter Robo deserves mention, too. WHY DID THE GETTER RAYS CHOOSE LOWLY HUMANITY?! Also FUCK DINOSAURS!!
  • Stargate, both SG-1 and Atlantis. Stargate is the most Humanity Fuck Yeah thing ever. A bunch of people extends Earth influence across the entire galaxy in less than ten years. When we manage to build the first real space combat vessels, it's too late. Job's already done, galaxy is ours. So we move to conquer the next one, with another bunch of people and a couple of ships. Entire races are wiped out by teams of five people armed with submachine guns.
    • XSGCOM is this but up to 11. Earth gets an empire, hover tanks, power armor, and so much more. It's amazing. Also armor capable of tanking a staff weapon. It's amazeballs.
      • Actually the more advanced weapons you get, the less awesome is. The scary part of SG1 is that the military-industrial complex doesn't even have time to get to par with stolen xenos tech. Humans conquer the whole damn galaxy by small teams armed with pragmatism and one liners.
  • Pacific Rim. Ye Gods, Pacific Rim. "Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!"
  • Halo, because being the special snowflake race that can manipulate the technology of long dead, super-galactic, hyper advance aliens and yet still having the "Humanity first and only bitch!" personality, as well as standing up to (and winning against) a massive alien hegemony and then an omnivorous parasite in a war lasting nearly THIRTY YEARS gives the UNSC the honorable status. . Further noted due to the UNSC Marines (Whose personality is a fusion between Alien's Colonial Marines and Starship Trooper's Mobile Infantry) and because the UNSC built a NOVA bomb which is a petaton-exaton thermonuclear bomb that vaporized an entire Covenant fleet in orbit and the entire nightside of a planet, and completely SHATTERS another when it's detonated on the surface.
  • Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars. Xenos scum come to harvest Tiberium on our planet, then find out they got played like a bunch of fools. More forces wouldn't have helped the Scrin, Kane has a motherfucking Scrin battleship he built when Bill Clinton was president, and another crashed UFO chilling out in Egypt. What the hell were the expecting, trying to fight a grandchild of God? They were expecting no resistance because they assumed all life on the planet had been consumed by Tiberium. The Scrin "invasion force" had only come to Earth to harvest Tiberium.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe. At numerous points in the setting (read: every other week), everything from alien empires and planet-eaters to GODS come to Earth looking to squash humanity like a Warboss sitting on a grot. They’ve conquered/destroyed/eaten every species/planet/galaxy they’ve encountered up to that point. Humanity’s heroes fly up and kick them in the dick!
  • GATE: Thus The Self-Defense Force Fought There. Related to the above, but its other humans from a magical realm with mystical creatures backing them up invading modern-day Tokyo. Turns out swords and shields dont work to well against machine guns and attack helicopters...and then the JSDF proceeds to roll through the gate they came from and basically conquer the entire world on the other side...without a single casualty.
  • Gears of War. A horde of inhuman killing beasts erupt from every human city and then later on our would-be 'fuel' turns out to be an ever-infectious virus of OMNOMNOM! which screws both of our races up. We came back, re-strengthen our forces and gave a response which includes the massacre of all three species including ours via mass orbital bombardment of lasers from SPEHS!, detonation of a bomb that kills by intense light and heat akin to a flashy nuke, the flooding of every cave and hole on our planet(by sinking our last sanctuary no less) and the detonation a fucking NEUTRON BOMB... all because we could.
  • The annihilation series. Book one love conquers all. It's a stupid name but the book is really good it's about a boy who figures out that he has psychic powers that grant him the ability to fuck over people's shit the 2nd book is where things get crazy. An alien race who are arrogant and want nothing more then the human race to be gtfo go behind the galatic alliances back and attacks a colony killing 1/3 of the population. That's when the humans go batshit.
  • The humourous Poul Anderson novel "The High Crusade". A hyper-advanced alien empire tries to 'ave a go at medieval England and get hilariously rolled over because EMP doesn't work on knights and longbowmen.
  • Battle: Los Angeles. Aliens invade Earth and win at first, but soon get beat back by the Marines. And to give credit where credit is due, Battle: Los Angeles is one of the few films where the aliens actually use proper military tactics, rather than just zerg rushing us like idiots. Ergo, they provide covering fire, they actually take cover, they perform ambushes, they use combined arms, they quickly pull their wounded out of harm's way and they properly counter enemy armour. It is like the aliens are an actual professional military force, which makes our victory so much more legitimate and less like a deus ex machina copout. Battleship wishes it was this awesome.
  • Peter Bergs' Battleship. Generally shit storyline; basically aliens come down to Earth to fuck shit up, and accidentally land in the middle of a global naval wargame.
  • Factorio. The premise sounds weaker than most other entries here, but considering you start with nothing but a steam drill, and you are going to have to wipe the floor with the local giant bug creatures, even the smallest of which is about the size of a Smart car, in order to expand your mining, smelting and assembling industries, it is pretty much GENOCIDE! MINING! GENOCIDE! MINING! GENOCIDE! MINING!: THE GAME. Well, other than that one.
  • All Brotherhood of Steel Fallout 4 breakthroughs. The Brotherhood supports genocide of all the non-human abominations that exist throughout the wasteland. Ad Victoriam! The Minutemen kinda qualify as well for the same reason as the Rimworld example listed above - less on the non-human killing, but instead their storyline is about humans working together and taming the ever-loving shit out of the irradiated and mutant-infested swamps of Massachusetts (post-nuclear war, must clarify) to make the cosiest apocalypse ever.
  • While on the topic of Fallout, the Enclave are most definitely HFY. Using a modified virus to systematically wipe out any and all mutated scum that rove the wasteland like it's theirs is a prime example of how awesome humans are at causing mass destruction, and even if a certain tribal mutant was able to infiltrate their base and blow it up, the legacy of the human patriotism of the Enclave will always live on. In New Vegas, even down to only five oldfags and a snot nosed kid, they kick veritable ass. Though this one's a little up-to-you, as the Enclave were a wee bit too enthusiastic about the genocide part of HFY for their own good, as they actually wanted to bump off most of the human population of the post-apocalyptic US too.
  • The Muv Luv franchise. In 1967, all consuming aliens (BETA - Beings of Extra Terrestrial origin which is an Adversary of the human race) are found on Mars during the explorations there. They land on the Moon, and even though we stand no chance then on the moon, America fights back with fucking prototype SPACE MARINES, space fighters, and re-purposing exoskeletal lifters as power armor. While the universe proves to run on a lot of Humanity What The Fuck Are You Doing too (the first BETA Hive on Earth lands in Kashgar, and the PRC and USSR get greedy letting them get powerful enough, so they can harvest whatever goodies they have. When they try landing a hive in Canada, America says "lol fuck no" and nukes the Hive to oblivion with only minimal apologies). What makes it so wonderful is that even for decades, as humanity loses constantly, as literally children are forced to fight, the breathing HFY of everyone involved making last stands and killing wave upon wave of alien scum in awesome mechs or as infantry on the battleline is enough to make you shed manly tears. Even when we're down to less than one billion people, we do NOT, STOP, FIGHTING. And then to crown it, in 2001, we have our first major victory with a captured Hive. The main storyline ends with humanity just about ready to start the great reconquest of Eurasia.The snippets in Exogularity show how AWESOME Humanity has become with the break-neck technological advancement fueled by alien tech. I mean Shielding, Mecha Hand-held practicle beam weapons, ships that have length measure in 8KM-9KM and HUNDREDS of G-17B(Descendants of the Susanoo, which they use to GLASS BETA hives on Mars) and other shits. HFY indeed.
  • Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, and DOOM. Because one human can slaughter every breathing thing on two moons and then in Hell. And again. And again. The reboot takes it even further by taking the whole "ancient evil being locked away to prevent it wiping us out" trope and reversing it. So you, the human main character, is the ancient evil while the demons are the horrified and massacred prison wardens. Fuck yeah.
  • Pokemon. I mean, mere human children can capture and enslave fire-breathing dragons, colossal water monsters, poison-spewing pitcher plants, giant steel-bodied snakes, interdimensional space kaiju, and the literal creator god of all Pokemon with little plastic spheres and then force those peaceful fire-breathing, water-spouting, grass-grassing monsters to fight each other to the death while the kids... KIDS! just stand behind them giving them orders. Also these little kids are expected to go off on their own at the age of 10 to tour the globe for fun and profit while corralling the aforementioned monsters and beating the shit out of entire criminal syndicates singlehandledly.
  • Space Battleship Yamato. Aliens (humans with green skin... they count right?) enter our solar system and we blow their spaceship up for no reason! Then our arse gets handed to us as they start bombarding our planet with meteorites using a tractor beam. However the moment a friendly alien race (hot chicks) gives us a power generator, what do we do? We use it to invent a destructive ima-firin-my-lazor-cannon, stick both items into a wrecked WWII battleship turned spaceship, send that one ship off on its own to go get a life-saving tech thingy from the hot chick aliens while single handedly blowing up an entire space empire armada... All with a kickass main theme
  • The space opera grand strategy game by Paradox, Stellaris, can be played many different ways and allows you to go full HFY if you would like, you could even play as human fanatic purifiers. HFY is encouraged by one of the preset empires, The Commonwealth of Man, a xenophobic and militaristic faction of humans bent on enslaving xenos and dominating the galaxy. Refreshingly, humanity isn't actually special; if humanity wants to go full HFY, then they must work for it just like any other species.
  • Rescue Party by Arthur C. Clarke. While there is no conflict in the short story it still counts. Hippie aliens arrive on Earth only hours before the sun will explode, destroying the planet. The mission of the hippie aliens is to try to save as many people and as much of the culture as possible. Normally the galactic civilization does surveys of planets every one million years for new species, but the human race did not exist the last time the survey was done – four hundred thousand years before. We simply evolved too fast for them! However, radio signals had been detected on a planet 200 light years away, indicating intelligent life had arisen. They arrive, but nobody is home. As they search for any living humans, we learn that it's typical for races to take thousand of years between the invention of the radio and space flight. The only thing they find is a communication tower beaming signals into space. They follow the beam with their FTL ships and discover an enormous fleet of rocket space ships (the largest fleet in galactic history), traveling into space without any FTL tech. Their tiny alien minds melt in the face of the sheer determination and steel balls Humanity possesses. As they watch Humanity flying toward their birthright of total galactic domination, the hippie aliens know that they are fucked.
  • Worldwar by Harry Turtledove. A series of eight alternative history novels. World War II is doing well, and humanity is having a lot of fun with itself, until 1942, when the reptilan aliens known as the Race attack. They start off by detonating nuclear weapons in the stratosphere, creating EMPs, which most developed nations don't even notice, because primitive vacuum tubes don't care about that at all. Their technology is pretty superior to the humans', but humans have a knack for thinking so far outside the box that the box can't even be seen anymore, combined with the fact that they simply don´t give up, like, at all. Notable HFY moments include all human armies, including lots of nasty partisan groups pretty much halting their previous conflicts, and all descending on their new, common foe (almost makes you pity the invaders); humans destroying an alien spaceship with a motherfucking huge cannon (hint: Dora), humans turning the aliens into drug addicts and disrupting their whole culture with their corruptive nature, an alien invasion on Britain stopped by chemical warfare, humans nuking a whole alien fleet killing millions, and finally humans driving the Aliens away and forcing them to accept a jolly human tradition: peace by mutually assured destruction
  • The Transformers "Beast Wars: Uprising" series of comics and short stories covering the intervening years between the Generation One and Beast Wars cartoons is an interesting case, focusing entirely on the aliens and rather than depicting the conflict with humanity itself, it deals with the disastrous effect that being on the receiving end of an HFY story has on their society. Tired of being caught up in the Autobots' and Decepticons' various conflicts, humanity steadily grows more and more militarized and eventually kicks the Transformers off Earth and forces them back to their dying homeworld of Cybertron. Confined to a single planet with limited supplies of energy, Cybertronian society begins to unravel even worse than it was before as the larger Transformers are left crippled due to their high fuel requirements and begin using smaller ones to fight in proxy wars. The Autobot/Decepticon conflict soon gives way to infighting as the energy crisis exacerbates the already existing inequalities between the two factions various sub-groups.
  • In The Elder Scrolls universe, humans are split into distinct ethnic groups with their own histories and unique abilities, but all of them are badass. Man's first foray into the continent of Tamriel was the ancient Atmorans, who landed in what is now Skyrim and eventually became the Nords (basically fantasy Vikings). They had to fight against the Snow Elves (who they nearly drove to extinction with only five hundred warriors), the dragons (who they also rendered extinct, but the gods, chief of all the dragon god who hated his own kids, had to help this time) and are still to this day locked in daily battles against bears, sabre-tooth cats, trolls, giants, big spiders and all kinds of other horrific stuff. Far to the south in Cyrodiil, the humans there (the Imperials, fantasy Romans basically) were enslaved by another race of elves named the Ayleids, until Saint Alessia (fantasy Joan of Arc) led a slave rebellion with the help of a man who was on a constant and bloody never-ending WAAAGH against the elves named Pelinal Whitestrake (who it should be pointed out may have been a cyborg knight, complete with arm plasma cannon, from a horrifying future where Nazi elves won and very brutaly subjugated mankind which would explain his colossal hateboner for anything with pointy ears), and together they overthrew the Ayleids and forged the beginnings of the first Cyrodilic Empire (and there would later be another two under the Reman and Septim dynasties). In the western peninsula of High Rock, breeding programs between the Aldmer and the Nedes had given rise to a new race of Half-Elf humans known as the Bretons (fantasy French), who are said to rival and even surpass the Altmer in magical talents and even get innate resistance to spells. Finally came the Redguards (fantasy Arabs/North Africans), refugees from the sunken islands of Yokuda, the most talented warriors and sailors of Tamriel to the point of having sunk those islands with a sword technique that can split atoms and the only race in the setting with access to gunpowder. It is also said that the gods themselves favour the races of Men over the Mer (elves) because while elves see mortality as a cruel prison, men see "strength in weakness" and live their lives to the fullest free from fears of their mortality, and this is especially true for Lorkhan, who is said to have created men to be the "chaos" to the "order" of the Mer.
  • Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia. A series of novels (with a pair of RPGs) where humanity kills all manner of monsters with the awesome power of modern firearms, tactical planning and keeping records of how best to exterminate xeno filth. The first book starts with the protagonist wrestling a werewolf and throwing it out a window to its death (though this does result in months of hospitalization). Xeno assistance is limited to individual exceptions that have proven their worth by mauling America's enemies for her. Uncontrolled xeno populations allowed to run amok are considered several times more dangerous than nuclear weapons (and this determination was made when people who thought nuclear weapons could ignite Earth's atmosphere in a chain reaction were considered reasonable scientists), yet humanity has managed to prevail against them.
  • Lego Mars Mission Yes, you heard me right. A little dark for Lego, which makes this even more awesome. The premise starts out peaceful, with some Astronauts showing up on Mars to mine some powerful crystals in order to solve a world energy crisis, like that fucking blue furry movie. The similarities end there. Eventually, these invasive green aliens get or had the same idea, and try to steal from the humans. Predictably, the humans diplomatically tell them to fuck off. The aliens respond like a bag of dicks, and start a fucking war. The astronauts quickly modify all their stuff to shoot lasers, capture aliens, crush them, and shit. The astros fight to a bloody stalemate as the amazing motherfucking guardsmen they are, until they discover the Alien hive. The astros launch themselves in a full scale assault on the hive, and manage to penetrate the deeper parts of it, systematically kicking the collective ass of the xenos scum, before tracking down the alien commander and brutally murdering him, claiming Mars for the humans as they fucking deserve. Vehicles that earn the HFY seal of approval include the Recon Dropship (A cool looking Gunship), Clawtank (a tank with a big ass claw to crush the xenos scum), and Crystal Reaper, a troop carrier with big saws to cut rock (or xenos) up.
  • Victory Unintentional by Isaac Asimov. Humanity discovers that there is a xenophobic and supremacist (even more than us, if that's possible), hyper-advanced, sapient race living on the surface of Jupiter that (after a brief period of parley) declare war and their intention to exterminate us "lesser" beings. We, being a peace loving (cough cough cough) race, send three sapient robots (guided by "The Three Laws") to the Jovian surface to learn more, make contact, and try to smooth things over with the Jovians. The Jovians proceed to do everything in their power to destroy and/or impress the robots and intimidate mankind with its "inevitable doom" by exposing them to every deadly weapon, death-world-like (by our standards, and more importantly, theirs) environment and predator they can conceive of only to comprehensively, categorically fail to do more than mildly perplex the robots with their attempts and hostility. Eventually, the Jovians relent and send the robots packing to their ship with a hasty declaration of peace and a promise never to make war on humanity ever. On their way home, the robots ponder the meaning of the whole affair, and their conclusion? it: Point being, we conquer an entire world of hostile, advanced, aliens that horrifically outnumber us ENTIRELY BY ACCIDENT WITHOUT EVER FIRING A SHOT. That's how bad-ass we are! Our tools/toys/probes INADVERTENTLY conquer worlds.
  • The Tomorrow War A 2021 film released by Amazon starring Chris Pratt as the main character and executive producer. Some people compare it to Imperial Guardsmen on a primitive world vs Tyranids. While the film isn't perfect by most metrics, the best part is watching human conscript soldiers fight tooth and nail to fuck aliens in the ass. Two chads hold off the xenos filth while the rest of their squad escapes, a veteran soldier obliterates things with a shotgun, one guy kills an alien with a *LITERAL CHAINSAW*, and flamethrowers and .50 caliber machine guns are deployed en masse to send ET home. When the paper pushing morons in world governments refuse to track down and try to destroy the aliens in 2022, Chris Pratt tells them to fuck themselves and proceeds to exterminate the aliens with Dynamite, C4, and bioweapons. Particularly unique for a film of this time is that it also lacks the preachy and hamfisted politics that have plagued entertainment for the past half decade or so.

An Alternate Take on HFY[edit]

"Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."

– Proverbs 16:18

" I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species, and I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment; but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer on this planet. You are a plague, and we...are the cure."

– Agent Smith, The Matrix

What started as a reasonable response to human suffering in fiction has blossomed into a cringe-fest of masturbatory autism that can be seen in the page quote. Haughty pride, arrogance, zealotry, blind idiocy, self-righteousness, and many more vices are enabled by such tooting of our own metaphorical horns. The worst part is how this attitude spreads to other fandoms like wildfire, even if humans or aliens aren't interacting with each other or even involved in the setting! The irony kicks in when you realize that many of the idols that HFY memers get their Idolatry on for would be disappointed at such vainglorious pride, The Man-peror of Mankind would not approve! Even more ironic is how this attitude is exactly the same as a certain fluff rapist and his favored infallible, can't do wrong, and always victorious mary sues.

The real crime however, is how HFY quashes new ideas, sucking the rest of the entire fandom down a creative black hole. Guess you can in fact get sick of winning in fiction all the time!

Basically put, what little potential HFY had has long since been stifled in a sea of mental masturbation over our own imaginary greatness.

So when would such attitudes be appropriate? In dangerous settings where such attitudes are backed up by much human suffering and bloodshed. In settings where we truly earned the right to be a bit proud of our survival. In settings where humanity is beset on sides by hostile foes within and without, eternally under siege, with their very vices and souls threatening to rebel against the- hey wait a minute...

HFY tends to manifest itself especially terribly in fanfiction, where whole fandoms are plagued by a never ending slew of shitty fix fics that look at settings where humanity is already ridiculously special for no good reason and already has disproportionate influence on the setting and is already among the setting's winners and go "nah, humans need to win some more". Thus turning the sentiment into a code for "this fanfiction is shit written by some moron who doesn't understand how dramatic tension works" and turning HFY from a statement of pride to an ironic statement of mockery and a seal of low quality writing.

The worst kinds of these fanfics tend to be written by people who legitimately think that the unfamiliar needs to be purged and it all starts reading rather disturbingly like Mein Kampf more than good literature (and worst of all, these fanfics will also have writing quality about as good as Mein Kampf, which is legendarily terrible and incoherent if you're unfamiliar with it), as these idiotic mouthbreathers project their "hurr durr group X is inherently superior" fantasies into their writing. Much like with FATAL or Racial Holy War or other works written by the inbred, these only draw further mockery upon discovery. Original works, even on /tg/, are often little better in this respect due to the community that springs around them acting like an echo chamber to drown out any kind of negative feedback (justified or not).

The most important rule in any story with a conflict is of course a need to maintain tension. If people win without effort, it gets very boring very quickly unless effortless victory and anti-climax is the whole joke (and most fanfic writers simply aren't funny enough to make the space opera/high fantasy equivalent of One Punch Man and probably shouldn't try to either), so when you start writing humans as simply piledriving everyone in the way without trying you end up making the humans more insufferable than pretty much any variety of Elf has ever been. Instead of badasses, you have turned our species into uninteresting Mary Sues who most people who don't have their heads up their asses will start to root against, much like how people generally start rooting against a sports team that always seems to win.

With no effort being expended, there's no reason to care about the struggle because there is no struggle to care about. Bad HFY forgets all this in favour of what amounts to masturbation via text and unfortunately (as Sturgeon's Law is a thing) most HFY fics will tend to be of the shitty tensionless curbstomp variety where humanity does nothing to deserve any victory it gets.

You can express how great humanity is, but always remember these few rules:

  • Don't make everyone else stupid, this is not only a lazy means of making your favoured faction right it's also one of the strongest signifiers for a Mary Sue as not only are they always right, anyone against them is a moron and probably eats babies too. Do make humans suffer setbacks and make mistakes; outside of one or two special edge cases, nobody wants to read about a hero who is never challenged and never stumbles or fucks up.
    • To quote an old saying "to err is to human", someone without flaw is more akin to a god (or God) than an actual person, so don't go that route unless the character is a god or God (whether you believe in a god/God/religion or not, that is a subject that should be handled with care). Push them to the brink of destruction and have them claw their way back up from nothing instead of acting as if the universe will bend over backwards for them on account of their species alone. And remember to give them humility as a result of whatever struggle they go through; they should be very much aware they're little fish in a very big pond.
  • Don't use "human ingenuity" as an advantage; this trope is so tiresomely played out that it produces nothing but eyerolling these days, especially since it tends to be a signifier that you've created a planet of hats setting where humanity is the only species not forced to have a hat (ironic, since this is itself a hat). This is lazy and overdone so don't do it. If you -have- to, go with the historical data: humanity's hat on Earth wasn't developing new technologies all the time, but by winning through endurance. Earliest hunters above the Saharan line won by sheer attrition and endurance walking towards the prey animals until they exhausted, sieges lasted for years, and WW1 itself speaks volumes. This victory didn't come easy, victory by endurance is the most painful way of winning. If humanity is supposed to win, make them pay the price and describe the effects of victory on an exhausted human society.
  • Don't force humanity into a hat itself either, saying things like "humans are good diplomats/warriors" is easily disproven by just looking at about a hundred randomly selected people so it's always going to ring kind of false to people in the real world. Do give people weaknesses of some sort, whether cultural or physical or governmental - some kind of flaw will help to make humanity seem human instead of efficiency obsessed robots. Remember: a racial hat is simply the result of averages fitting into the global-galactic niche. If Salarian artists (which *do* exist) somehow dominated their culture by chance and random luck in the universe of Mass Effect, we would come to believe Salarians are a race of smart artists.
  • Do give other species nuance of their own. Just as you shouldn't give out a hat to humanity, you should try to avoid essentially typecasting the races in your setting without a very good explanation like Orks having their mentalities being genetically programmed or a species being an outright hive mind (Tyranids, Q'Orl, etc.) This is where Mass Effect both shone and stumbled - many of the alien races in the OT wear hats without becoming Always Chaotic Evil bad guys to gun down or one-dimensional stereotypes that all think and act exactly the same[1]. Andromeda then dropped the ball by reducing the main antagonists to a race of one-dimensionally Stupid Evil Dalek/Covenant knockoffs without much deeper characterisation than "Religious, Dogmatic Space Nazis", while the other (as in, singular other - compare to the dozen fleshed-out alien species in the original) are a bunch of overly-emotional furless lizard-people.
  • It's ridiculous to assume that alien life evolved (or was created, depending on the story and who you ask) along the same lines as we did. Consider showing how humans are just as unsuited for alien environments as the aliens would be unsuited for our own. Oh sure, we can breathe oxygen, but outside any Earth-like planet that's just a liability. What good is that when the air on most inhabitable planets either has minimal oxygen or flat-out poisons us?
    • However, do still try to stick to some universal biological truths. Do you really think any long-lived alien race would've survived long enough to be their planet's dominant species without some adrenaline equivalent? Do you really think natural selection is limited to just Earth? Do you really think that alien races became what they did without at least one instance of internal strife or warfare? Unless the rest of the universe has some benevolent omnipresent overseers to take care of all life and prevent fighting, organisms are going to compete with each other for resources and they won't be nice about it.
  • Unless you're writing from a deliberately subjective viewpoint (in-universe propaganda, biased/unreliable narrators, and so on), don't give humanity any excuses or special pleading for its flaws. If aliens are monsters for eating human babies, then humans are monsters for eating alien babies. If humanity filling its planets with toxic smog is the bee's knees, then alien planets filled with toxic smog are no worse. The morality of an act shouldn't be based solely on the name of the species committing it. Try to be at least somewhat objective in the narration as long as it fits the story's tone and themes.
    • Remember that exceptions to this do exist. Sometimes, genocide really is the moral course of action, because the alternative is either suicidal or so hideously unconscionable as to be even worse. For example: Orks, Tyranids and Dark Eldar. The first two are impossible to reason with due to their genetically-hardcoded violent mindset (for the Orks), incomprehensible and predatory hivemind (for the Tyranids), and their entire method of reproduction being based around war/eating others (both). The latter subjects kidnapped people to incomprehensibly horrible fates to escape a fate worse than death at the hands of their own folly despite having a way to preserve their own souls without torturing people, meaning they don't even have the justification of needing to do terrible things to survive. Find someone who thinks they shouldn't be wiped out, and I'll show you someone who needs their head examined.

While these tips are just generally good for worldbuilding and story telling, they should always be taken into account by anyone who wants to write HFY without falling into the ubiquitous pitfalls.

  1. To list a few examples: the aggressive hive-mind species of the Rachni are capable of diplomacy and even outright co-operation on technological projects with other races under the right conditions; the generic killer robots of the Geth turned out to be a renegade splinter of the mainline Geth Consensus, who want to reunite and co-exist with their creators as partners rather than enemies (though they're willing to defend themselves should the need arise); even the nominally Always Chaotic Evil pack of slavers and pirates that are the Batarians have relatively "normal" citizens who are forbidden to leave their space by their totalitarian government, leaving them to be represented almost entirely by the pirates, criminals and slavers produced by their fucked up culture.


In the most simple terms possible, real life Humanity Fuck Yeah can be found in Humanism. Without boring your brains out, this roughly translates as follows: Humans are the starting point for all philosophical and moral inquiry. Generally speaking, this ideology generally wants to improve the living standards of other human beings. In short, if you want to make the world an equitable and fair place that doesn't force humans to create bullets in 17 hour shifts in 120 degree sweatshops, then welcome to the Humanism movement. Though lets be real, HFY sounds way better.

There is also Transhumanism which can be considered an evolution of Humanism. The gist of it is using technology to overcome human flaws (mental and physical) and to enhance what is already good or mediocre. A great example from 40k would be our good 'ol Space Marines for the basic transhuman (along with Primarchs and Emps as the ˝ultimate humans˝), while Mechanicus would be veering into post-humans (beings derived from humans as opposed to being them/us). Weather or not Transhumanism falls under HFY depends on how flexible your definition of human is, though admittedly - being a species that creates/spawns other species and upgraded versions of itself through the power of it's mind and science is pretty badass in and on itself.


Watch 3 men scare off 15 lions to get some food, yes this really happened (note how they don't underestimate the animals).

Persistence Hunting with David Attenborough.

Humanity, fuck yeah.

Let me tell you about humans, using something I'm familiar with in anthropology. When a Shoshone warrior wants a pony, he goes to a herd, picks one, and walks toward it. Naturally, the pony runs away. The Shonone follows, day and night just walking, usually for three full days. Pony runs away, man just keeps walking at a steady pace. Finally the pony simply collapses from exhaustion after running away for days, and the man walks up and puts a bridle on it. That is the kind of monster humans are.

HFY vs African Pokemon, by Andrew Ucles (without Pokeballs, because fuck you pokemons).

Lex Luthor vs Superman as ranted by Dan Harmon