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The Hunter, alongside the Scout, is a Variant Class for the Ranger in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. Part of the Essentials subline, it was introduced in "Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms" as a "simplified" take on the Ranger, built entirely from the Archery archetype/subclass of the ranger.

What made this different than the Seeker, which operated on a similar philosophy? Well, besides not being as dogshit, it has free expertise feats (which aren't subject to a savvy/merciful DM), it utilizes the same stances as the Scout which enabled different riders to basic attacks as well as the other at-wills, and it wasn't so magically inclined. You also get Disruptive Shot, your multiple times-per-encounter attack which slaps save-ends immobilize or daze, and knacks that aren't quite Utility powers because of how situational they are. The big flaw of these Essentials classes, that being the incredibly narrow selection of powers, shines no more troublingly than here; There are absolutely no Daily powers available (or maybe this is a typo, but there's no way to tell) and there's only one Encounter power which, while usable several times in a fight, is useful for only ONE thing.

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