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Hwyrdd's symbol.jpg
An acorn
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Demigod
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Halflings, protection, roads
Domains 3E: Luck, Protection, Trickery
5E: Liberty
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Halflings
Favoured Weapon Hwyrdd's Blade (Short sword)

Hwyrdd is the demigod patron of halflings in Scarn. He's said to be the son of Denev and Enkili.


There are many tales of Hwyrdd and his equipment told by his clergy, often used to lighten the mood among the largely downtrodden halfling race. Tales are told of how he lead the titan Kadum on a wild goose chase, dodging boulders the size of mountains before the titan was killed by Vangal, Belsameth, and Chardun, or how he defeatead a mighty storm spirit of Gulaben by throwing a single stone at it.

Worshippers & Faith[edit]

Hwyrdd's worship is largely underground and is most popular among younger halflings. The most notable sect of Hwyrdd's faith is the Defender's Faith, whose priests work to foster rebellion within enslaved and oppressed halfling communities, which has lead to Hwyrdd's worship being outlawed in some places.

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