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A custom built Hydraphant. It is like a smaller version of Megaguirus from Godzilla. Unfortunately it’s not a properly scaled model, being made from parts of a Carnifex kit. but would be fantastic for Epic, or Adeptus Titanicus (at least when other races gain rules for the game (aka never by Word of God)).

The Malal of Tyranid Bio-Titans (which is fitting given the original relations with Malal). These guys are so elusive and rare that not even Lexicanum has a page for it. Hydraphants are long range bio-titans armed with warp blast weapons, bio-plasmic breath, massive claws, and spines that can be used to damage enemies. They are the largest Tyranid creatures capable of planetary deployment, even bigger then the large Hierophant.

A Hydraphant is often used with a Hive Tyrant melded to its back to act as a swarm command unit. The fact that that little cradle on its back holds a vestigial Hive Tyrant tells you how massive it is.

Their size makes them at least the equivalent of Reaver Titans at the bare minimum, to Imperator Titans at the absolute maximum. Fluff-wise, it's probably at least the size of a Warlord, since Hierophants are usually depicted as being a somewhere in between a Reaver and a Warlord, and a Hydraphant is described as much larger.

  • Height: 25-27m; approx
  • Mass: 150 tonnes; approx
  • Crew: 1 crew

Tabletop Fan-Rules[edit]

7th edition[edit]

Hydraphant Bio Titan Points: 2500

WS 6 BS 3 S D T 10 W 10 I 4 A 10 LD 10 SV 2+/4++

Fixed Weapons and Biomorphs: Spore Cloud Scything Talons (Attacks included in profile) Lash Whip Flesh Hooks Feeder Tendrils Spore Cloud Regenerate Leaping Toxic Miasma

Optional Weapons(Pick 1): Two Hydraphant Bio Cannons: 64", SD, AP2, Apoc. Barrage (3) per cannon. Bio-Plasma Discharge: Hellstorm Template, SD, AP1, Assault (6)

Psychic Powers: Warp Field - The Hydraphant's Warp Field power provides a 4+ Invulnerable Save rather than a 6+. Synapse Creature - The Hydraphant provides Synapse to any model or unit within 24" from the centre of its model.

Special Rules: Impossible Entity - Putting aside the terror from the sight of such a beast for a moment, one can't help but to marvel at how such a large creature can stand, let alone move effectively in conditions under gravity. To represent this unfathomable durability, the Hydraphant may make Feel no Pain rolls for any unsaved wound from any source, except for those dealt by a Destroyer Weapon.

Base Size - The Hydraphant's base size is a circle of 10" radius. Because of the size of the model there is often no physical base to represent this. Instead, measure 10" out from the centre of the creature's body to check if any model that could be within this range.

Trample Assault - Due to its large size, the Hydraphant will tear a devastating path of destruction if it chooses to assault. This is represented by the Trample Assault special rule. After selecting any model or unit in range to assault, move the Hydraphant in a straight line to it, ignoring any intervening models and difficult terrain. For each model of each unit (Friend or foe!) that comes in contact with the creature's base as it moves, roll a single Destroyer Strength attack. Following this, resolve the assault against the target as normal.

Hydraphant Pts/model: 2000

WS: 6 BS: 3 S: 10 T: 9 W: 10 I: 3 A: 10 Ld: 10 Sv: 2+

Unit: 1 Hydraphant

Type: Gargantuan Creature

Weapon-symbiotes and Biomorphs:

- Toxic Miasma - Spore Clouds - Lash Whips - Scything Talons - Enhanced Regeneration - Pyro-acid Breath - Armoured Shell

Along with these options the Hydraphant can choose one of the following weapon-symbiotes:

- Gargantuan Crusher Claws - Two Bio-cannons - Venom Mortar

Hive Mind Powers:

- Warp Field - The Terror


Gargantuan Crusher Claws: Hydraphant’s have been seen with biomorphs resembling enormous crab claws, which are often used to tear down battlements and enemy titans alike. These count as a Titan Close Combat Weapon and follow the rules for them as described on page 96 of Codex: Apocalypse.

Enhanced Regeneration: The Hydraphant’s body has the ability to rapidly recover from mortal wounds. At the start of your turn as long as the Hydraphant is alive, roll a D6 for each Wound lost: for every 5 or 6 rolled, the Hydraphant recovers a single lost wound.

Towering Monstrosity: Because of its immense size, it is difficult for a Hydraphant to engage targets that are too close. It suffers from the following limitations:

- Weapon-symbiotes have a minimum range of 24” - A Hydraphant’s Crusher Claws can only be used against Gargantuan Creatures and Super-heavy Vehicles.

Pyro-acid Breath: Similar to a Screamer Killer, the Hydraphant is capable of producing a bio-plasma-like substance in its gullet by utilising grinding plates, the resulting cacophonic scream is loud enough to break eardrums and drown-out the greatest of cannon shots. Pyro-acid Breath uses the following profile:

Pyro-acid Breath* Range: Hellstorm** Strength: D AP: 2 Special: Heavy 1, Destroyer

  • Pyroacid Breath is not affected by the Towering Monstrocity rules.
    • Place the Hellstorm Template so that the narrow end is within 18” of the Hydraphant’s mouth. Treat this as any other template weapon.

Bio-cannons: Like a Heirophant, the Hydraphant can be seen on the battlefield wielding two huge symbiotic bio-cannons. They have the following profile:

Bio-cannons Range: 24" - 72" Strength: 10 AP: 3 Special: Assault 10

Venom Mortar: If not seen with Bio-cannons, or gigantic claws, the Hydraphant will have its forelimbs fused together and integrated into its carapace, creating a huge stationary cannon. The Venom Mortar has the following profile:

Venom Mortar Range: G 24"-360" Strength: 9 AP: 3 Special: Apocalypse Barrage (5)

Points- 2,500 Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Sv ...4 3 10 10 12 3 6 10 2+

Equipment and Special Rules Gargantuan Creature (see Forgeworld's apocalypse update) Regeneration - At the start of the Tyranid players turn, as long as the Hydraphant is still alive, roll a D6 for each wound that the model has suffered. On the roll of a 6, a wound is regained. Toxic Miasma- At the end of each player turn, every non vehicle enemy model within 6” of the Hydraphant must pass a toughness test or suffer a wound at Ap-. In addition, all non tyranid units engaged in combat with the Hydraphant take a hit with the following profile : S1, Ap-, poisoned, unwieldy. Lash Whips- Any enemy model in base contact with the Hydraphant counts as initiative 1. Warp Field- The Hydraphant is protected by a psychic shield, similar to the protection of a Zoeanthrope, it provides a 5+ invulnerable save. Hydraphant Biocannon 72”- S 10, Ap 2, Assault 10 Bio Plasma Spray Hellstorm, S7, Ap 2, Assault 1. Place the template so that the small end is within 12” of the Hydraphant, and the larger end is no closer to the Hydraphant.

8th edition[edit]

Fan-art depiction of the Hydraphant. If you can't tell, it is the giant bug that dwarfs the Hierophant.

A Hydraphant is a single model armed with two Hydraphant Dire Bio-Cannons, a pair of Spore Cloud Scything Talons, Pyro Acid Breath, a Venom Mortar Launcher and Feeder Tendrils.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Pts PP
Hydraphant * * * 16 15 90 * 10 2+ 8000 350
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Spore cloud scything talons Melee Melee X2 -5 5D3 Successful attack rolls made against Infantry score 3 hits instead of 1, but suffer a -1 to hit. You can also re-roll wound rolls of 1 for this weapon.
Hydraphant dire bio-cannon Macro 12 96” 16 -3 2D6 Every wound roll of 6+ against Vehicles, Monsters or Titanic units inflicts an additional 3D3 mortal wounds in addition to its normal damage.
Pyro acid breath Pistol 4D6 18” 6 -3 2 Units hit by this weapon suffer a -1 to their leadership characteristic until their next turn. This weapon automatically hits its target.
Venom mortar launcher Heavy 20 36”-360” 6 -2 1 Units hit by this weapon suffer a -1 to their leadership characteristic until their next turn. This weapon does not require line of sight to hit its target and a unit targeted by this weapon does not gain the benefit of cover.
Feeder tendrils Melee Melee User -3 1 Make 4 hit rolls for each attack made with this weapon, instead of 1. Every model slain by this weapon or every 2 damage dealt by this weapon heals the bearer of this weapon for 1 wound.
Remaining W M WS BS Attacks Casting bonus Invulnerable Save
70-90+ 18” 2+ 2+ 6 +3 3+
40-69 14” 3+ 3+ 5 +2 4+
20-39 12” 4+ 4+ 4 +2 5+
10-19 10” 5+ 5+ D3 +1 6+
1-9 8” 5+ 6+ 1 +1 7+

Wargear options:

  • A Hydraphant must choose one of the following three abilities:
    • Incendiary Ichor and Burning Flesh
    • Gigantic Swarm Incubation Chamber
    • Attention of the Norn Queens +500p


  • Incendiary Ichor and Acidic Flesh: The flesh of the Tyranid's largest creatures is loaded with acids and combustible fluids which will squirt out of any wounds and instantly catch fire, dousing nearby enemies with flaming acid.
    • Each time this model fails a saveroll from an attack made by an enemy unit within 12” roll a D6. For each roll of 5+ the enemy unit suffers a mortal wound. If the enemy unit is within 3” it suffers 2D3 mortal wounds on a 2+ instead.
  • Gigantic Swarm Incubation Chamber: A cavernous space inside the hydrophant in which it stores excess biomatter and smaller Tyranids which it will spill out onto the battlefield to surprise its foes.
    • This model gains the Transport keyword and may transport up to 40 <Hive Fleet> Genestealers, Termagaunt Hormagaunt, two units of up to 6 Hive Guard, Tyrant Guard or Warriors. It may also transport a single Hive Tyrant, two Broodlords or two Tyranid Prime.
  • Attention of the Norn Queens: Hydraphants are tasked to perform extremely important tasks, and subsequently will be watched over specifically by the norn queens in orbit, instead of being treated as just one of the numerous horde.
    • This model adds an additional +1 to its psychic tests, +1 to its invulnerability saves and 12” to it's "shadow in the warp" and synaps abilities.
  • Titanic monster: We’re talking bigger than Imperator Titans levels of huge here, seriously, these things are enormous.
    • A model with this rule can Fall Back in the movement phase and still shoot and/or charge during its turn. When this model Falls Back, it can even move over enemy models as long as they don't possess the Titanic keyword and as long as it ends it’s move more than 1” from enemy models. This model may still shoot if there are enemy models within 1” of it as long as they possess the Infantry keyword. In this case it can shoot at enemies within 1” of itself or any other visible enemy unit that is not within 1” of a friendly unit. Finally, this model only gains a cover bonus to its armour save if at least half of it is obscured from the firing unit.
  • Massive psychic backlashing: Hydraphants (like the smaller Dominatrix) act as massive command and control hubs for a Hive Tyrant's invasion on a planet. If they were to ever be slain then its psychic backlash would severely cripple any hopes the Tyranids have of devouring the planet.
    • When this model is slain all friendly Tyranid units (any in reserve are simply slain) suffer D6 mortal wounds and all friendly Tyranid units with the Psyker keyword suffer 2D6 mortal wounds.
  • Shadow in the warp:
    • Enemy psykers within 36” of this model subtract 1 from their psychic tests. In addition, this model does not suffer perils in the warp for rolling greater than 12 when manifesting or denying psychic powers.
  • Synapse:
    • Friendly <Hive Fleet> units within 72” automatically pass morale tests and are not affected by Instinctive Behaviour.
  • Bio-Titan Psychic Field: Trying to get an attack to land on such a beast when it’s psychic might is channeled against you is a near impossible task.
    • This model has a 3+ invulnerability save against shooting attacks, subtract 1 from the roll against melee attacks. This will degrade as shown on the damage table.
  • Impossible entity: Such a creature made out of mere flesh and bone, and of such unimaginable size shouldn’t exist. But it does, and it continues to exist no matter how many bullets are thrown at it.
    • This model ignores all damage on a 6+ except damage dealt by Macro weapons. In addition, all enemy units within 36” subtract 4 from their leadership characteristic. If any enemy unit have (or are affected by) an ability that makes them automatically pass morale tests that ability is negated as long as the are within 36” of this unit however they only subtract 1 from their leadership characteristic.
  • Symbol of power: the presence of such a huge beast is inspiring to say the least to any allies near it, and they will therefore fight harder to provide it with the support it needs.
    • All friendly Tyranid and Genestealer Cults units with the synapse ability within 24" of a model with this special rule may make an extra attack in the Fight phase. In addition, any To Hit rolls of 6 made in the Fight phase by a ally unit within 24" of a model with this special rule counts as 2 hits.
  • Clouds of death and despair: The Hydraphant constantly emits vast quantities of spores which shroud other Tyranids and choke it’s foes.
    • Enemy units targeting friendly <Hive Fleet> units within 24” of this model subtract 1 from their hit rolls. In addition, enemy units, that don't posses the Vehicle or Titanic keywords, within 24” of this model subtract 3” from their movement characteristic and suffer 1 wound mortal at the end of their movement phase on a 4+ on a D6.

This model is a psyker, it can attempt to manifest 3 psychic powers each friendly psychic phase, attempt to deny 3 psychic powers each enemy psychic phase, it knows the smite power and 3 psychic powers from the Hive Mind Discipline. Whenever a hydraphant attempts to manifest or deny a psychic power, add the bonus shown on it`s damage table.

Faction Keywords: Tyranid, <Hive Fleet>

Keywords: Titanic, Psyker, Hydraphant, Lord of War, Monster

Tactics 8th Ed (outdated)[edit]

The Hydraphant exists as the largest possible model the Tyranids can currently field, coming in with suitably titanic stats (S17 T15 W80 SV 2+/3++/4++ (which can be upped to 2+/2++/3++)) and some suitably powerful guns, although at best they are only Strength 16. Normally, this may seem like a lot, but for something which is equivalent in-game to a Warlord class Titan it is nothing that special. However, it will eat smaller titans (Warhounds, Pylons, Squiggoths, etc.) for breakfast, due to the fact that it fires 24 of these shots, with each wound roll of 6+ dealing 3D3 mortal wounds against Vehicles, Monsters and Titanic models. Ergo, where it truly shines is in the destruction of enemy tanks, minor titans and walkers, anti horde duty on infantry and as a massive force multiplier for your Tyranids.

Firstly, its Clouds of death and despair rule will make your troops (at least within 24") almost impossible to hit when combined with a Venomthrope, and will slow down and choke everyone else (something that you’d be shelling out hundreds, if not thousands of points to achieve normally as a Tyranid player, and on a much less durable frame than the Hydraphant). This, combined with the option to make the Hydraphant a transport which heals/revives all units within 6” D3 previously lost wounds or models (as long as the models have a maximum wound count of 1) actually gives you a reason to group your forces together like an actual swarm and encourages you to take infantry units in an apocalypse game, something which would normally just be a waste of points or a means of accessing more strategems. Next in the general support department it’s also a psyker (not on the same level of a Dominatrix with a Norn queen on its back though) who can cast three powers from the hive mind discipline and deny three powers a turn, all with a +3 casting bonus (like Magnus this degrades with damage), meaning that even with the new +1 casting cost to smite each time its used you can still reliably cast it 3 times a turn. Alternatively, if you want to be That Guy, you can cast catalyst on the Hydraphant to make it virtually invulnerable or suitably buff up the swarms of infantry scurrying around its legs. If you really wanted to go overboard on the psychic powers then you can choose the Attention of the Norn Queen ability instead, which gives the Hydraphant a +1 to all its psychic tests (have fun with your almost guaranteed D6 mortal wound smite with your +4 manifesting bonus) and invulnerability saves, giving you a 2++ against shooting attacks and a 3++ against melee attacks, making it just as/more durable than a Warlord Titan (although you can’t block mortal wounds), waltz this in front of your army to absorb all the dakka like a distraction Carnifex on Uber, space steroids.

The Hydraphant does of course come armed for a fight as well as being an excellent support unit. Starting with it’s more long range support guns, it has a Venom Mortar Launcher (effectively a weaker, long range mega bolter), a Heavy 20, 36-360” S6 ap -2 damage 1 gun which ignores line of sight and cover, and has the perfect stats to annihilate GEQs (you will kill 13.9 guardsmen on average per volley), and is also a surprisingly good MEQ killer as well. It also has the range to chip away at anything your opponent is trying to hide away on the opposite side of the board. For larger targets (as previously mentioned) it possesses two Hydraphant Dire Bio-Cannons, Macro 12 96" S16 ap-3 2D6 weapons which deal an additional 3D3 mortal wounds on a wound roll of 6+ against Vehicle, Monster or Titanic units. These two guns are undeniably powerful, and will annihilate heavy armour and smaller class titans, but for something which is supposed to be equivalent to a warlord class titan they are "relatively" weak, their main advantage being high rates of fire. As such you'll want to reserve these guns to vehicle hunting, being far more than capable of annihilating a Baneblade or Knight in a single 12 shot volley. For point defence it has its Pyro acid breath, 18" Pistol 4D6 auto-hitting shots which hit like a mega bolter which inflicts a -1 leadership to the target, deterring anyone from charging you (10 man guardsman squads will be destroyed with plenty of room to spare), helping to keep your defensive swarms unmolested and your titan free from tarpits. With its ObSec rule, sit on top of the main objective and watch your opponent cry as every bit of damage dealt to the 80-wound monster is healed in its fight phase, and as the supporting units, buffed ad infinitum, clear away every last remaining drop of his army that has so far survived the Hydraphant's wrath.

Melee wise it has the standard 1 attack = 4 hits, Strength: User melee weapon you'd expect of a Warlord Titan, but every model slain or every 2nd point of damage dealt to an enemy by this weapon heals the wielder by 1 wound, allowing you to out grind against things like knights, but if you want it to be harder hitting in melee, then there are its Spore cloud scything talons, classic double strength (i.e. S32 base!) ap -5 weapons which deal 5D3 damage, and with a constant 6 attacks there won't be much which can survive against it in melee, especially when backed up by its invulnerability saves. The Imperium and Chaos just lost their monopoly on Apocalypse.

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