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Hyperion is an all round cool dude and possibly one of the sanest psykers in the 40k setting, he is also a Grey Knight Librarian. Known for breaking Angron's blade, trolling one of the Imperium's most respected chapter masters (though karma would later pay him a visit for that), chilling with two Inquisitors and joining a legendary brotherhood of demi-gods (not necessarily in that order). Not to be confused with the Borderlands 2 corporation. Or the Imperial knight house (or, you know, the Greek primordial god of the sun and light). Oh, and he's famous for getting beaten up by Logan Grimnar.


Lowly Beginnings[edit]

Born Zael Effernetti, a low hiver on Eustis Majoris. Addicted to flect, a psychoactive drug, Zael did whatever he could to score his next hit. It was by chance that Inquisitor Ravenor and his followers were on the planet at the same time, investigating the flect trade as part of a larger conspiracy. They came across Zael and roped him into being used as a means to infiltrate the local flect trade. It was at this time Zael's latent psychic powers began to be seen. Somehow the regular round-ups of pskyers had missed him. Ravenor, unlike many Inquisitors, did not Blam! him without a second thought, but instead took him under his wing, hoping to use his talents for his own means. He had discovered Zael was a mirror psyker, able to passively pick up messages and then resend them - just the kind of talent an Inquisitor could appreciate. Given his latent psychic power, Zael was sent off to join the Grey Knights after Ravenor was declared renegade, which worked out okay for him. After going through the many trials a Grey Knight initiate must face, he was given the name Hyperion. The Grey Knights rediagnosed his powers as a form of psychic parasitism - apparently a defensive reflex for an untrained psyker. After being unlocked and trained by the Grey Knight's, he gained competence in a broad swathe of skills, preferring pyrokinesis and telekinesis in battle.

First War of Armageddon and the Trolling of Angron[edit]

Barely had Hyperion had time to warm his suit of new terminator armour when he and a Grey Knights force assisting an Ordo Malleus investigation discovered that a massive invasion of the important world Armageddon was planned by the traitor Primarch Angron, lord of the World Eaters Chaos Space Marines. Responding to an urgent plea for assistance from Logan Grimnar, Chapter Master of the Space Wolves, the Grey Knights teleported right into the midst of the chaotic host and directly attacked Angron and his Bloodthirster bodyguards.

What followed was a battle that alone could make fan boys weep and be worthy of a Games Workshop summer campaign. Hyperion's squad battled Angron and was made into chow by the traitor and his giant black blade. Hyperion, showing what a true hero can do, stood over a wounded battle brother trying to protect him. Using all his power to strike at the fallen primarch, Hyperion shattered the dark sword of the daemon prince and instantly earned near limitless respect points for his act. Let's remind the reader that he was barely out of training at the time and facing a foe even the other Primarchs would struggle against. Channeling all that energy knocked him unconscious, but it gave the rest of the Knights the opportunity they needed to banish Angron back to the Warp.

For this act, the Space Wolves gave him the cool title of 'Bladebreaker', which is known to make Sisters of Battle swoon in his presence, and is probably the only reason why Logan Grimnar refrained from killing him like he had with the Inquisitors and other Grey Knights, and instead merely kicked his ass.

Interestingly, on return to Titan after the months of shame, Hyperion reflected that he agreed with neither side of the conflict totally, seeing both sides as having flawed arguments. He tended to fall in more with the Inquisition's pragmatic approach over the Wolves' idealism but he saw how heavy-handed the Inquisition's response had been. This instantly makes him quite likable because, while he may follow orders like a soldier, he is shown to have his own opinions and to realize when his superiors are being dicks, thus proving he has the greatest trait forgotten about in the 40k setting: that he can think. Thus he is one of only four Grey Knights that /tg/ considers notably awesome. The other 3 are Brother-Captain Stern, Castellan Crowe, and, of course, Justicar Alaric. Thawn is still up for debate; we need more evidence. Then again, considering how few characters in the chapter have received any meaningful fluff, that's not too bad a number.

A higher calling[edit]

Eventually Hyperion was promoted to the Chapter's Librarius and soon began training to be a member of the Prognosticars. Enjoying a lengthy career, by the end of the 41st millennium, he was beginning to train new brothers to be Prognosticars. His BFF is his former battle brother from his old squad, who is now a Grey Knight Techmarine.

And it was by then he began sensing the galaxy was sliding into Chaos and that shit was going to get fucked up.....

A Fan's Attempt At Rules[edit]

Pts M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Prognosticar Hyperion: 165 5 2+ 2+ 4 4 5 3 9 2+/5++/3++/6+++
Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Psyk-Out Grenades, Personal Teleporter, Bladebreaker, Mindshield.
And They Shall Know No Fear, Daemon Hunters, Rites of Banishment, Teleport Strike.
On Grey Wings of Doom
If Hyperion is included in your army, his detachment may take interceptors as troops.
This model can cast 2 and deny 2 psychic powers; he knows Smite and 2 powers from the Sanctic discipline.
Mental Strain
Hyperion's actions on Armageddon have taken their toll. Hyperion suffers Perils of the Warp on any double on the Psychic Test.
Hyperion is part of the Prognosticar order; his devotion is solely to seeing into the myriad possibilities of the future. If an enemy unit is set up on the battlefield as reinforcements within 12" of Hyperion, all friendly GREY KNIGHTS units within 6" of Hyperion can immediately Shoot that unit as if it were the Shooting phase or Fight that unit as if it were the Fight phase.
Relic Of Titan - Bladebreaker
Bladebreaker is a Relic Master Crafted Nemesis Warding Stave: Melee S+2 AP-1 D2, +2 to invuln saves in the Fight phase. Each time this model succeeds on an invuln save in the Fight phase, the unit that inflicted the save suffers a mortal wound after all of their attacks have been resolved.
Relic of Titan - Mindshield
Mindshield is a Relic Psychic Hood. You can add 1 to Deny the Witch tests you take for this model against enemy PSYKERS within 12". In addition, every time this model suffers a wound, roll a die; on a 6, the damage is ignored.
Warlord Trait
First to the Fray
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