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Perfectly balanced...as all things should be.

Greetings, illuminate, to Hysh. Land of reflection, light and wisdom. Hysh is the mortal realm of light and is conjointedly ruled by the twin gods Tyrion and Teclis. It also doubles as the mortal realms' sun. The Lumineth Realm Lords come from here.


The Ten Paradises of Hysh are lands of illumination, symmetry and reason; and their inhabitants driven to the highest of their paths through meditation, asceticism and self-improvement almost to the point of obsession. It also helped that Hysh's realmstone, Aetherquartz, is mortal-made and enhances the mental and physical properties of the user even further.

Between the Aetherquartz and the guidance of both Tyrion and Teclis, civilization in Hysh became incredibly focused in self-improvement, reason and order; each individual willing to great lengths to become more than they were, with the pinnacle of this being the Lumineth. Over time, the Lumineth became egotistical perfectionists who thought they'd overcome all their flaws, each leader considering themselves the best exemplar of their race and others as inferiors or rivals who needed to learn their place by any means necessary and used a magical substance to enhance themselves... wait, this mindset sounds familiar. Things went from bad to worse when certain someones came knocking...

Hysh’s radiance is so strong that it’s realmsphere is seen from all of the Mortal Realms and beyond as a blinding ball of pure light, and serves as the Realms' equivalent of the sun. However, both Hysh and Ulgu share an orbit (with the orbit's center being, hilariously, Shadespire) and periodically Ulgu eclipses Hysh, bathing the realms in darkness. And that, children, is how day and night works in the mortal realms (no word on how this works on Ulgu and Hysh themselves).


Unlike the other realms, Hysh has a weird relationship with the realm of shadow, Ulgu. Not only both move in the same orbit as seen above, but also there's a subrealm where the energies of both Hysh and Ulgu intermingle, mix and become something that even the deities of both realms cannot fully comprehend. This paradoxical realm is called Uhl-Ghysh and with the weird properties found here, Teclis found the location perfect for his plan of trapping Slaanesh and make him/her/it throw up elven souls. Currently, as the cage of Slaanesh, is nearly impossible to get to Uhl-Ghysh, but between the machinations of that bitch and that bony jerk, the illusions that conceal the paths there are unraveling. Also home to Geminids.


The coming of the Lumineth Realm-Lords gave us a complete map for Hysh, being the first realm to do so. This tells us that either it is a much smaller Realm than the others, or that each nation has to be fucking enormous. Either way, the Ten Paradises are arranged as two perfectly symmetrical halves, with one half influenced by the teachings of Teclis and the other by Tyrion. The remaining two, Xintil and Haixiah, are presumably under the jurisdiction of neither individual god.

There's also the City of Nochseed, whose exact location is unmentioned, but is stated as being the home of the Chaos civilization "The Cypher Lords" from Warcry.


The centre of Hysh where magic is most stable and least likely to explode everywhere. It tends to be where the majority of the non-Aelven races live, such as the City of Sigmar, Settler's Gain.


The people of Syar are some of the greatest craftsmen in the Mortal Realms, and people travel far and wide in order to purchase their magical trinkets. They tend to dress fancy, even making them the forefront of Hyshian fashion, though apparently they're never gaudy or showy. When it comes to battle, these Lumineth actually play up their "perceived arrogance and sense of superiority" in efforts to bait opponents.


A matriarchal society with a heavy emphasis on improving through generational growth, so women are revered. To get around childbirth - which was considered a messy, painful distraction, they invented magical soul-splitting cloning to replace sexual reproduction. This was abused during the Age of Myth in an unspecified way and became closely regulated. It’s the most populous of the Lumineth kingdoms as a result and twins are very common. Also home to a significant number of Sylvaneth, and as a result some of the elves worship Alarielle alongside Teclis and Tyrion.


The Lumineth of Ymetrica are a warrior culture (kind of odd for being on the Teclis half of the map) as tough as the mountain spirits they worship, being the First Nation to buy into Teclis’ whole Aelementari scheme. It is said that there is never a time when the forces of Ymetrica aren't fighting somewhere in the Mortal Realms. A more close to home threat for this nation comes from the Stoical Vast mountains. A great Troggherd called the Stoical Gobblemaws makes regular advances across its peaks in hopes of devouring all of the mountains. They and their Troggboss Gorp have been pushed back by the Alarith temples, but they just keep coming. Additionally, there are the flesh eaters of the Vertigon Court, who have settled in the Vertiginous Peaks. The Lumineth surprisingly are content to let these ghouls fester and squabble amidst the mountains, acting as an unwitting buffer zone against any chaos invasions.


They're the powerful mystics even amongst the Lumineth. They also seem to be pretty close to the Celennar. Also Teclis' favoured stomping grounds.


Followers of Tyrionic tradition, these Lumineth are generally the outdoorsy type - mountain climbing, swimming stormy seas, that kind of thing. The kind who are first to volunteer for dangerous exploration. Weirdly "manly man" for elves.


Tyrionic realm that's WINDY AS FUCK! Generally flat, though with a large number of floating "megalith" islands. Big shock, the people who live in these windy fields have a strong relationship with the realm's wind spirits.


Presumably Tyrionic.


Presumably Tyrionic.


The Realm's Edge of Hysh, described as a place of freakish perfection. The fjords themselves are rimmed with fractal patterns, and going deeper you'll find places that exist as pencil sketches (like the music video for a-ha's "Take on me"?), dots of light or waves of thought. No Lumineth lives here, as this was a place no mortal was meant to tread. When Tyrion, the literal god of Light journeyed to this place in search of Teclis, he was blinded. The God of Light was blinded. Really puts it into perspective.

Non-Aelven Sapient Inhabitants[edit]

Besides the Aelves of the Lumineth Realm-Lords, other beings are stated to live within Hysh.

  • Despite their fondness for darkness, various Gloomspite Gitz enclaves can be found beneath the surface of Hysh, Grots and Troggoths alike, such as the Frazzleshun, or the Stoical Gobblemaws Troggherd. The Gitmob Grots in particular stand as the odd-ones-out among the Gloomspite Gitz, worshipping the light as Glareface Frazzlegit (the Evil Sun?) instead of hating and fearing it, and first learning to tame Snarlfangs here.
  • There is also a mountain range in Ymetrica infested by Flesheater Courts, and an entire city-state overtaken by a Chaos Cult featured in Warcry, the City of Nochseed ruled by the Cypher Lords.
  • There's also a lodge of Fyreslayers within Hysh.
  • A Necrarch-expy Vampire strain called the Tengorez makes its home within the crystal caverns of Hysh.
  • There are a lot of Sylvaneth living in Illathia, contributing to the realm's reverence of generational growth.

Native Creatures[edit]

Snarlfangs are stated to have first been domesticated by Gitmob Grots in Hysh.


  • The realmstone native to Hysh is called Aetherquartz. While its natural form isn't something most can even capture, Teclis managed to condense it into a glass-like quartz material that can form into symmetrical patterns. Being natives to this realm, the Lumineth guard this jealously as it also has a much more vital use: those using it can feel their reflexes and intelligence heightened to incredible heights. The issue is that this also comes with the penalty of sucking out the bearer's emotions and potentially developing an addiction to these highs. Essentially magical crystal meth.
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