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Four interlocking silver circles on a dark purple background
Aliases Lord of the Dry Depths, Lurker in Darkness, the Skulking God
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank 2E/5E: Lesser God
2E/3E: Dead God
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Caverns, dungeons, skulks
Domains Cavern, Darkness, Scalykind, Travel
Home Plane Ibrandyllaran (Pandemonium)
Worshippers Adventurers, skulks, underdark dwellers
Favoured Weapon Greatclub

Ibrandul is the Forgotten Realms god of caverns, dungeons, and the patron of skulks in Faerûn.


Ibrandul was one of the deities killed during the Time of Troubles, with Shar usurping his portfolios and masquerading as him for a while. He supposedly came back after The Sundering, as he had a chosen, a drow called Ashdra.


Ibrandul was on friendly terms with Mask, since he also liked to be sneaky, and with Ilmater, as he liked to protect others as well. He was hated by both Shar and Lolth, who wanted to gain his portfolio over caverns, and by extension underdark. He was also an enemy of Lathander, as their portfolios were opposed.

The Deities of Forgotten Realms
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
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Gwaeron Windstrom - Lathander
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