Ice Serpents

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Ice Serpents
Battle Cry Unknown
Number Unknown
Founding Unknown
Successors of Ultramarines
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Alexander Constantine
Primarch Rowboat Girlyman
Homeworld Unknown
Strength 1100
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Blue and Light Blue
The current livery of the chapter.

The Ice Serpents are another original chapter created by fat/tg/uys playing around with the Chapter Creation tables from Rites of Battle. Eeyup. Do not steal.


  • First Company: Led by Chapter Master Alexander Constantine.

Terminators and elite Veterans. Masters Of Close-Quarters combat.

  • Second Company: Sons of Glacialis Elle, led by Captain Theseous Montoren

Almost entirely Heavy Armor and Heavy Armor support.

  • Third Company: Winter's Hammer, Lead by Captain Herlad Saintson

Siege Warfare specialists. Allegedly second only to the Imperial Fists.

  • Fourth Company: Ice Fangs, led by Captain Neco Radix

Specialized hunter-killer units. Lots of specialized drones and servitors.

  • Fifth Company: Hail Storm, led by Captain Animus Frigus

Advance charge deep-strikers. Favor high-mobility bikes in support of the absolutely horrifying Scout-Variant Baneblade.

  • Six Company: Space Knights, led by Chaplin-Captain Galeus 'Fumbles' Cycanus

Special reserve and support roles. Generally not on the front-lines, due to developmental errors in the Initiation process.

  • Seventh Company: Frost Zephyrs, (Scouts) Lead by Scout Captain Dertum Foscali
  • Eighth Company: Home Guard (Permanent Garrison/recruitment) Led by Apothecary-Captain Infragilis Moenia
  • Ninth Company (Librarian) led by Brother Chief librarian Novus Inimicus
  • Tenth Company (Dreadnaughts) led by Certo Pugnaculum the Unshakable.
  • Eleventh Company (Artillery Shock and Awe specialists): Storm Serpents led by Battle-Captain Reboare Vigoro

Rough summarization[edit]

[please note that this will be revised and refined soon] [Get on it then, bitch, because as it is it's an utter disgrace]

the Ice serpents modus-operandi in battle is armor, artillery and walls of lead, to the point of having no assault marines out of the Space Knights company. The amount armor of the Ice Serpents allow each company to have at least 6 land raiders, and 2 bane blades. [yes, Baneblades] Even the Frost Zephyrs [scout company] have a few Scout variant Baneblades.

The Ice Serpents do not turn their failed Marines into servitors when possible, instead folding them into the Space Knights Company, lead by Chaplain-Captain Galeus 'Fumbles' Cycanus. The Space Knights See themselves as a stain upon the Ice Serpents and an affront to the God Emperor, causing them to throw themselves at their foes with no regard for their own safety in an attempt to die for their god and chapter while killing their foes. Most find their absolution within several battles but those who survive multiple engagements often request augmentations to further their quest for death. The most common are chainfists and chain words to replace hands and aggression-boosting implants.

One Knight, Knight Erlicid, has survived over 3 dozen engagements. What others might consider a blessing, he believes to be a curse: he has been denied his chance to absolve his sins with his death. Erlicid has had dozens of augmentations: limb replacements, optic enhancements and even Slaught injectors connected to his spine. With his left hand replaced with a chainsword and a storm bolter grafted to his right, he is a terror on the battlefield.

The Ice Serpents rule over two planets, the Shrine-world Glacialis Elle, a death world in all but name, and the forge world Glacialis Binary.

Glacialis Elle is covered in a 6 mile thick shell of ice supported by the massive plateaus, mesas, and buttes that cover the surface. Bioluminescent bacteria live on the roof of the caverns, casting a pale glow on the land below. The terrain itself is insanely hostile to humans with crags, rifts, mountains and skree fields covering all but the beaches of the toxic seas. This means that the only efficient means of civilian travel on the surface are gravcars and Striders (a civilian variant of the sentinels imported from Binary).

The flora and fauna of Glacialis Elle are hardy, aggressive and large. With such creatures ranging from crabs the size of tanks to vicious macro-krill the size of cats, the only reason Elle is not classified as a death world is that officially only the surface of the shell is inhabited.

Glacialis Elle is ringed by 8 moons, each with its own meandering path. The two most distant ones are the bases of the space ports of Elle, one for civilians and the other the void fortress of the Ice Serpents.

Elle's sister planet, Glacialis Binary, is an extremely advanced forge world capable of producing vast quantities of military supplies, feeding the armored legions of the Ice Serpents. One of the few exports that don't go into the Ice Serpent's hands, the massive factories churn out Warhound Titans almost en masse. The relatively massive turn-over of these God-Machines are the primary reason the other Powers that be in the Imperium don't mind the Chapter owning it's own forge-world.


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