Ice Wraiths

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Ice Wraiths
Updated symbol Wraiths.png
Battle Cry "Blood on the ice!"
Number Unknown
Founding 34th Millennium
Successors of Blood Angels
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Lord Marshal Riddick XXII
Primarch Sanguinius
Homeworld Nixarteria
Strength ~500 Marines
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Light Blue, Grey, White, and Red

WIP as of right now Still growing but mostly fleshed out at this point. Damn that was fast.

Part of the Sector Rusoya Project

A group of /tg/ denizens got bored one day so, in a time honoured tradition, they got together and got shit done by rolling up a new custom chapter. The Results came in as a Blood Angels successor with Mutated Occulobes, a hard-on for technology, with special mounts, that ruled over a Feral Ice world and who hate tyranids. Naturally this immediately resulted in the Chapter becoming cyborg-ice-vampires with Riddick as their chapter master that ride armoured, cyborg yetis into battle and are constantly at war with Furry Tyranids who have adapted to the cold. Fucking Awesome

Fluffy Parts[edit]

Chapter History[edit]

The Ice Wraiths were created during the 34th Millenium and commanded to bring the fight to a great horde of the hated Greenskin foe. Nigh on a thousand years and countless battles later the Greenskin foe was defeated. Unfortunately the first chapter master, Lord Marshal Riddick I, succumbed to the grievous injuries he had received during the final confrontation of the crusade and, due to his great deeds and mighty name two decrees were made. The first, was that the final world the Ice Wraiths had conquered, Nixarteria, would become their homeworld. The second, was that all Chapter Masters of the Ice Wraiths henceforth would leave their name and identity behind and be known by only a numeral so that the deeds and legend of their first Chapter Master could live on eternally.


Given to the chapter sometime in the 35th Millenium as a reward for countless forgotten deeds during the Crusade against the Greenskins they were created for, the Ice Wraith's Homeworld, Nixarteria is a Feral, Ice World that just barely supports life. The Only Major settlement of the World occurs at the south pole under inside a massive glacier. This is where the Fortress monastery of the Ice Wraiths lies, carved into the very ice of the world and reinforced with rockcreete and plasteel. The immense fortress itself is nearly always in total darkness and is a labyrinth of traps, dead-ends, and false passages that only members of the Chapter can navigate safely.

The Mi-go Invasion[edit]

Recently Nixarteria has suffered at the claws and/or tentacles of Hive Fleet Mi-go, a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Kraken that found it's way in-system. Upon landing on the world initially many of the vanguard organisms were immediately killed by the inhospitable conditions and the hive-fleet had to quickly adapt the to climate of the world. The result was tyranid organisms covered in a thick layer of fur to keep them warm in the arctic temperatures.

While the Ice Wraiths are no strangers to fighting the alien menace of the Tyranids, they had never been engaged in a conflict with them on this scale, with the entirety of the splinter fleet disgorging its' alien menace onto the surface of Nixarteria. With a scant three days between the fleet arriving in-system and reaching Nixarteria, the Wraiths hastily prepared for war, luckily having the entire chapter back on the planet for the ascension of Lord Marshal Riddick XXII. Additional fortifications were hastily constructed by the 2nd company and manned by the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th companies, with support from the 1st and 8th companies who remained in the Ice Wraiths Frozen monastery to defend it. The rest of the companies, scattered throughout Nixarteria, ambushing Tyranid groups and overrunning landing and staging areas. The 4th and the 9th in particular racked up a particularly spectacular kill-count after jointly springing a massive trap on the third wave of tyranid reinforcements, slaughtering them all before retreating back from the blood-soaked snow under the cover of a massive ice-storm.

The height of the invasion came during the tyranid's fifth wave of reinforcements and included massive numbers of Carnifex and Warrior bioforms as well as a few bio-titans. The 2nd company, being the defensive and siege specialists, had their fortified positions directly in the center of the line of defense and came under the heaviest attack. Within half an hour of the renewed assault on the Wraith's positions the 2nd had been completely cut off from the rest of the units holding the line. Captain Grigari of the 7th twice attempted a breakthrough charge to reach his embattled brothers and only succeeded on the third try after massive casualties and the 6th company showing up out of nowhere to hold the 7th's positions. However the breakthrough came mere minutes too late as when the 7th finally broke through, Grigari and his men found nothing but the bodies of their slain brothers scattered throughout massive piles of dead tyranid organisms. The 7th themselves then nearly suffered the same fate, dying on the red-dyed ice but for the 4th, 5th, and 9th showing up unexpectedly at the last minute with fresh ammunition and warriors and manning the positions in a final stand alongside their brothers.

Fortunately for the Wraiths, this renewed response in force spelled the end for the splinter fleet with the massive casualties incurred due to the unified defense and the high cost in bio-matter of maintaining the fur coats necessary for the tyranids survival on the surface, combined with the lack of available bio-matter resources on Nixarteria ultimately spelling out the demise of Mi-go's forces. This in turn forcied the Hive-ships to retreat from orbit around the frozen planet and allowed the Ice Wraith's fleet the upper hand over the fleeing tyranid ships. Nixarteria had been defended, though at a heavy price. Nearly half the chapter had been killed in the invasion and the stubborn, gruff determination of Captain Ylntez and his mighty 2nd is sorely missed as the chapter rebuilds following the conflict.

However, despite the destruction of the majority of Mi-go's forces there still lurk among the ice-caverns and glaciers of Nixarteria, remnants of the swarm, perfectly adapted to their environment in the way only tyranids can be, just waiting for another fleet to arrive and take up the cause once more.

Yeti Companions[edit]

A typical Yeti companion, courtesy of wandering drawfag Chibs

The Ice Wraiths are known for employing a number of species of the local wildlife for use in warfare. The most prominent of these being the local equivalent of a terran "Yeti". These Yetis are extremely dangerous animals, although not the apex predator of the world. Yetis travel in family groups of 2-10. One of the most sacred trials of the Ice Wraiths is "The Taming" wherein before being presented with a suit of power armour but after the implantation of the black Carapace, a scout must go alone, with nothing but his wits and a thin bodysuit, and capture a young yeti. If the young astarte succeeds this animal becomes his constant companion for the rest of his life as an Ice Wraith. The animals themselves posses a rudimentary form of intelligence that, when combined with cortical implants maintained by the chapter, can reach the levels of modern-day chimpanzees in some older and smarter Yetis


Pretty much what it sounds like. Ice-Wraith drop pods do not have to open up upon impact with the ground but are specially modified by chapter artificers to be able drill into the ground. This has the added bonus of being able re-deploy very rapidly if the enemy expects an attack and also makes the drop-pods more useful for fighting on glacier-bound worlds where normal modes of transportation are impractical.

The Red Wendigos[edit]

Those who fall to the Black Rage or Red Thirst among the Ice Wraiths are known as the Red Wendigos. These crazed marines are kept sedated until such a time as they are needed for war. When the Ice Wraiths go to war, the Wendigos are outfitted with special armour that is not quite power armour but also not quite scout armour either. These special suits have chameleonic properties that allow the wearer to move unseen, but are also harmful to the user and degrade their physical health quite rapidly. These marines are then dropped into enemy lines with no support, sometimes days ahead of the rest of the fighting force, to sow fear, death, and confusion among the enemy ranks. When the main attack finally hits many of the enemy positions have already been decimated by the ferocity of the Wendigos and their wailing howl is already feared as a harbinger of death and despair. The Wendigos are considered by the chapter to be already lost to the madness and dead to all their brothers, and as such upon succumbing to the flaws a brother's name is immediately struck from the chapter roster. If a Wendigo manages to survive the conflict his condition has likely been degraded by his suit to the point of near death anyways. He is cornered by his former brothers and given the Emperor's peace by either a Chaplain or a Sanguinary Priest and the suits are recovered for the next batch of unfortunate occupants.

You Keep What You Kill[edit]

The guiding philosophy of the Ice Wraiths chapter is summed up in their motto "you keep what you kill". This philosophy presents the notion that the measure of an individual brother's worth depends on the deeds he accomplished personally. The way this worth is measured is by the quality of the trophies that he has taken from his slain enemies and the heroism and courage accompanying that trophy. For an Ice Wraith a trophy is not merely a memento of battles or events that they took part in, but a mark of honour, earned by accomplishing something significant in that brother's life. The trophy can take any form but those that are of significance to a worthy adversary slain by the brother are the favoured choice of the majority of brothers.

It is considered a great dishonour to take another marine's trophies and as such these relics of a brother's life are always buried with them in the Icy Depths of the Wraiths Frotress Monastery. Only a few, very specific, relics are not buried with their owners and instead borne by heroes of the chapter as badges of honour or office. The most notable of these would be the twin powerblades wielded by the first Lord Marshal himself. These hook-like blades are said to be carved from the tusks of a foul Greenskin warlord that Riddick I slew with his bare hand, tearing the foul xenos tusks off its' face and butchering the rest of its' elite guard with them. After the battle these blades were forged into powerblades by the Forgefather of the time using ancient technologies long since lost to the chapter. The blades have become known as the "Fangs of the Marshal" and every Lord Marshal Riddick of the chapter has wielded them not only as weapons but as a symbol that the legend of the first Lord Marshal lives on and he still kills today.

Chapter Organization[edit]

The organization of the Chapter deviates somewhat from codex-approved norms. Firstly, all companies except the 1st Veteran company and the 10th Scout Company are designated battle companies. There are no specialist devastator, assault, or reserve companies. Secondly, the chapter does not actually maintain official devastator units. Instead, each company has 2 additional tactical units and all brothers of the chapter are trained to use heavy and specialist weapons. These weapons will be assigned to different squads to act as devastator units for a no more than a single campaign when the need arises. In addition to this, each company has it's own specialty that is notable among it's fellows. Each Captain hand-picks scouts from the 10th according to the specialty of the Captain and his company when the need for replacements arises.

1st Company
The Veteran company of the Ice Wraiths is somewhat of a mixed bag. Each of the 8 squads takes its members exclusively from a single associated battle company. This leads the 1st to having a unit that specializes in each aspect of the Ice Wraiths doctrine but also leads to a strong rivalry, each squad being the best and brightest their company had to offer. Captain Strelik is known to encourage, and fan the flames of, these rivalries by promoting the most skilled marines in the company to his command squad regardless of company affiliations. He believes that this competition promotes excellence among the Veterans. Strelik is the currently favoured choice to take up the Mantle of Lord Marshal should Riddick the XXII fall.
2nd Company
The Second Company of the Ice Wraiths is currently empty as a result of the casualties wrought by Hive-Fleet Mi-go. The former marines of the company under Captain Ylntez were the Ice Wraiths specialists at siege warfare and building and taking fortifications. The company was wiped out after their positions were cut off and surrounded during the height of the Mi-go invasion.
3rd Company
The Third Company of the Ice Wraiths is known for the heavy use of cryo-weapons and their unorthodox tactics. The Company is commanded by Captain Alexandrovich with Veteran Sergeant Ivan acting as his adviser and second-in-command.
4th Company
The Fourth Company is Commanded by the honoured Captain Palvo, who is known for his preference for ambush tactics. Captain Palvo and his men specialize in isolating elements of the enemy force before utterly destroying them and moving on to the next devastating trap. One of his famous maneuvers is the black yeti pattern. The tactic entails have 2-3 units surround a group of enemies suddenly and suppressing them with a hail of bolter fire. The fire teams are able to demoralize the enemy quickly with overwhelming firepower while the other squads get in close for the kill.
5th Company
Known to be the most tech-centric company of the chapter, the 5th company maintains close ties with the armoury and the Forgefather of the chapter. Captain Polinkov is rumoured to be more machine than man these days and his marines and their yetis are heavily augmented sometimes on par of those of the Iron Hands chapter. The company is also able to maintain and repair these augments even in the heat of battle. The 5th company will often go to war under the command of Forgefather Chekhov, Captain Polinkov subordinating himself to the master of the armoury and because of this are known to make use of most of the relatively small vehicle pool of the Ice Wraiths.
6th Company
The 6th Company has a reputation for showing off. Focusing on the fear aspect of war without subtlety, the Company commonly uses Drill pods due to the shock they produce. In addition, members of the Company are known to utilize chainswords rather than the more plain and subtle weapons that are more widely used in the chapter. They claim that this is due to how the revving of chainswords is effective at breaking enemy morale and cohesion. Captain Yurovitch himself uses a larger model of chainsword, known as an eviscerator, and is known for slicing apart enemy cover as he charges across the battlefield.
7th Company
Known to be the most outwardly aggressive of all the Ice Wraiths, marines of the 7th company under the command of Captain Grigari are outright shunned by some of their more stealth-minded brethren. The Captain and his men favour simple, devastating charges directly into the enemies' front or flanks with no attempt at stealth whatsoever. The combination of overwhelming astartes combat superiority and the comparatively huge yetis the company is known to favour is a devastating combination. The 7th were the ones who attempted to ride to the aid of the beleaguered 2nd company during the invasion of Mi-go but despite their efforts and the massive casualties they took in their attempt, they were too late. The 7th currently numbers only 24 Marines total including Captain Grigari and his command.
8th Company
The 8th company is known for their proliferation of Sangiqukk Mystics and their close ties with the Chapter Librarium. Nearly every marine in the company has psychic ability to some extent, with the most powerful of them being taken for training in the chapter Librarium. The powers of the Sangiqukk and, by extension, the 8th company manifest themselves as the abilities to call forth blinding Ice-storms at a whim and control over the very elements themselves. However the open secret of the blood rituals practiced by the Mystics is closely monitored by the Chapters chaplains lest it turn to darker activities. Captain-Sangiqukk Asimov and his command squad are known as some of the most powerful Mystics in the chapter and it is said they can make even hottest jungles frozen wastelands with just a thought.
9th Company
The Ice Wraith's 9th company are the undisputed masters of stealth and guerrilla warfare among the chapter, Captain Shalashaska recruiting only the most skilled initiates into his ranks. Due to the exacting standards of the Captain the 9th company is usually slightly smaller than all the others but is also known to take far fewer casualties. There have been many instances where even their fellow Ice Wraith brothers were unaware that the 9th was operating in the same theatre as them until the pivotal moment of the campaign. It is well documented that the 9th company was among the favoured of the First Lord Marshal, exemplifying his preference for warfare, a fact which the Captain will point to without hesitation should the 9th's actions ever come into question.
10th Company
The 10th company of the Ice Wraiths is perhaps the most orthodox and codex-adherent of all the companies. Scouts are trained under the doctrine of the codex until it is felt they have a grasp on what it is to be a space marine and then they are instructed on the finer points of being an Ice Wraith. Each scout is encouraged to hone a particular set of skills that he has an aptitude for in an effort to groom the scout into specialization for selection by one of the 8 battle-captains. Captain Ahtyet is known as a particularly grizzled old marine with many centuries of service under his belt. Ahtyet is the oldest un-interred marine in the chapter and his captaincy dates back to just before the ascension of Lord Marshal Riddick XVIII

Past Chapter Masters[edit]

Lord Marshal Riddick I
The founding chapter master and the most revered figure in the chapter's history, Lord Marshal Riddick I was unusual for a chapter master in that he was formerly the 10th company captain of the Blood Angels, as opposed to a Veteran from the 1st company. This unusual career path lead him to endow a love of those tactics especially used by a 10th company, namely a fondness for ambush warfare and precise, lethal strikes to the enemy's weak-points. These teachings guided the Ice Wraiths, then known simply as the Rusoya Angels, into the fighting force they are today and he personally led them for nigh on 1000 years to the completion of their crusade. Riddick I was grievously injured in the closing minutes of the final action of the Campaign on Nixarteria itself, living only long enough to declare victory and an end to their Crusade. He was the first Ice Wraith to be interred in the Ice Wraith's Crypt on Nixarteria. In reverence to the greatest hero of the Chapter, every Chapter Master since has taken on his name and wargear, forgoing their original identity to become Lord Marshal Riddick and keep him alive as a living legend of the chapter.
Lord Marshal Riddick IV
Fought a two day long fight with a Ork warboss on the world of Nacht and won by freezing the orks arms off before kicking him over a cliff!
Lord Marshal Riddick IX
They say when his Drill Pod broke, he punched his way through the ground and ended up clearing an entire nest of Tyranids by himself
Lord Marshal Riddick XIII
Managed to sneak up on a Tyranid during his initiation and rode it into a yeti camp. he chased the biggest yeti until both the tyranid and the yeti were out of stamina, he then slaughtered the nid and fed part of it to the yeti who would later become his companion. Some suggest that the yeti was a 'nid in disguise who knew better than to fight back. It was vicious and was more intelligent than most of the initiates.
Lord Marshal Riddick XIV
The actions that aided in the ascension of Lord Marshal Riddick XIV were challenged by the other contender for the position, Captain Fyor. Fyor argued that the account of being swallowed and killing the beast from within was a fabrication and that the cryogenic weaponry had simply caused the Tyranid's carapace to fracture under the stress of battle and exposed its vitals to attack. As such, the fight was a common victory seen by the Ice Wraiths and the future Lord Marshal was simply embellishing to further his status. This resulted in an honor duel that ended with Captain Fyor's death and the securing of the Lord Marshal position by the future Riddick XIV. Rumors of outside help by compatriots of the Lord Marshal abounded, but were quickly suppressed once he took command.

Current Heroes of the Chapter[edit]

These are either the command staff of the chapter, or the Heroes we have more fleshed out background that didn't quite fit in the company breakdown.

Master of Sanctity Vladimir
Famous for his own unorthodox mount (a gene-hanced frost-bear instead of a yeti) and his brutal suppression of any and all unacceptable dissent and deviancy in the chapter. The Master of Sanctity suffers no fools. This attitude is seen as a necessary hardship as the chapter already courts the thin line of heresy with the Blood Rituals practiced by the Sangiqukk Mystics.
Captain Alexandrovich
Current Captain of the Ice Wraiths 3rd Company. Alexandrovich was involved in a cryo-weapon accident while just a scout, having part of his hippocampus frozen and permanently damaged. The injury has affected him ever since, manifesting in his refusal to bear any arms save cryo-weapons and his trusted chainblade, a cold, distant demeanor, and his seeming lack of memory of his life prior to being a scout of the Wraiths. It is also noted that the Captain has never once been recorded to even acknowledge the Wendigo curses' effects on himself. This has lead to many believing Alexandrovich is free of the flaw due to his accident and lending further legitimacy and hope to Forgefather Chekhov's experiments.
Forgefather Chekhov
The current Master of the Forge, Chekhov is a technical savant even among a fairly technophilic chapter. In recent years the Forgemaster seems to be spending an unhealthy amount time conducting research and experiments, trying to see if cryothium can halt or reverse the effects of the Wendigo curse, his studies fueled by apparent absence of the psychological effects of the curse in Captain Alexandrovich. The Forgefather recently completely overhauled his personal wargear and armour to be more melee focused which only fueled the rumours that Chekhov himself has fallen to the Wendigo Curse and doesn't have much time left.
Veteran Sergeant Ivan
Known for his lateral thinking and unorthodox methodology, Brother Ivan is known as a superb officer and master of improvising when plans go south. A respected 1st company Veteran, Ivan is currently attached to the Command Squad of Captain Alexandrovich and is viewed as his eventual successor should the Captain fall
Captain Grigari
Captain of the 7th Company, Grigari Glaciem, the "Beastmaster", is known for his love of the yetis native to Nixarteria. Recruiting only the brothers with the strongest bonds of fellowship with their beasts, Captain Grigari himself is bonded with an enormous yeti named Glacierfall, but usually affectionately referred to as "Brute". Neither Grigari nor Brute are particularly thoughtful or tactically-minded they make up for this with their sheer bloody-minded determination and their immense size, Grigari standing a full head taller than most of his brothers and brute being nearly twice the size of his.
Chief Mystic Arnem Arztzokha the "Ice Maker"
pretty much what it sounds like. The most powerful Mystic in the chapter and the head of the Librarium

Relations with other Imperial factions[edit]

Adeptus Arbites

Following their settling on Nixarteria, the Wraiths' shift from a crusading Chapter to a static one defending worlds in nearby sectors has led them to interact more closely with Imperial institutions. The suddenness of their appearance via stealth or drill pod, and the terror they inspire, has served Sector Rusoya's Arbitrators phenomenally well on every occasion they team up, and over time this mutual cooperation has deepened into a bond of mutual respect. Rusoya's Arbites can often count on support from Ice Wraith combat squads when dealing with dangerous heretics, and the close working relationship makes it easy for the Arbites to alert the Wraiths to serious situations like major Daemon summonings, allowing the timely deployment of larger strike forces.

Adeptus Mechanicus

During the centuries they spent crusading against Orks infesting rightfully Imperial systems, the Wraiths have reclaimed many planets, some long considered dead by the Administratum. On one, the Chapter found forgotten and abandoned Mechanicus facilities holding ancient STCs, possibly even predating the Great Crusade. This earned them the favor of the Mechanicus, making them very close allies to the local Forge World, which, besides turning a blind eye to their experimentation (or sometimes outright participating) produces as much of the potent coolant chemical 'cryothium' as the Ice Wraiths require. The Wraiths take advantage of this abundance by using it as ammunition in modified flamer patterns, producing the unique Cryo weapons the Chapter is known for.

Blood Angels

While the Ice Wraiths are a successor chapter of Blood Angels and share some of their customs and philosophies, they don't keep much contact, and their battlefield tactics are markedly different. They are among the most isolated sons of Sanguinius and, due to their remote homeworld and Mi-Go's predations, are one of the few successor Chapters to the IX Legion that didn't answer the call for help from Baal, further worsening their rocky relationship with their progenitors.

Iron Hands and their successors

Hands and Wraiths share similar fondness for cybernetics and close ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus, but they despise each other and refuse to work together. This is because Iron Hands believe that only human (or Astartes) flesh deserves to be augmented with metal and see the Wraiths' cyborg yetis as abberations bordering on an abominable tech-heresy.

Crunchy Part[edit]

Original Rolls[edit]

Ice Wraiths
Crusading Chapter (we did a 1000 year crusade against Orks before settling down in M35)
34th Millennium
Chapter Progenator
Blood Angels
Gene-Seed Purity
Altered Stock
Gene-Seed Mutations
Oversensitive Occulobe
Chapter Demeanor
Scions of Mars
Figure of Legend
Lord Marshal Riddick I
Deed of Legend
Killed lotsa orks. Like so many orks.
Nixarteria (Feral Ice World)
Type of Rule
Direct Rule
Chapter Organization
Combat Doctrine
Drop Pod Assault
Special Equipment
Special Mounts (we ride motherfucking Yetis into battle)
Chapter Beliefs
Honour Thy Ancestors (Every Chapter master is called Lord Marshal Riddick, Every marine is buried according to "You keep what you kill" Tradition)
Chapter Strength
Under Strength
Chapter Ally
Adeptus Arbites
Chapter Enemy
Hive Fleet Mi-go (specific Tyranid Splinter Fleet)

Additional Deathwatch Crunch[edit]

Solo Mode Ability
Highly Skilled in Wrangling and Concealment.
Squad Mode Attack Pattern
Either Tactical Finesse or Storm of Hell may be selected for each individual marine. (If you really want to be fluffy then Tactical Finesse for a regular marine of any variety and then Storm of Hell for those fallen to the Wendigo Curse)
Squad Mode Defensive Stance
Only in Death.
Chapter Advance Table
Honor thy Wargear.


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