Icons of Symeon

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The Icons of Symeon are minor artifact-tier magical items from the Dungeons & Dragons world of Krynn. Sacred relics of the Great Temple of Istar, the Icons of Symeon were lost during the Cataclysm - in fact, they had actually been "borrowed" by a kender named Ferret Snitchwhistle several days earlier. Having stumbled into the World Serpent Inn, the cursed Ferret now sends doomed adventuring parties to the last three days of Istar over and over again, seeking to find all five so that he can repent for his crime and be granted freedom from his curse.

The Icons consist of five plates of precious metal, each half an inch thick, 5 inches square, and with a small hole in the center of one edge, allowing them to be strung together on a chain and worn like an amulet - multiple Icons can be worn on the same chain, and so their effects as an amulet stack. Each Icon is emblazoned with a Metallic Dragon of the same type as the metal it is made from. The Icons all have Hardness 10 and 30 hit points.

  • The Brass Icon grants +2 Dexterity.
  • The Bronze Icon grants +2 Wisdom.
  • The Copper Icon grants +2 Charisma.
  • The Gold Icon grants a +2 Luck Bonus on all saving throws.
  • The Silver Icon can cast Disguise Self at will on the user.

In addition to their individual effects, the Icons of Symeon can be assembled into a box-like shape. 3 times per day, this box can be filled with water and it will respond by transforming that water into holy water. Additionally, once per day, a single individual can place their hand in the box and confess their sins to receive the effects of an Atonement spell.

The Icons were introduced in issue #351 of Dragon Magazine for the 3.5 edition ruleset.