Idoneth Deepkin Enclave Creation Tables

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This article provides a number of options for you to consider if you create your own Idoneth Deepkin Enclave. Inspiration for many options and layout borrowed from the Dark Eldar Kabal Creation Tables and the authors and editors own personal understanding of the faction. These tables are subject to change as the canon develops.

This article is a work in progress.

Enclave Age[edit]

The ages suggested here are merely estimations based on current data and are not bound to canon until otherwise stated.

Enclave Age (d10)
1-4 New (roughly 0-500 years old)

Founded between present day and the beginning of the Age of Sigmar.

5-8 Old (roughly 500-5000 years old)

Founded during the Age of Chaos; between the end of the Age of Myth and the beginning of the Age of Sigmar.

9-10 Ancient (more than 5,000 years old)

Founded during the Age of Myth; before the Age of Chaos and after or during the founding of the first Enclaves.

Current Notable Representative[edit]

Most Enclaves are not ruled by a single Aelf, but by a council consisting of both Isharann and Akhelian members. But it would not be wrong to assume there is at least a figurehead that could well represent the interests of the Enclave. This would typically be an Akhelian King/Queen, but you may use any of the other Leader models(Soulscryers, Soulrenders, Tidecasters) as your figurehead member.

What sort of past does the current figurehead come from?

Current Figurehead (d10)
1 Member of a lost, confederated, or absorbed Enclave.
2-4 Lower rung Akhelian or Isharann(rags to riches).
5-6 Ascended Lochian Prince/Princess (Reroll if your figurehead is not an Akhelian King/Queen).
7 Consistently performed their duty well and to the benefit of the Enclave. Logically, a very sound choice.
8 Prestigious tactician.
9 Admired among the citizenry of the Enclave.
10 Hailed as hero for a deed of renown.

Figurehead or Akhelian King/Queen's Personality[edit]

Figurehead Personality (d10, roll twice and add for really colorful results)
1 Paranoid
2 Cordial
3 Ruthless
4 Cold
5 Arrogant
6 Ambitious
7 Scornful
8 Cynical
9 Inspiring
10 Imposing

  • Paranoid: "Sigmar's MINIONS cannot be trusted. They do VILE things to those who do not bend the knee to the God-king."
    • The figurehead has developed their own conspiracy theories about anything they would even begin to perceive as a threat. This lends easily to an isolationist Enclave, typically unwillingly.
  • Cordial: "Their bodies are yours to do with what you will, but their souls are ours for the taking. You mustn't forget this, dear." -Psaras, Soulrender to Calypsa, a Branchwych.
    • The figurehead is famous for their unnatural civility. They could look their victim in the eye as they lay dying and thank them for their contribution.
  • Ruthless: "Cut them down, shed their blood so that it may stain the Ethersea itself!
    • The figurehead would slaughter entire villages during raids if allowed. The need for a continual stock of cattle is the only restraint holding them back.
  • Cold: "Should you fall in battle, I will make sure you are still useful to my kin."
    • The figurehead shows no concern for anyone, save their fellow Idoneth. Even then, many find the figurehead to be rigid and dispassionate.
  • Arrogant: "We have no need for aid from the lesser races. Should they offer a hand, I will gladly claim their souls after the fighting is done."
    • The figurehead exudes pure hubris. The dirt under their boot is held in higher regard than anyone not belonging to the Enclave.
  • Ambition: "This sea is already ours. But soon we shall rule the shores while they remain clueless to the reality of their situation!"
    • One sea is not enough, every last pond will eventually be a part of the Enclave’s hunting grounds.
  • Scornful: "The Free Peoples would be better off eradicated had we no need for their souls. Their very existence blights every last drop of our sea."
    • The figurehead is openly and excessively snide or disdainful towards many. It would be wise to remain on their good side.
  • Cynical: "Yes, the Stormcast are rather effective instruments of the God-King's wrath, but do they really serve to eradicate Chaos, or are they something more insidious?"
    • The figurehead has a hard time believing others would act to the benefit of the Enclave, even among his fellow Idoneth. Even the slightest bit of their trust is rather costly.
  • Inspiring: "The forces of Chaos come bearing down upon our home sea, but we will wash them away in a tide of their own blood!"
    • Rousing words come easy to the figurehead, motivating their comrades and wringing every last drop of effort from them is a trivial matter. They are looked up to for good reason.
  • Imposing: "Our path is clear, should you fail to walk it alongside us, I will gladly find someone who will."
    • Others find it hard to question their dominant will. What they say, goes(usually).

Enclave Origin[edit]

What are the origins of the Enclave itself, how did it come into being?

Enclave Origin (d6)
1 Refugees from a lost or fallen Enclave(s).
2 Established in complete isolation, discovered by fellow Idoneth.
3-4 Expansionary offshoot of an existing Enclave.
5 Rebels or defectors from an existing Enclave.
6 Established in complete isolation, only to later reveal itself.

Enclave Demeanor[edit]

One of the most defining features of any Enclave is their demeanor and how they interact with others. Where many are naturally taciturn with those not belonging to the Enclave, there are just as many who can be considered almost amicable with the other mortal races or others who see the harvest of mortal souls as sport.

Enclave Demeanor (d8)
1 Odious - Openly hostile, and liable to attack with little to no provocation. Very unpleasant to be around, likely shunned by other Enclaves.
2 Reclusive - Whether they are emulating the reciprocated rejection of Teclis or merely a product of their environment, a reclusive Enclave rarely contacts outsiders and prefers isolationism.
3 Brutal - When blood must be shed these Enclaves are ferocious and wicked, relishing in the carnage. When not engaged in combat they can be just as savage with their words while remaining composed.
4 Dutiful - They do what they must for the enclave's continued survival, but do not apologize for it.
5 Tenacious - These Enclaves are stalwart in protecting their seas and cities. Even in the face of mounting adversity they dispatch threats with meticulous efficiency.
6 Rapacious - They leave raided settlements nearly lifeless. Greedy and expansive, they usually inhabit a single ever growing city or may even have multiple crowded cities in the same sea.
7 Peaceful - They take no joy in harvesting souls and do so humanely. Respected among other Enclaves and may negotiate secret soul offerings with leaders of coastal settlements.
8 Vainglorious - With how they act, one would be inclined to think that they actually believe they are the closest relatives of the Cythai. Everyone is beneath them.

Enclave Flaw[edit]

Like any precious gemstone, it is rare to find an Enclave without its flaws. There are many internal reasons why an Enclave would be held back from its full potential or why one would be apprehensive to work with a certain Enclave.

Enclave Flaw (d8)
1 Hermits - While reclusive Enclaves are reluctant to communicate their brethren, these Enclaves flat out refuse contact with outsiders unless a credible threat is presented.
2 Haughty - Pride keeps ones nose upturned and throat exposed. An Enclaves lack of humility and inability to see whose toes they may step on could just be its greatest vulnerability.
3 Savagery - This Enclaves barbaric method of bloodshed instills fear even to those who would happen to be allying with them at the time.
4 Superstition - Anxiety and uncertainty causes these Enclaves to act usually on impulse and rarely thinking things through. Perhaps caused by an ordeal suffered long ago.
5 Stubborn - Unreasonable persistence to see things through blinds one to the truth that something may be more trouble than its worth and this is only realized when it is too late.
6 Excessive Raiding - The avarice for souls has nearly wiped out entire costal populations making the survivors reluctant to settle there again. Soul shortages are common in the Enclave.
7 Overly Careful - An excessive amount of caution is taken into every decision the Enclave makes and they occasionally miss golden opportunities due to their inability to act quickly.
8 Prior Betrayal - On one occasion or many, this Enclave has betrayed the trust or even attacked an ally. Those who know of their deciets ostracize them and warn others.

Goals or Motivations[edit]

Every Enclave has its own long-term quests or current situation to deal with aside from the continued survival of the Enclave and a search for the cure to the Idoneth's curse. You may roll for a motivation below or use them as inspiration for your own personal quests/motivations.

Goals? (d6)
1 Solely focused on searching for a cure to the Idoneth Curse.
2 Absolute dominion over the local body(s) of water.
3 Slow or even cease the expansion of stubborn mortal settlements.
4 Secure a Whirlway/Realmgate from an opposing force.
5 Investigate a newly opened Stormvault and claim what lies within.
6 Prevent a force of Chaos invaders from endangering the Enclave.

Home Realm[edit]

This is the realm where your Enclave hails from and calls home. From the pitch black seas of Shyish to the volcanically active, basalt lined seas of Aqshy.

Territory Location (d8)
1 Ulgu
2 Hysh
3 Aqshy
4 Chamon
5 Ghur
6 Ghyran
7 Shyish
8 Reroll

Home Realm Territory Condition[edit]

Just about every conceivable biome can be found in at least one portion of every realm. This table will help you generate the condition of the landmass closest to your Enclave. Roll multiple results for multiple landmasses.

Home Realm Territory Condition (d100)
1-19 Temperate Coastal Grassland
20-29 Scarcely Inhabited Wasteland
30-35 Lush Coastal Jungle
36-40 Deciduous Forest
41-45 Desert Steppes
46-55 Vast Savanna
56-60 Coastal Desert
61-70 Mountainous Forest
71-75 Tundra
76-80 Tropical Rainforest
81-85 Coastal Taiga
86-90 Rolling Hills
91-95 Coniferous Forest
96-100 Mountainous Desert

Enclave Tactics[edit]

Enclaves develop their methods of combat typically out of necessity or practical use of the resources afforded to them. You may choose to use whatever Enclave abilities you want as listed in Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin, the following list is mostly for flavor unless you choose to build your list to reflect your result/choice.

Enclave Tactics (d6)
1 Night Raids - The gentle lapping of ocean waves on shores lit only by stars lulls unsuspecting settlements to their final, eternal slumber. Survivors awake to a city lost in a tranquil nightmare.
2 Tides of Violence - Little warning and a mass of bodies surge into the target settlement. The carnage is carried out swiftly and evidently.
3 Ebbing Tide - Using the magical prowess of Soulscryers and Tidecasters a victim settlement is attacked from opposite the coast and pressed between the Idoneth force and the sea.
4 Aquatic Menagerie- Heavy use of the Akhelian Bond-beasts takes advantage of slack jawed victims in their moments of awe.
5 The Deepmarch - Ranks upon ranks of Namarti swarm the settlement from all directions ensuring a thorough soul harvest.
6 Riptide - Two separate batallions apply pressure and force the victims to flee into the waiting jaws of a third battalion(or allied force).