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Idra's symbol.jpg
A golden grail with a dagger in it, point downward
Aliases The Courtesan
Alignment 3E: Chaotic Neutral
5E: Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio 3E: Passionate love, physical affection, prostitutes, secrets, sex
5E: Culture, health, secrets, sexuality
Domains 3E: Chaos, Entrancement, Secrets
5E: Knowledge
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Couples, courtesans, lovers, prostitutes, spies
Favoured Weapon Mace

Idra is demigoddes of love, sexuality, and secrets in Scarn. She was born from Hrinruuk's rape of Tanil, who was his daughter. Despite the very close similarities in naming, she is no relation to the Irda race from Krynn.


Idra has two forms and which one she takes depends which aspect she's appearing as. As the demigoddess of love and sex, she appears either as a female human or half-elf "dressed" few silk scarves and wearing magnificent jewelry, and she always has some minor flaw like a birthmark or a missing finger. As the demigoddess of secrets, she appears wearing long, plain dark robes. During the Divine War she was seen wearing minimal black leather "armor", and was equipped with a whip and throwing knives.

Worshippers & Faith[edit]

Idra's faith is... a bit controversial. Being the demigoddess of sexuality you can probably guess how most rites and festivals work and how people react to them, and it isn't unusual for people to convert to The Courtesan's faith for a few weeks every year. Despite this though, her scriptures do contain spiritual training, tips for newlyweds, assistance in rekindling marriages, and how to discern between love and passing affection, but most people are in it for the sex. Where her faith is accepted, her temples vary from ordinary brothels to spiritual schools of sexuality. Sadly, these are not necessarily the norm, seeing as how her faith is often discouraged or outright banned, and hunts for "Idran witches" aren't uncommon. It also isn't uncommon for Idran cults, especially in areas where her worship is persecuted, to become nothing more than sex cults, with the more extremist and fanatical one mixing drugs with their normal activities.

Courtesans of Idra[edit]

The Courtesans of Idra are perhaps the largest spy network in Ghelspad. They gather information, usually of political nature, mainly by seducing political figures and nobles, and occasionally subterfuge. They are worshippers Idra, mainly worshipping her as the demigoddess of secrets, and work closely with Idra's church. Their main goal is the same as that of the church: sexual liberty and social stability, believing that intimacy helps social stability.

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