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(mad cackling as an entire Bretonnian Army gets blown up)

"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

– J. Robert Oppenheimer

Ikit Claw is a Skaven special character in Warhammer Fantasy, introduced in their first army book. The Master Warlock Engineer of Clan Skryre, he is easily among the most intelligent and inventive members of Skavenblight, rivaled only by Throt the Unclean of Clan Moulder. It was his twisted genius that created the most iconic war machines of the Skaven roster, from the Warp Lightning Cannon to the beloved DOOMWHEEL.

The Chaos Dwarf-Thing of the Skaven[edit]

Similar to other immortal Skaven like Lord Skrolk and Throt the Unclean, he achieved immortality due to years spent obsessing over magic runes and artifacts of other species. He is one of the oldest Skaven still alive and was present when the second Skaven civil war happened.

He is a white furred Skaven and, like every other white furred Skaven, good with magic; a talent he has put to good use by spending his entire life studying magical lore and mastering the dark magitek of his Clan. Just like a certain whiny vampire, he journeyed around the world in search of any magic related item to study even if it meant risking his life or disobeying other Skaven clans (He once pissed off Clan Pestilens by trespassing on their territory in Lustria). Other than his obsession with magic, he is one of Skryre's most skilled and prolific inventors and he invented the DOOMWHEELS we and the Skaven love (but is hated by the man-things and dwarf-things because they don't like to be zapped and rammed by the damn things), and it certainly proved that he is the most powerful and smartest (for a Skaven) warlock of all. His most notable physical characteristics are the face-covering metallic mask and artificial arm-brace he invented for himself centuries ago, to cover his scars from a failed experiment which badly burned his face and his left arm.

Just like every other Skaven, he is egotistic and ignorant. His greatest goal is to create a weapon that would surpass Metal Gear uhm, I mean he wanted to create a weapon so dangerous that he would make himself more famous than his master Morskittar, the current ruler of Clan Skryre. He doesn't give a shit about other Skaven or the under empire or other-things, he just wants to be famous even if means to destroying the entire world. What a dick.

The Doom-Sphere[edit]

Ikit Claw's obsession with creating weapons of mass destruction has led him to create a doomsday weapon akin to the real life atom bomb: the Doom-Sphere. He first kick started the plan after he took many of Kraka Drak's engineers as slaves. Of course, the stubborn and vengeful nature of the dwarfs has led the Dwarven Master Engineer Klarak Bronzehammer to stop him. Due to the typical Skaven incompetence however, Ikit Claw suffered a humiliating defeat similar to Thanquol in a typical Gotrek & Felix chapter (Ironically, Thanquol was there where he helped the skaven by distracting the Dwarfs in order for Ikit to finish his bomb), but that doesn't stop him. He came back once again to improve the sphere with metal-alloy he stole from his rival Bronzehammer, only to be bested again by him. Yet, Ikit Claw survived and so long as he lives, he will never stop creating doomsday devices to threaten the very fate of the world just to boost his own ego.

The End Times[edit]

It is said that Ikit Claw and Throt the Unclean, as well as both of their respective clans, worked together on creating the ultimate Skaven killing machine that turned out to be the "Stormfiend". Although both publicly announced that only the chosen clan gets to use these badass new toys, they still put them up on sale for profit in the Skaven black market where everyone gets to buy one, especially the cunning grey seer of Clan Fester Rasknitt who had his very own deathrattler Stormfiend. Also, he probably helped Clan Skryre in blowing up Morrslieb. If it weren't for those pesky magical amphibians living in the jungle, he would've had the moon's gigantic falling debris smashing into the world and thus destroy it and making all his dreams come true.

Ikit Claw was first seen in the Skaven siege of Karak Kadrin where he contaminated the dwarf hold full of poison wind. Later, he went to help with the siege of Karaz-a-Karak where he was seemingly killed but was actually only wounded. After the Skaven allied with Chaos, Ikit Claw went to stop Nagash's ascension with the Nurgle possessed Isabella von Carstein and her Nurgle army. Ikit Claw was able to plant several warpstone bombs inside Nagash's Black Pyramid (which cannot even be scratched by the Tomb Kings). It wasn't an easy task however since the pyramid inside was guarded by a necromancer and many constructs, like Ushabti and Greatbow Ushabti, not to mention Nagash himself being around. Luckily with Isabella distracting the bone daddy himself, Ikit Claw was able to detonate the damn thing. After some what later, Nagash sent Apophas to kill Ikit Claw for his asinine bomb prank which led him to Skavenblight where he killed a bunch of rat shit. It is said Klawmunkast and his Rat Tank was there to hold the Apophas in place before Ikit Claw sent him to the chaos realm with his warp stone bomb. So yeah, Ikit Claw actually gets a lot of shit done in the End Times and he has proven himself to be the one and only creature in the world to blow up Nagash's indestructible (not anymore, lol) Black Pyramid as well as Apophas, the seemly undying spooky scarab guy.

His lack of appearance in Age of Sigmar is disturbing, specially since most skaven survived the End-Times and went into the warp were they would probably not age due to warp-fuckery, still we hold hope that this is not the last that we will see of our dear Nuclear Rat.

It may be worth noting that the villain of the Hamilcar book Champion of the Gods is a particularly ancient and brilliant warlock engineer who goes around fully encased in metal armor with one giant claw, who's survived for thousands of years by being an undead cyborg powered by the stolen secrets of gods, and who's been around so long he's forgotten his name but thinks it went something like Ikrit. By the end of the book he's stolen the secret of the stormcast and turned himself into his own version of one, teleporting back to his makeshift anvil of apotheosis in a streak of warp lightning upon being slain.

Total War: WARHAMMER II[edit]

On April 4th 2019 he was announced as part of "The Prophet and the Warlock" DLC for Total War: Warhammer II, bringing with him a whole bunch of new toys for the ratty bois including Ratling Guns, Warplock Jezzails and Doom-flayers. In addition to that his faction, Clan Skryre, will have access to the "Forbidden Workshop" allowing them to upgrade certain units like DOOMWHEELS, Warp Lightning Cannons, etc. Oh and he gets to achieve his dreams of creating the Doom-Sphere, which he can use to nuke as many cities of other factions into ruins as he can afford. So that's nice. Oh yeah, and he has tactical nukes for those battles that is for those wonderful moments when the AI of CA forgets how pathfinding works.

This provides the one setting where Ikit can finally act out his dream of World Detonation.


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