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Yes, it's a penguin with a spear. No, we don't give a shit about how that works.

Ikuisuuden Laakso, "The Valley of Eternity," is a place where penguins go to die. The endless glacier of Antarctica is a merciless enemy. Only the bravest of penguin heroes and the most malicious anti-penguins can survive it.

A penguin hero lives his life in solitude. He has seen things a common penguin can't even dream of. His fate is to perish, abandoned by his own tribe. Anti-penguin lives in the embrace of the glacier, but as long as warm blood flows through his veins, he can never truly be one with it.

The valley of eternity is a roleplaying game about heroism and the price you have pay for it. It contains fierce battles, epic adventures and troublesome philosophical choices.

The glacier always wins.


Ikuisuuden Laakso is a Finnish indie RPG telling the stories of outcast penguin heroes and their struggles with the harsh environment, the vicious natural predators of antarctica, and the feared anti-penguins. /tg/ has concluded that this is Awesome. English translation has been released and is available here as a print book and PDF.


Taking inspiration from old westerns, the PCs take on the roles of Penguin Heroes, the outcast protectors of penguinity. They use their wits, their strength, their pseudo-magical "philosophy" and whatever else they can get their hands on to fight for survival - their own, as well as that of the other penguins.


(Note: This information is based on conjecture and second-hand accounts. Don't take it too literally.)

Ikuisuuden Laakso uses a fairly simplistic system, which is basically similar to that used in the World of Darkness. The basic dice roll is an additive dice pool of d6, where a 5 or a 6 is considered a success, and more than one success indicates greater accomplishments and may be required for some difficult tasks. The size of the pool is determined by your score in the relevant ability, as well as by modifiers from equipment, environment and sometimes philosophical powers.

You can choose a species of penguin, similar to the races and/or classes of many other RPGs.

The penguins employ "philosophical powers", which is the setting equivalent of magic. Anti-penguins have no Philosophy stat, but instead use generally ice-themed Gifts of the Glacier through an equivalent stat (Spirit of the Glacier).

Also, Fat is a (presumably vital) statistic, opening for the potential of much lulz.

Character Sheet[edit]

A sample character sheet for Pingu, provided by a passing Finnfag.

Pingu (male King Penguin)[edit]

Agility 1

Strength 1

Philosophy 4

Survival 2

Defense 1

Willpower 2

Fat 20

Warmth 5

Philosophical powers:

Seal Guardian (2 pts)

Snowball (1 pt)

...and probably something customized to represent his ability to change shape, I don't know. But as a King Penguin he should be able to afford another 3 point philosophical power anyway.


ice skates

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English translation is available for purchase here as a book and PDF.