Il'Emaar-class Merchant Transport

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The Tau only have one known class of transport. They are often the workhorses of the inter-Sept trade upon which the Tau Empire thrives.

There are many types of transport used by the Tau, though all are generally similar in design. Tau transports are based around a large cargo hold and carry a small Railgun turret for self-defence. So they are definitely more useful than either their Imperial or Eldar counterparts.

  • Length: 1-2km; approx


The known class is called the Il'Emmar-class Merchant Transport, also known as the Courier-class.

The ship was developed after extended wars with the Orks revealed Tau supply lanes vulnerable to the Greenskins raids, and as such the Courier-class was designed to be large and well-armed with Railgun batteries. In addition, it was designed to be fast in order to rapidly support Tau expansions deep into space. Originally developed for the Kor'Vattra, the Courier-class has since become a common sight among Tau civilian and merchant fleets that operate between Septs.

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