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Nightspear has been known to inspire intense rifle envy in both friends and foes.

Illic Nightspear is a fuckold Eldar who has followed the Path of the Outcast for thousands of years. Over time he has grown fond of bright colors and bad jokes, and thus has developed a clown fetish of massive proportions. He's named Nightspear for his fondness of spearing Harlequin ladies in the night.*BLAM* (bad joke. The harlequins would be disappointed.) He also wears that long-ass ponytail quite well, unlike a certain someone who looks absolutely ridiculous with it.

He is supposedly looking for lost paths in the Webway, which means that he has fostered powerful relations with the Harlequins (mostly the women), leaving thousands of bastards that are almost as badass in the ways of sniping and stealth as he is. They are known as Pathfinders by their less-skilled brethren, the Rangers. He has a list of broken hearts, pissed off exes, and baby mommas so long that it rivals Vance Motherfucking Stubbs' harem. This would be impressive, except it's taken him a fuck billion times longer to do, thus further cementing humanity's glory humanity's status as basically an ever-multiplying swarm of galactic locusts. On the other hand, Eldar women are probably slower to get into bed or serious relationships, and they do have slower gestation periods when they get pregnant, and conception requires several bouts of intercourse.

Between his skill with guns, his age, grey hair and serial womanizing, he's the Eldar equivalent of Clint Eastwood.

Illic and his involvement in the Carnac Campaign in a nutshell.

Illic sometimes decides to give some of his knowledge of the web way to Craftworld Alaitoc, whose close ties to the Harlequins lure him in for the chance of getting some of that multicolored ass.

The Pathfinders whisper that Nightspear is supposedly off preventing the cataclysm known in Eldar legend as the Rhana Dandra when all of the Phoenix Lords will gather and face their final deaths, but there are so many legends about him (mostly about how he pursues dat space clown ass) that it is difficult to be sure of his intentions. Regardless, his presence on the battlefield is a great asset to Alaitoc, and he has ended conflicts with his ability to 360 no scope Imperial generals, Necron Lords, and various other enemies of the Eldar with his rifle that can banish people into the Warp.

In reality, however, like most of his Craftworld Illic is largely only known for failing any time he appears in a story, his only well-known adventures consisting of the failure of the Carnac Campaign and that time he was caught by Nemesor Zahndrek and saved by Ko'sarro Khan since, apparently, Illic is a damsel in distress.

On the Tabletop[edit]

Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Illic Nightspear: 140 5 9 3 3 3 6 3(4) 10 5+

Inexplicably, despite his fluff, he has neither the highest possible BS in theory or in practice—his rockin' sockin' BS9 is awesome, but compare that to Cypher's at BS10. Heck, even BS8 is achievable in mere decades by humans, provided they train like they mean it. Still, BS9 is pretty sick; with the 3+ re-roll, it means on average he only misses 1 of every 18 shots, so he's a hell of a marksman if there ever was one. His Warp-powered sniper rifle, Voidbringer, is an AP2 Sniper weapon with a range of 48" and the Distort special rule, meaning that on a roll of 6, it causes Instant Death to multi-wound enemies and automatically penetrates vehicles. Try one-shotting a Carnifex for some great lulz. He also has a shuriken pistol and an Eldar power sword if the situation becomes desperate, but with S3 the only thing he'll be killing in close combat is basic troops.

As far as special rules, he has the standard Eldar ones (Fleet, Ancient Doom and Battle Focus), Independent Character (so he can still join squads), Hatred (Necrons), Preferred Enemy (Necrons), Shrouded (+2 to Cover Saves to offset his paper-thin mesh armor), and his Warlord Trait is Mark of the Incomparable Hunter. He also has a few unique rules. Sharpshot makes all of his shooting attacks Precision shots, meaning he can assassinate enemy commanders or pick off individual models with scary weapons; and with Master of Pathfinders, he can grant Sharpshot to any squad of Rangers he joins. Lastly, Walker of the Hidden Path allows him to Infiltrate anywhere on the battlefield, ignoring distance requirements.

8th Edition[edit]

Pts M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Illic Nightspear: 65 7 +2 +2 3 3 5 4 9 5+

In an edition where snipers are in higher demand than ever before, Illic Nightspear delivers. Compared to a Vindicare Assassin (because what else would you compare him to?) Illic has some subtle but interesting differences. First off, he wounds everything (that isn't a VEHICLE) on 2+ - whereas the Vindicare can only effectively snipe INFANTRY models. Illic also deals a flat 3 damage (and 1 mortal wound on a 6+), whereas the Vindicare only deals D3 (D6 if you win the lottery). Of course, the Vindicare ignores invulnerable saves, cover saves, and has almost 2x the range - against INFANTRY characters with at least a 4++ save he pulls ahead, but against weaker supporting characters Illic wins easily. Illic also excels at murdering otherwise tough models that lack invulnerable saves (like Aggressors, Meganobz, etc). He also fills an HQ tax.

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