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The Illuminati are a cult made up of anyone who got brainraped by daemons and managed to rape them out of their own game so hard that they suddenly got: mental "YOU CANT HURT ME MY SHIELDS ON" armour because whot, intimate knowledge of chaos, a all expense paid library card to the Black Library and awareness of how god damn terrible Chaos is, (look up the Daemonculaba) the fate of humanity and a remedy too.

This remedy involves sacrificing all of the remaining Sensei to The Emprah when He finally kicks the bucket but no-one can know because the emperor would decide he doesn't need to experience the "Slaneesh Approved: Kicking a Wall With a Toothpick Under Your Toenailâ„¢" all over his body anymore and an hero pre-emptively and the Sensei might not want to kill themselves for someone who hasnt played catch like a proper father should