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Silhouette of an oaken tree of life
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Hierarch Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Energy)
Portfolio Elves, Wisdom, Nature, Peace, Elven magic
Domains Energy, Law, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Magic
Worshippers Elves
Favoured Weapon Staff

Ilsundal, also called The Wise One, Tiuz, and The Guide, is the patron Immortal of elves.


Ilsundal was born among the first generation of elves in Evergrun. After the Great Rain of Fire that destoyed Blackmoor, he became the leader of the back to the forest movement, calling for elves to abandon the technologies of Blackmoor and re-embrace their heritage. Eventually he lead the elves who followed him from Grunland to what would become the Sylvan Realm. In there he undertook the Path of the Paragon, and created the Tree of Life, an avatar of his power that allowed the elves to flourish, that allowed him ascend to Immortality in the Sphere of Energy.

After his ascension, Ilsundal aided Mealiden Starwatcher in his ritual to create more Trees of Life, allowing the elves to travel to their new home, eventually acting as Mealiden's sponsor. He also became the patron of Zirchev, when he sought Immortality.


Ilsundal's appearance changes often, not wanting seem like he's patron of a certain type of elf, but he usutally looks like an aged, wise-eyed elf.


Ilsundal is kind, peaceful, and philosophical, devoting much of his attention to elves and protecting them, though he can be stern when pushing them to survive and prosper. His only proper ally is Mealiden, though he's friends with Calitha Starbrow and Ordana. He tries to not consider Eiryndul as an enemy, though he tries his patience. His only enemy is Atzanteotl, who corrupted the Schattenalfen to what they are now.

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