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This page details people, events, and organisations from the /tg/ Heresy, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the /tg/ Heresy Timeline and Galaxy pages for more information on the Alternate Universe.

The Imperial Army was a large naval, air and ground force in the service of the Imperium of Mankind from the period of the Great Crusade until it was disbanded in the Imperial Reformation.


Lord Commander Gufarnus Altmakar, the father of the Army

The Imperial Army grew out of the ordinary human soldiers who had fought for the Emperor during the Unification Wars and their leaders such as the famous Lord Commander Gufarnus Altmakar. Although the Legiones Astartes were seen as the primary means for unifying the Galaxy, it was quickly apparent that additional manpower would be needed to garrison newly-won worlds. At first, regiments were raised from the planets and stations of the Solar System - the famous Solar Pattern of Auxilia. But as the conquering Legions pushed on, the worlds of humanity's cradle could not supply enough men. New forces were levied or tithed from Compliant worlds to provide new Imperial Army forces. The Carlisian Shock Troops were the first Imperial Army forces raised from outside of the Solar System, and they were soon joined by regiments of the Ardito Highwatch, Haeltoth Starguard, and the Kondrus Aeroguard, among others.

In later decades, the Imperial Army would be deployed as counter-insurgency forces, then alongside crusading Space Marines. Famous forces such as the Ciban Chasseurs, Fischetti Numeri and the Markian Corps came into being to strength the Emperor's Legions. During the second century of the Great Crusade, the Imperial Army would come to be deployed in independent Expedition Fleets. The spirited Auron Infantries and implacable Motroit Enforcers were raised at about this time and both, in their own way, express the new attitudes forming in the Army. Regardless, the Imperial Army was considered an auxiliary force - hence their High Gothic name, the Imperialis Auxilia - and ultimately answered to Space Marine commanders. Many armymen saw themselves as members of their Legion first and the Imperium second.

The personal, almost feudal organisation of the Great Crusade proved disastrous in the Hektor Heresy. Imperial Army commanders typically aligned themselves with the Legions to whom they had been subordinate, immediately providing the Traitors with a powerful auxiliary force. Others went rogue in the anarchic conditions of the civil war, seizing control of planets or whole sub-sectors for themselves. These renegades would have to be subdued in the Scouring, costing an already ravaged Imperium even more lives and resources.

To prevent such a catastrophe ever happening again, the Imperial Reformation broke up Imperial Army. Land forces were reconstituted as the Imperial Guard, while a separate Imperial Navy would be responsible for the Imperium's warships. Air assets were largely put at the disposal of the Imperial Navy, although the Imperial Guard retained VTOL and VSTOL vehicles for use in planetary campaigns. This division sought to guarantee that no rebel officer would have both land forces and shipping at his disposal.

Notable Imperial Army Units[edit]

Notable Imperial Army formations of the Great Crusade
Name Homeworld Entered service Summary
Ardito Highwatch Ardito 833.M30 Hailing from a world of ravines and soaring peaks, the Ardito are born mountaineers and light infantrymen. The thin air of their homeworld selects only the hardiest specimens to survive to adulthood.
Auron Infantries Auron 885.M30 The "Aurries" are a light infantry force founded in late M30 on the planet Auron. They are famous for their wisecracking and survival skills.
Carlisian Shock Troops Carlisar IV 809.M30 Carlisian army regiments focus on a solid core of footslogging and mechanised infantry supported by some tanks, and a very large number of aircraft. Carlisar soldiers tend to be boisterous and outgoing in their relations with other Imperial Army units, and have a dogged determination and disdain for fear that make them truly fierce combatants. Many a foe has fallen to the onslaught of their shining blue battle tanks, disciplined regimented infantry, and coordinated drop strikes.
Chelob Hammerers Chelob Hold 999.M30 Following the conquest of the Core Worlds Confederation by the Imperium, sturdy heavy infantry regiments, backed up by artillery and massive vehicles, were raised from the defeated worlds.
Ciban Chasseurs Ciban IV 853.M30 The Fifth Legion's homeworld of Ciban IV has raised many regiments for the Imperium every year since its Pacification. The patronage of the Primarch Gaspard Lumey led to these soldiers being among the best-equipped in the Imperial Army. Typically deployed as mechanized troops, Ciban Chasseurs were present for almost all of the Fifth's battles until the Legion was broken up in the Imperial Reformation.
Dolsene Rifles Dolsene 005.M31 Many regiments of the Imperial Army (and its successor, the Imperial Guard) claim to be the best of the best. Inevitably such discussions involve a comparison with the Dolsene Rifles, natives of a distant world besieged by Xenos. Although they rarely depart their native soil, the Rifles have left a legacy of success across the galaxy.
Elsinor Favored Sons Elsinor Secundus Drawn from the planetary nobility, the Favored Sons are elite infantry specializing in stealth missions.
Exiran Armored Mercenaries Exirus The Exirans are Industrial World oddity among the multitude of regiments that occupy the Imperial Army. Born out of an ambitious middle class, the Exirans act with a cavalier attitude while on the battlefield. Most men being actively paid while on service by their suzerain lords who command them on behalf of the Exiran Kaiser.
Fischetti Numeri Fischetti 862.M30 The Fischetti Numeri are specialists in garrison and pacification operations, but they have been called up for front-line duties on some occasions. Men of the Numeri are notorious for getting rich while in garrison, while the officers who lead their combat regiments generally look to buy their way into prestigious Imperial positions as soon as possible.
Gethsemane Regiments Gethsemane The Regiments of Gethsemane are divided into two large fighting forces: The 1st through 166th "Noble Guard," who were a large Mechanised force and pledged fealty to the Emperor and the 167th and onwards "Gethsemane Rifles," who were light infantry units that sided with Hektor during the Heresy.
Glasgan Fatalis Glasgan The Glasgan Fatalis Regiment is a very fatalistic army, with death regarded as common and superfluous. Their rate of maturity is artificially accelerated, so that they live, get married, have children, etc. all before the age of 15. From then on until death they fight in the regiment, with a minimal fear of death as their life is largely over. The few survivors that do make it return as elders, and teach the next few generations before dying of old age.
Haeltoth Starguard Haeltoth Stations 819.M30 The Starguard are few but better-known than many more numerous formations. If their doctrine and tactical prowess does not astound, their sleek powered armour and advanced energy weaponry always leaves an impression.
Jeolian Siege/Tunnel Army Jeolia Raised from the mountainous bastion world of Jeolia, the Jeolian Tunnel/Siege army originate form a planet constantly under attack from orks inhabiting the mines and warrens of the plant. The planet is a hive world with cities burrowed into the very mountains and a member of the PDF will learn to lay siege to the settlements and fortresses of the orks.
Kondrus Aeroguard Kondrus 812.M30 The Kondrus Aeroguard are a nimble airmobile force, known as much for their masks and gypsy ways as their tactical prowess.
Markian Corps Markian Pact 854.M30 Bound in servitude to the Fifth Legion is the Markian Corps, the united military forces of the Markian Pact. The regiments of Karmia, Atashia, Kouralia, Lemartia, and Thenar are insignificant individually; what the Markian regiments derive their power from is combined arms, unit cohesion, and specialist equipment, utilizing versatility to attain victory.
Motroit Enforcers Motroit 896.M30 Motroit, one of the Imperium's great centres of cybernetics, put forward a unique solution to the Emperor's demand for tithed troops. Rather than conscript or ask for volunteers, the Enforcers take those whose bodies have been badly damaged in accidents or by disease and rebuild them into cyber-soldiers.
The Narakan Corps Naraka Reviled as savages and blackguards throughout the Imperial Army the Narakan Corps, or "Scumdogs" as they are known informally, are nevertheless a brutally effective fighting force. Due to their brutal and toxic homeworld, the Narakans possess unnatural physiques and specialize in urban warfare, guerilla warfare, and routing dug in resistance.
Rosskan Strelky Kuzgetan Sphere Drawn from the numerous worlds of the Kuzgetan Sphere, the Rosskan Strelky serve as the mortal arm of the Fifteenth Legion. Created for the purpose of being an unbreakable wave of specialized fighters, they fight as they are - men and women with nothing to lose.
Skoptsi Redeemers Skoptsi Prime The Redeemers are a series of regiments hailing from Skoptsi Prime, a planet brought into the Imperial fold late in the Great Crusade. The regiments are composed entirely of a secretive religious sect from that world, whose leader prophesied that those who joined the Crusade would eventually have their long-awaited hopes and dreams fulfilled in 'the divine realm'. Fanatics all, the Redeemers charge the enemy, heedless of the cost in lives that result from such tactics.
Vaartes Fated Vaartes The regiments of the planet Vaartes are vat-grown and tithed to the Imperium. Outside of the society which created them, the Vaartesian troopers often find themselves questioning their programming and choosing to shift that 'built-in' loyalty to a chosen cause-- the Imperial Army, the Emperor, or the Imperial Creed. Mechanized infantry who are fanatical and loyal to a fault, the 'Fated' nevertheless gain the respect of those allies they fight alongside.
Vulpis Canem Vulpis The Vulpis Canem are an all-purpose fighting force armed with among the best weapons and armor given to the Imperial Army. Their soldiery are raised from birth to fight in any terrain, using any tactics, and defeat all xenos they encounter.


Imperial Army Formations of the /tg/ Heresy
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