Imperial Bastion

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For all your tower defence needs.

For all intents and purposes, it is an Imperial watch tower. An Imperial Bastion is an imposing edifice built from foot-thick ferrocrete and the remains of faithful servants of the Imperium. As they are relatively easy to construct, some planets boast networks of Bastions that span entire continents.


Built to withstand orbital strikes and artillery bombardments, there are few weapons capable of razing them in a single blow. It is with good reason that such fortresses often form the cornerstone of a planet’s defensive strategy. Bastions afford their defenders commanding fields of fire. A unit garrisoned within the protective walls can unleash a fuckton of volleys with little fear of reprisal. Heavy Bolters jut from a Bastion’s every wall, spitting Dakka at any foes that dare approach.

Additional equipment includes a heavy Lascannon or Autocannon quad-mount on top. Only the most determined assault is likely to shift troops from such a fortification and few who have the brazen adamantium balls to brave an Imperial Bastion’s guns to ever reach the walls alive.


The quintessential fort. Nearly double the points this edition hurts, but it does gain the ability to vomit all its bolter shots at whatever it cares to and gives firing points to ten models without facing. Best for housing fragile heavy support, although genestealers or harlequins can camp in it safely, too.

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