Imperial Guard Regiment Creation Tables

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Inspired by Fantasy Flight Games' Deathwatch Role-playing Game's Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables, these tables let you roll up (or otherwise generate) your very own Imperial Guard Regiment. These tables are for fluff only -- check out FFG's "Only War" game for rules on actually role-playing a regiment. The table is also not for uniformly defining every unit from the rolled world, just showing the particular Regiment being focused on and/or what the world is famous for. Roll on the Planet generator and System generator (filling out those spots already rolled here) tables for more fluff.

For extra fun, create your own system of worlds with IG regiments, penal legions, PDFs, and also use the Space Marine Chapter Creation Table to create your own Astartes Chapter who recruits from the system, and an SoB Order based in the system as well for your own unique, fluffy corner of the Imperium that you can use for everything/anything!

Regiment Origin[edit]

Regiment Classification d10
Imperial Guard: A true regiment, drilled and competent in their service. 1-5
Planetary Defense Force: What the Guard doesn't want, the PDF will take. 6
Penal Legion: Scum, criminals, murderers. Watch them closely. 7-8
Militia: Brave enough to defend their world without training or equipment. 9
Navy Armsmen: Experts in void-combat, they'll defend the ship or take the enemy's. 10

Regiment Demographic[edit]

Recruitment Criteria d100
Volunteer: Only the brave and desperate ( of both of which there are plenty) join this Regiment. 1-15
Veterans: Taken from the "best" of the PDF, this Regiment somehow knows more about battle than most. 16-25
Caste-born: Raised from birth in the warrior caste. 26-30
Nobility: Bought their commission for honor and glory. 31-35
Priesthood: They venerate the God-Emperor in his soldier aspect. 36-40
Abhumans: Ratlings, Ogryn, and other such useful creatures. 41-45
Tribespeople: All you have to do is teach them which way the gun points. 46-50
Lottery: Selection by the God-Emperor's grace, and a little luck. 51-55
Spacers: Born on asteroids, off-world hab-stations, or the vessels of the Imperial Navy. (If Navy Armsmen was rolled, this may be taken as default) 56-60
Firstborn: Chosen by right of being the eldest child. 61-65
Vat-grown: No families to complain, no friends to consider. 66-70
Gangers: They fought each other in the slums, now they fight a true enemy. (If Penal Legion was rolled, this may be taken as default) 71-85
Convicts: Serving their sentence on the front lines, the slime. (If Penal Legion was rolled, this may be taken as default) 86-95
Roll d3+1 times on this chart. 96-100

Nature of Recruitment d10
Punishment/Redemption/Recycling: Recruits are gathered from the dregs of society. (If Gangers, Convicts, or Lottery was rolled on demographic table, you may select this by default) 1
Elite tithe: The best of the best of the planet were recruited for this regiment. (If caste-born or nobility was rolled on demographic table, you may select this by default) 2-4
Standard conscription: Average or above-average citizens recruited from all levels of society. (If Volunteers, Firstborn, or Lottery was rolled on the demographic table, you may select this by default) 5-10

Regiment Homeworld[edit]

Home World d100
Hive World: No claustrophobia, excellent sense of direction? Urban combat! 01–25
Death World: For these people, life was a war before they could speak. 26–40
Feral World: They fight like wild animals in the Skyfather's name. 41–55
Agri-World: Sturdy, hard-working types, glad to be off the farm. 56–60
Civilized World: Comfortable but not soft, ready to fight to preserve and spread civilization. 61–65
Mining World: At home using Heavy Machinery, not afraid of the dark and great in tight spaces. 66–70
Feudal World: Hard workers and steadfast warriors once they're convinced Lasguns aren't witchcraft 71–75
Shrine World: They charge into battle eagerly, and their very prayers are warcries. 76–85
Forge World: Blessed by the Omnissiah to carry His light across the Galaxy. 86–90
Lost Homeworld: Ghosts do not fear death, but they seek life with a terrible fury.
(Roll again to determine what kind of world it was, Before.)
Pleasure World: Soft as clay before the firing of the kiln; war is their crucible. 96–100

Home World Predominant Terrain d100
Desert: At home in sun, sand and wind. 01–20
Garden/Mixed: Every terrain represented, on the surface and in the recruits 21–40
Jungle/Swamp: Masters of stealth and inured to disease. 41–60
Ice: Cold-blooded, with hearts of fire. 61–70
Airless/Dead: They know the void, and the tech required to survive it. 71–76
Cavern: From the bowels of the earth, natural sappers 76–80
Mountains: Alpine hunting produces crack shots 81–86
Ocean: They grew up in the dangers of the depths. 86–90
Plains: Wide, flat worlds produce excellent cavalry 91–95
Urban: Good soldiers, once you get the cityboy out of the city. 96–00

Hive Worlds can instead/also roll on

Predominant Hive Tier d100
The Spires: Clad in the best gear Daddy's money can buy, regiments of Upper-Hivers are rare but those that do exist are some of the most (over)confident in the galaxy willing and able to prove that breeding will out, even in the face of Mankinds most grizzly foes. 01-05
Cavern/Underhive: What the gangers lack in discipline, they make up for in savagery 06–40
Urban/Middle Hive: The mass of the Hive, hearty if agoraphobic laborers 41–79
The Whole Hive: Huge and fractious, this clash of cultures is in danger of fighting itself as much as it fights the enemy but in the hands of the right ceneral and a compotent team of commissars these regiments can play the different tiers strengths off of eachother to create something truly lethal. 80–95
Outskirts: The feral, toxic wastelands surrounding the Hives' bases more like Techno-Barbarians than feral-worlders these hardy fighters can survive almost anything. 96–100

Hive worlds can still roll on the predominant terrain table to determine the environment outside the Hives (that is, if it is anything other than toxic wasteland) and before colonization. Mix up the result for flavor, such as hive cities in the depths of oceans, in mountain ranges, in deserts, in jungles etc.. If Urban is rolled, it could be a city planet with extreme population even by Hive World standards, or the leagues of multi-story Buildings between Hives act as the Planets version of suburbia though in both cases this also means the toxic mire has nowhere to go but down. Have fun if you rolled underhivers!

Regiment Tactical Information[edit]

Regiment Core Units (d100)
1-25 Infantry Regiment
26-35 Calvary
36-45 Light Infantry
46-55 Heavy Infantry
56-70 Mechanized Infantry
71-75 Drop
76-80 Armored
81-85 Artillery
86-95 Siege
96-99 Shock Troopers
100 Abhuman

Specialization (d10)
1 Drill & Discipline
2 Counter
3 Stealth Warfare
4 Lightning Strike
5 Trench Warfare
6 Close Combat
7 Ranged Combat
8 Shock & Awe
9 Guerrilla Warfare
10 Hive and Urban Warfare

Do note that different regiments from the same world have different compositions and specialties (such as an Abhuman Shock and Awe regiment or an Artillery Trench regiment). What is rolled is what the world is famous for, or the specialties of the particular regiment you are rolling up.

Loyalty Rating (d10)
1 Overzealous: need to be actively held back from giving their lives for the Emperor
2-3 Fanatical: No remorse, no retreat, no fear.
4-5 Adherent: Hold fast to the Creed and His will.
6-7 Undisciplined: Will follow the Emperor but don't expect them to bow to authority figures.
8-9 Unorthodox: Serve the Emperor in ways frowned upon by most in the Administratum.
10 Heretical: This regiment has abandoned the truth of the Emperor.

Feel free to reroll or choose the previous table as desired.

Special Equipment (d100)
1-10 Traditional Weapon
11-20 War Trophies
21-30 Specialized Lasgun Pattern
31-40 Exotic Mounts
41-50 Rare Heavy Weapon
51-60 Blessed Wargear
61-70 Augmented Troops
71-80 Special Vehicle
81-90 Preferred Fighting Style
91-100 Modified Weaponry

Regiment Creed (d100)
1-40 For The Homeworld: This regiment's mission is to demonstrate the skill and steel of the homeworld to the rest of the Imperium.
41-65 For the Emperor: Fervent belief in the Imperial cult and the righteous mission of the Imperium fuels this regiment.
66-75 Best of the Best: The regiment believes itself to be elite and constantly strives to prove itself.
76-80 Glory In Death: The regiment's mission is to die, and take as many enemies with it as possible.
81-85 We Must Repent: The regiment believes it is on a mission to pay for their homeworld's sins with blood.
86-90 Tribal Faiths: This regiment is beholden to primitive beliefs. If from a civilized world, clannish practices from hive gang cultures or other such traditions predominate.
91-95 Steel Over Flesh: This regiment believes the way to victory is through machine augmentation.
96-100 Esoteric Beliefs

Regiment Relations[edit]

Regiment Friends (d100)
1-5 Administratum
6-15 Adeptus Arbites
16-30 Adeptus Astartes (a specific chapter)
31-35 Scholastia Psykana
36-45 Adeptus Mechanicus
46-50 Adepta Sororitas
51-55 Adeptus Titanicus
56-60 Ecclesiarchy
61-75 Imperial Guard (of a specific world)
76-83 Imperial Navy
84-85 Inquisition
86-88 Navis Nobilite (Navigators)
89-91 Officio Assassinorum
92-93 PDF (of a specific world)
94-98 Rogue Trader Dynasty
99 Schola Progenium
100 League of Blackships
Regiment Enemies (d100)
1-10 Roll on the "Regiment Friends" table.
11-20 Orks
21-30 Eldar
31-40 Tyranids
41-50 Chaos Space Marines
51-60 Daemon Prince/Daemon/other specific disciple of Chaos
61-70 Specific Chaos-aligned group
71-80 Dark Eldar
81-90 Tau
91-100 Other Xenos See here for inspiration. Alternatively, see below.
Minor Xenos Species/Empires(1d100)
1-10 Roll twice on this chart
11-20 Hrud
21-30 Fra'al
31-40 Uluméathic League
41-50 Yu'vath/Legacy of the Yu'vath/Rak'gol
51-60 Enslavers
61-65 Barghesi
66-70 Tarrelians
71-75 Thyrrus
76-80 Hellgrammite
81-85 Loxatl
85-90 Saharduin
91-92 Xenarch
93-95 Cythor Fiends
96-97 Nightmare-Engines of the Pale Wasting
98-100 Other Xenos Species (pick one or roll/write one up)
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