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Incanter is the most generic class for the third party Pathfinder supplement Spheres of Power. It’s extremely customizable, to the point the only aspects of the class that aren’t customizable are the chassis and the fact that it’s a caster, and even the basics of how casting works can be customized with the additions in Ultimate Spheres of Power. The only truly unique class feature they have is the ability to trade bonus feats for specializations, and most of those are cribbed from another class if not giving extra dedication to a particular sphere. As such, it doesn't really need many archetypes, and the ones it does get essentially count as extensive specializations anyways.

Incanter is likely a tier 2 class due to the sheer problem solving some spheres can offer if built for it, especially with Advanced Talents. Incanter is unusual in that its skill floor is extremely low due to the high level of customization and where Sorcerer can break the game by accident (“this spell looks neat…”) an Incanter will have to work for it.


The Incanter wasn't quite as customizable due to the fixed style of 5E, but it remains one of the most versatile casters in Spheres, least of all because it's a high caster with the ability to recharge spell points during the day and the ability to sacrifice spell points in place of damage. The one thing that does stay is its' massive array of subclasses.

  • Arcanist focuses more on the Arcanist's ability to take floating talents and more recharges.
  • Esper uses the control aspects of the Symbiat, gaining the ability to peek into the minds of enemies for their advantage.
  • Fey Adept is a port from the Pathfinder version, improving the effects of the Illusion, Dark and Light spheres.
  • Green Mage is actually from the Hedgewitch, gaining a few nature-based powers, including preventing monsters from hitting them.
  • Necromancer focuses primarily on the Death sphere, improving its effectiveness on all aspects. It even allows for the ability to hijack other undead to control them.
  • Priest hijacks a Cleric domain and gain the Channel Divinity powers from that domain.
  • Soothsayer is a diviner subclass focusing more on the Fate and Divination spheres.
  • Summoner improves the durability of beings made using the Creation and Conjuration spheres.
  • Temporalist gives time-based powers outside of the Time sphere on top of some movement buffs with the Warp sphere.

See Also[edit]

  • Conscript: Their Spheres of Might counterpart.
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