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It's like John Wick and a Spring Boot had a baby.

Not to be confused with the Intercessor Squad nor with the actual Space Marine Chapter Inceptors (Whoever came up with these names needs to get their balls kicked), another unit from the Primaris Marines that just so happens to share the same similar sounding names. Seriously try saying Intercessor and then Inceptor repeatedly in a rapid session. You will get your tongue tied.

Inceptors AKA those guys with the ridiculous shoe shovels, are the Primaris' equivalent of Seraphim Squads. Despite their outward appearances, they are NOT related by function, to the Space Marine Assault Squad as they are more situated towards quick hit-and-runs and surprise ambushes rather then heads-on assault charges and CQC combat. Ironically, this makes them closer to a Space Marine Bike Squad.

Despite lacking any form of close combat weapons (for now at least), Inceptors are still relatively decent at fighting off enemies at close range via the good old tactic of turning yourself into a living rocket. Of course, since they lack any form of decent CQC weapons, they would crumple like a wet tissue when it comes to facing off against melee-orientated troops such as Nobs, Genestealers or Emperor-forbid, Khorne Berserkers.

In a nutshell, they are basically Primaris Seraphims. Seriously they act like one. Alternatively, one could see them as Jump Pack equipped Aggressors, given their use of Gravis Armor and dual weapons. More like Primaris version of XV-8 Crisis Battlesuit, really.

Their name is a bit of a failed attempt to sound cool. While it was probably intended to mean "point man", the word "inceptor" actually means "rookie." It’s also possible that the names for Intercessors and Inceptors were accidentally swapped and now it’s stuck, since “interceding” is much more descriptive of the latter’s battlefield role, and the former are those who have “newly graduated” (that’s what it actually means) to Primaris status. Alternatively you could of course see the names as a job description where the Inceptor is there to start the battle alongside drop pods, while the Intercessor is most likely named after the concept of an intercessory prayer; where one prays on behalf of another. In this case, as it's 40k the Intercessor prays with bolts on behalf of the Emperor.

In current fluff, Inceptors often deploy from orbit, drop through atmospheric re-entry emulating missiles or debris, and smash down on the enemy's heads and annihilate anti-air/armor/etc. for their brothers slamming down after them to kick ass.


An average by-the-books Inceptor, who is usually part of a Squad of three to six, wears the signature and skubby Mark X Gravis Pattern variant of Mark X Tacticus Power Armour. The Inceptors are equipped with the notorious shoe shovels officially called the Servo-equipped boot-plates which allow Inceptor Squads to survive landings at intense speeds, and provide extra boost when they jump from the ground. It is like a combination of the Long Fall Boots from Portal and Inspector Gadget's Spring Legs which is....hilarious when you think about it. Inceptors are often paired with squads attacking by Drop Pods and are the perfect troops to blast out a beachhead and then provide fire support to keep it clear.

The appearances of the Inceptor's armor as you may already know is....weird at best. If you ignore the stupid looking shoe shovels, the Inceptor will look half-way decent. Anyways, Inceptors usually wield twin Assault Bolters into combat, which are basically Heavy Bolters, akimbo style. Yep, it is as ridiculous as it sounds. Somehow the Assault Bolters have some magic recoil-compensating bullshit technology that allows a steady grip on firing these giant Bolt rounds without dislocating the Marine's joints off. Even though they have freaking super-strength and so firing these guns should be easy for them butt naked, let alone wearing power armor.

They can also wield twin Plasma Exterminators which are basically pint-sized Plasma Cannons for twice the fun. Seriously, you thought the Assault Bolter was ridiculous? Assault Exterminators would say Fuck the Noise! and would make your power armor bend over.

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