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At their core, Succubus and Incubus are different genders of the same demon.
This page details the male sex-demon, the masculine counterpart to the Succubus. For the Dark Eldar unit from Warhammer 40,000, see Incubi.

An Incubus is a male demon associated with sexual pleasures and vices, an embodiment of the sin of lust. They are the male counterpart of the Succubus, but get far less attention because, well, fantasy settings are full of near-human monstrous males who rape human women (see: orc, ogre, goblin), and even when incubi aren't portrayed as rapists, there are just a lot more fa/tg/uys than there are fa/tg/irls, and even then, fantasy is already full of topless barbarian meatheads and bishie elf twinks as is.

It doesn't help that some of the original legends said that incubi are literally just succubi that shapeshift into men since they were supposed to be the "temptators" responsible for both wet dreams and unwanted pregnancies, stealing semen from men in their dreams in female form to use it on the women they tempted afterwards in their male form. (Yeah, Middle-Age Christians kinda were /d/enizens, if you scratch the surface a bit.)

Incubi are also affiliated with something you may or may not have experienced, sleep paralysis. See, normally your nervous system turns some of itself off when you sleep to keep you form acting out your dreams, and sometimes folks can wake up without turning that stuff back on, so to speak. Naturally, folks had no idea wat daphuq this was before MRIs and such came around, and so mideval Europeans in particular just shrugged and went "bishie demons"

Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder[edit]

The incubus as a demon in Dungeons & Dragons doesn't have a very long history. Their succubi sisters have stolen the show in almost every edition, but they have, ahem, "squeaked through" here and there.

In 3rd edition, incubi embody "male sexual evil" in comparison to the succubi embodying "female sexual evil". This means that whilst succubi embody temptation and spiritual degradation, incubi embody rape and sexual violence. Appearing as shark-toothed, black-eyed, handsome men with gazelle-like horns, cloven hooves for legs and lashing tails, they retain the level-draining abilities of their sisters but have none of their subtler charms. Malcanthet keeps huge armies of them on her layer of the Abyss, but she finds them dull and vulgar brutes, keeping them out of sight as best she can and using them only as armies to defend her layer against the inevitable attacks by rival Demon Princes or angels.

The Pathfinder version of the incubus is more of a melding point between the 3e Incubus and the 3e Succubus, most comparable to a BDSM Dominator (the male version of dominatrix). Like the 3e Incubus, it's the embodiment of a masculine soul of particularly lusty and rapacious nature, one which is "forthright and forceful about its insatiable desires". However, it looks more like the succubus, complete with wings, and retains succubus-like enchantment spell-like abilities. Unlike either 'cubus from 3e, though, the PF incubus has no level draining ability, instead possessing a power called "Pain Redoubled" that imbues its melee attacks with the power to leave a victim temporarily incapacitated with augmented pain. When not in battle, incubi serve as counselors, torturers, and "companions" for greater demons. They are also often conjured for similar roles by mortal spellcasters, although care must be taken in dalliances with incubi, for they delight in causing pain to their companions.

In 4th edition, incubi are corrupted succubi; servitors of Graz'zt, when the Archdevil entered the Abyss and turned into a Demon Prince, they likewise were corrupted into primordial entities of untempered lust. In this edition, incubi and succubi are actually gender-neutral terms referring to specific kinds of lustful fiend, so you can now have a female incubus in the same way you could have a male succubus in previous editions. The incubus of the World Axis is an adept shapeshifter, able to take on mortal, beast and dream-forms, allowing it to prey upon the minds of those who attract its attention as well as their bodies and souls. They often work to form pleasure-cults, dedicated either to themselves or to Graz'zt. They're still charmers and manipulators, and in fact this is the one incubus in D&D that isn't about straight up rape, but instead charms and manipulates a victim before killing them, just like a common succubus. They use their dream-form to infiltrate the minds of slumbering victims, tempting and manipulating them, coaxing them into the arms of their humanoid forms, all the while assuming beast form to hunt, terrorize and slaughter freely elsewhere. They serve Graz'zt as scouts, assassins and other agents of disrupting, building clusters of broken-souled, lust-addled victims who will do anything for their master's embrace... and are ultimately consumed when the incubus' hunger for blood and souls is piqued by their corruption.

In 5th edition, incubi and succubi became the same thing; a single Neutral Evil lust-focused race of non-specific (as in they're fiends, but aren't devils, demons, or daemons) shapeshifter Fiends that can filp-flop between the sexes at will.


LamiaMonstergirl.pngThis article or section is about Monstergirls (or a monster that is frequently depicted as a Monstergirl), something that /tg/ widely considers to be the purest form of awesome. Expect PROMOTIONS! and /d/elight in equal measure, often with drawfaggotry or writefaggotry to match.

Incubi are integeral to the lore of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia - whatsat? How can an incubus, a by-defininition male monster, become a monstergirl and still be called incubus? Well, don't worry, they're not dickgirls; it all has to do with the heavy Corruption Fetishism that the setting is built on.

See, the MGE world runs on the principle that there are two main kinds of mana; Spiritual Energy, produced by humans, and Demonic Energy, produced by demons (or mamono, in their native weeaboo). Demonic energy consumes spiritual energy, sort of like necrotic energy in D&D. As such, when a human is inundated with too much demonic energy, it changes them. Women turn into monstergirls; the "lesser succubus" is the iconic form of this, but virtually any monstergirl is possible depending on various factors. Men, on the other hand, don't react this way (barring gay men, who turn into reverse-trap succubi called Alps) - instead, they turn into what are called "Incubi".

In the MGE world, an incubus has absorbed so much demonic energy that it forms a ying-yang cycle with their spiritual energy (long story short, men produce spirit energy far more frequently and copiously than women do, which actually has its base in real Asian beliefs about soul energies, but still feels kind of skeezy). This results in them transforming into masculine "pseudo-monsters"; their bodies change into a more idealized form (youthful, slender, handsome), their virility and stamina increases massively, their personality becomes much more hedonistic and sex-obsessed, and they get some other benefits too.

Because men don't corrupt as easily as women, an incubus never comes into being unless a man has heavily bonded with a monstergirl lover - there are certain overpowered mamono who can force a near-immediate corruption in men, such as the Basilisk and the Ushi-oni, but they still "imprint" their essence on the new incubus. This has certain side-effects. The first two are that, one, the incubus can now physically sustain himself through sex with his bonded mamono, and two, the incubus is "marked" in the eyes of other monsters, which may either prevent them from trying to court him or encourage them, depending on their attitude towards monogamy & polygamy. Another side effect is that their physical appearance will shift to fit their bonded mamono's preferences - this won't make them physically inhuman, but if their wife is, say, a shotacon, then they'll end up looking like a young boy. Mind you, mamono bonded to an incubus find their subtle physical traits shifting to match his idealized form - which doubtlessly leads to amusement when a loli mamono snags herself a man with a tit fetish and winds up an oppai loli. Finally, the incubus will pick up various subtle mystical powers to better match their chosen mate(s), such as breathing water, tolerance for extreme temperatures, darkvision, etc.