Incubus Warsuit

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Armour so awesome, it makes Exarch Armour look impotent.

The Incubus Warsuit is an upgrade to the more commonly worn Kabalite Armour. These guys are the equivelent of the Elfdar's Aspect Armour, only, not as Gay and filled with absolute Win. They are also hella exclusive, only the edgeboys of the Dark Shrines are allowed to wear one. No flying, magical kung-fu dipshits allowed, they are icky.


These are the chads of Eldar armour. Period. That includes both Craftworlds, Dark Eldar and Harlequins. This is because these suits are full fledged Power Armour. Not your prissy little prancy Mesh Armour that folds over under heavy fire. No, these motherfuckers can tell Bolters to fuck itself and laugh off hits that could even make the ceramite-laden Astartes Power Armour smile in respect.

As such, because of its overall unique nature of being an actual power armour, only the best of the best of Dark Eldar warriros who past the test in the Dark Shrines are allowed the privledge to wear one.

This warsuit is used only by Incubi and its use is so exclusive that not even Archons have access to this kind of armoury (Unless that Archon wants to get a Incubi-special Viking crew cut). The warsuit is the toughest Eldar armour set and so perfectly designed it barely inhibits dexterity at all. Which makes it both light, flexible and powerful. If you wanna know why Incubi kicks so much ass, now you know.

It is unknown what these warsuits are made off, but it wouldn't surprise us if it is constructed out of the tears of Craftworlders and something less prancy like Wraithbone.


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