Infernal Relic Predator

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The Infernal Relic Predator after the Heresy, its like an edgy teenager entering its angsty phase.

The Infernal Relic Predators are the Chaos Space Marine's variant of the Deimos-pattern Predator tank. They are a much more ancient, a more eviler and more spikier counterpart of the Space Marine Predator more commonly used in 40k.

These vehicles as mentioned are older variants of the Predator that have been in service with the Chaos Space Marine Legions for many years. Twisted by the Eye of Terror, like the Chaos Dreadnoughts before them, they bear little resemblance to the proud machines of war they once were. Warped by the influence of the dark powers, their armour is defaced by cruel decorations of flayed skin, skulls, impaled men (or women ,or both, or neither if its Slaanesh), heads of beheaded kittens, edgy heretical words, spiky bits, black goth paint, blood from a violated virgin girl and tears of crying orphaned children. Many are now serving as vessels for Daemons and thus are pseudo-Daemon Engines not unlike the Stalk Tank. Yet despite this, the vehicles have lost none of their nasty bite that all Predators share.

Infernal Relic Predators mount a range of potent weaponry once common in the armies of the Imperium, but which in many cases have now become long lost to the malfunctioning nincompoops called the Tech-Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Weapons such as the Plasma Destroyer, Magna-Melta, and Conversion Beamer are rare or lost to the Cult Mechanicus, but still are produced by the Hereteks of the Dark Mechanicum. In many cases, lost patterns are merged with discovered relics from the Dark Age of Technology and with the blessings of the Warp to create analogues of weapons that would be highly coveted by Mars.

The most common patterns of Infernal Relic Predators are analogous to the Executioners and Infernus' vehicles of old. Their primary armament may also be Conversion Beamers, Twin-linked Lascannons, or Autocannons with Inferno Bolts. Secondary weapons include sponson-mounted Heavy Flamers, Heavy Bolters, or Lascannons as well as Havoc Launchers or Combi-weapons.

It is one of the few things that the Chaos Space Marine has that actually trumps their loyalist counterparts rather then relying on Daemon or Warp shenanigans to do most of their work. Them CSM's are lazy motherfuckers.

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