Inferox "The Burned King"

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The Burned King, Igniter of the Atalantos Worlds

Discovered (world)


Discovered (period)




Distinguishing Traits

Resolute, Humble


Pyromania, Zealotry

Hektor Heresy role

Traitor. His Legion is responsible for the near total destruction of the War Scribes realm


Daemon Prince of Khorne; Banished into the Warp, plotting return


Ignis Cremoria(Chaos Realm of Destruction)

This page details people, events, and organisations from the /tg/ Heresy, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the /tg/ Heresy Timeline and Galaxy pages for more information on the Alternate Universe.

There is a saying that "Fire is a good tool and a wicked master." Sayings of this kind are useless, for they only contain the knowledge of a five year old child. Rather than limiting yourself to knowing fire in human terms, ask yourself what humans are in flame terms.

- Uriel Salazar, Confessions


Inferox saved our people from starvation and degeneracy, there shall never be another whom I trust more.

-Adarhormazd, Head of the Sandaramet

Crematoria was once known as X-235891, a target of the terraforming efforts of ancient man. During crucial step in the terraforming process, the Long Night fell upon its inhabitants of scientists and laborers. Their technology was brought low; the planet remaining as it was, utterly unbearable to all human life. Its sun distant and dim, only giving Crematoria a few hours of daylight barely enough for anything to scrape by. Those few survivors left scrambled for supplies until only one settlement stood, a decrepit geo-thermal plant. As the decades grew into centuries, and centuries into millennia, cults and clans formed further dividing the Crematorians into various factions.

The Primarch later known as Inferox was created upon the surface of Terra, in the genetic laboratories beneath the Imperial Palace. Torn away from his maker, the Emperor, he was cast throughout the galaxy eventually landing on the blighted world of Crematoria. His pod pierced several levels, coming into a cooling station manned by the scholarly cultists of Xerleth. Through great sacrifice they managed to save the boy inside the capsule. However this could not be done before horrible scarring from the lava flows left permanent marks on the babe. Not even a Primarch's healing could remove all of the damage done.

Priest of Xerleth

Inferox grew up in the Xerlethite tradition, which involved rites similar to the Mechanicum's own Priesthood. The machines that kept heat flowing, water steaming, and the husk of a colony alive were all maintained by the cult. Inferox became initiated into the ranks of the Xerlethite elite, the Pyrithim at the youthful age of twelve. Known in the Crematorian tongue as a fire-keeper, Inferox was responsible for keeping the more fragile systems alive. His secondary responsibility was to serve as guardian against the numerous raids they faced. Only the Xerlethites practiced modest lifestyles necessary to sustain their fragile environment. Others raided for more and more, leading to ever dwindling supplies and population.

The clans knew nothing but strength, ignorant of the furnace that kept them all alive. While the Xerlethites would have one or two children, outsiders sometimes bore as many as twenty or more. The Xerlethites were not without enemies either, for their practice of keeping the great fire sustained brought them targeted hatred. Prisoners would be cast bodily into the lava flows, out of the belief this sustained it. As the attacks gradually increased in severity and number, Inferox knew the days of his people were numbered. Drastic changes were needed if they were to survive.

In order to do this Inferox began recruiting from prisoners and outcasts, whom he would call the 'Sons of Fire. These souls would act in ways the Xerlethites could not. He would lead raids upon those who threatened his people, but for every foe slain and territory expanded another would arise to take its place. Eventually all the Crematorians inside of the colony banded together, ignoring creed and faith to focus upon the Xerlethites. Inside of one of the great sanctums, a plaza known as a central battlefield, Inferox held in place thousands of invaders with a picked body of men.

It would be here he would make his stand and die, buying the Xerlethites themselves time to fortify further inside of the colony. But it would not be as the Primarch had assumed.

The Coming of The Emperor[edit]

With eyes turned the stars; their enormity became clear to him, and he realized how insignificant he was to them.

-Dance of the Iconoclast, p.g. 121

One of Inferox's warriors

The Emperor's arrival in system was not observed by those on the small opaque ball of Crematoria. The people had only the basic understanding of technology, and astrology was not seen as a proper way to spend one's time. The surprise of the Terran ships descending down upon the battlefield shocked both defender and attacker. The plaza's ceiling cracked open, allowing the troops of the Imperial Army to first land. Behind them, came the Emperor and his Custodes. Inferox thought that it was his God Xerleth, lord of the Stars, come to bring him deliverance. Instead it was his creator, the Emperor himself with his personal guards who had come to survey the situation. It was clear to the Emperor that great armies had arrayed to assail his son. This could not stand. Thousands were destroyed within moments as the order was given to attack.

Witnessing the sight changed something inside of the Primarch. Never had his imagination extended beyond the survival of his people upon this rock. Never had he seen more than a few hundred tribesmen, much less the thousands of besiegers who had come to strip everything he built. And now? The Emperor had arrived with hundreds of thousands of mortal warriors. As a lava bubble, it swept aside all in its path. Each of Inferox's foes fell as if they were nothing but cloth. Something kindled inside of him that day. The will to set across the stars, to take up his birthright, and to bring destruction to his enemies in the name of this Golden Conqueror.

The talks that came next were further enlightening upon the state of the galaxy. The Emperor explained away the various superstitions that Inferox held dearly to his heart. Thankful for his father's timely rescue, Inferox dedicated his life to the Imperial Truth. Believing him utterly in every word said about mankind's destiny, slowly faith died and was replaced with determination. Abandoning his ties to the Priesthood, he helped bring the Xerlethians to his own understanding. Being one of their most fervent Priests allowed the unbelief to spread fast, uplifting the huddled survivors into something far more proud.

They were the product of Crematoria now, not unknowing meek clansmen hiding from every sound. But members of something far larger, and grander, belonging to the vision of an Imperium of Man.

The Great Crusade[edit]

I raise him up high, for his humility would leave his achievements where they lay.

-Hektor Cincinnatus, on Inferox

Even as Inferox continued his education of the many facets of the Imperium and its enemies, Crematoria was advanced along Imperial lines. The Hammers of Terra were morphed by Inferox's guiding hand into a renewed Legion, the Sons of Fire. Out of the Legion's abnormally high Psyker population, Inferox made the Sandaramet, which was the mythical elite spirit guard of Xerleth in Crematorian myth. The newly reconsecrated Sons of Fire were called to war soon as they were ready. What was initially intended by Imperial strategists to be a simple defense of a system threatened by an ork raiders, turned into a thorough campaign. Eager to show the capabilities of his Legion, Inferox pressed the Ork raiders all the way to their origin and destroyed them utterly.

Over the course of that first brutal campaign Inferox shaped his legion’s aggressive, straightforward fighting style. Though the more advanced weaponry still had its place, he taught the Sons of Fire the simple pleasures of fire, of using smoke to obscure their advance, and the destruction that could be wrought by a simple chainaxe. Committed to waging total war, Inferox began an almost systematic destruction of those who might oppose the Imperium. Something began to grow however as the Legion's hidden tendencies towards battle mania grew.

On the world of Aŋra VI, Inferox witnessed this disorder in full. Having to brave the flames he had started, his mind began to grow concerned. Imperial Soldiers had died on his watch, what about elsewhere? Great Crusade is a colossal endeavor, without even a Primarch to govern all that transpires. His inquiry saw this was not an isolated event, with friendly fire and raging collateral starting to turn into a norm. Fearing what his Legion might become, Inferox appealed to the War Council. He asked if the Fourth Legion could be limited in targets for the Great Crusade, only facing against Xenos and worlds not deserving of Compliance. Appealing to Hektor, Inferox managed to sway enough voices in the Council to allow this motion to pass.

Inferox would not have a single citizen die due to his Legion's negligence or lapse in conduct. He believed heartily in the status of the Astartes as examples to the rest of humanity. If humans were to rise above their desires, their base nature, then how could they when seeing the Astartes acting out? As a result of this the Sons of Fire became Xenos Killers. Adept at tackling any inhuman beast's pitiful stellar realms. Though Inferox begrudgingly complied with the destruction of human realms that had rebelled after Compliance or had committed an unforgivable act to be disallowed that right.

Under Inferox’s command Xeno Empire after Xeno Empire was turned to ashes. The Ork empires of DaGrotz and Mudd Mordrag were burned to nothingness by the Sons of Fire, so were the Hrud of the Gulgaan Deeps too. In one of the most famous triumphs of its time, the Legion ran down and surrounded the Eldar Craftworld of Arkendar. The intensity of the fighting there would see Inferox be consumed for days by his destroyer desire, his personal code being brushed aside. In this hour, Inferox became morose realizing that he would never overcome his inner compulsions. On the cusp of suicide he was visited by his brother, and Warmaster, Hektor Cincinnatus who showed him that the Imperial Truth was just as faulty as the Crematorian religions.

Hektor showed him a new way as well. A way that would make Inferox's weaknesses into supreme strengths.

The Heresy[edit]



The crown of the King weighed heavy upon his brow.

-Dance of the Iconoclast, p.g. 61

Inferox was known during the Great Crusade as a strangely quiet figure. A man who stood in the rear, contemplating everything around himself without comment upon it. Most knew him as a recluse whom rarely passed on judgement or praise. Unlike a few of the Primarchs, especially his brother Hektor, he was not seen in the public sphere often. His words were not echoed throughout the Legion in grand speeches to stir them to action. This contrasted with his active personality during a military campaign. Whenever his feet stepped onto the battlefield, the voice of Inferox would boom out orders as one would pound a drum. He acted decisively, without hesitation as any Primarch should. But as soon as the combat concluded, he would return to his silent state. Watching all, observant of all.

A deep shame was held inside of Inferox. It was his love of destruction. Breaking apart his opponents, destroying all that they were brought him an unnatural delight. His strategic mind was focused upon it, his tactics revolved around it. The absolute annihilation of his foes was a fascination that brought him inner turmoil. His passion for it was a long fought battle that he kept largely to himself, and it fueled his efforts in other areas. Such as his private writings, or the organization of his Legion, or the domination of the realms brought into the Imperial fold. Only his closest brothers or sons ever knew that intensity that raged within him. The calm Iconoclast contrasted with the pyromaniac.


In his better days when he stood as a towering beacon of the Imperial Truth, Inferox bore a plethora of burn wounds and marks across his face. His eyes were a piercing blue, and hair a mottled blackish shade. It was always kept short though at times it would grow out; when it did, a beard made of several patches of facial hair dotted his face. This was usually due to his disdain of grooming until such a time when the last battle of a campaign was fought. His skin, those parts not scorched black, is a dusky color found on the hides of desert nomads across the galaxy.

Inferox the Molten, Daemon Primarch of Khorne's armies, stands at thirty feet tall towering above any mortal. In his right fist is a set of chains covered in flaming blood, which burn perpetually regardless of the environment. The pain from this eternal fire keeps Inferox in a constant state of frenzy. He bears a single horn sprouting out from one side of his head. His face is that of a jackal, with shining brass teeth. Studs made of steel have been hammered into his forearms, all made from the weapons borne of primitive warriors forged on Crematoria to honor him up until the final point of their immolation. Unlike most other chosen of the Blood God, his skin is a darkish hue with blood read gauntlets, greaves, and pauldrons. His chest is bare.


Inferox used the Meteor Hammer of Crematoria, a massive black chain-axe that had extra mass added to it by being forged out of utterly black meteorite metal. In battle, the Primarch would use the momentum of the weapon to clear out several ranks of foes. It had the capability of destroying, utterly, most armored vehicles he struck down. After becoming a Daemon Primarch, Inferox abandoned the weapon in favor of taking up a flaming sword and whip constructed out of pure warp energy fueled only by his raw hatred.

A Fan's Attempt at Rules[edit]

Inferox: 460 7 6 6 6 6 5 5 10 2+/4++

Unit type: Infantry, Independent Character.

Wargear: Armor of Hades, Flame-Claw Gauntlets or Meteor Hammer, Phosphex Grenade Launcher

Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Very Bulky, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Fleet, Independent Character, It Will Not Die, Master of the Legion, Sire of Flame, Soul of Fire.

Armor of Hades- This blazing suit of armor, wreathed in flames that intimidate and obscure Inferox's form, making him harder to hit. The armor confers a 2+/4++, and all models in base contact with Inferox take a S4 AP5 hit at Initiative Step 1.

Flame-Claw Gauntlets- The Primarch's signature weapons, these can both project streams of tainted fire at range or be used as a devastating close combat weapons.

S AP Range
Melee U 2 - Shred, Murderous Strike, Paired (+1 Attack)
Ranged 6 3 16' Assault 1, Shred, Ignores Cover

Phosphex Grenade Launcher- It's a launcher that shoots phosphex grenades. Big surprise, right? 30 inch range, S5, AP2, Assault 1, Crawling Fire, Lingering Death, Small blast template.

Sire of the Sons of Fire- Inferox is the pinnacle of his Legion, the dispenser of justice and the bestower of favour. All his sons aspire to be one with the flame like him, and fight all the harder under his eyes. All models with the Legiones Astartes (Sons of Fire) rule may re-roll to-wound dice when using flamer based weapons in defensive fire, and gain the Crusader special rule. In addition all Medusas, Basilisks and Whirlwinds in an army led by Inferox may take Phosphex ammunition.

Soul of Fire- The blazing heart of his pitiless legion, Inferox epitomised the power of unchained fire, its ability to consume all and leave nothing behind. Inferox is immune to all flamer based weaponry, and Melta, Plasma and Volkite weaponry have their strength reduced by 3.

Inferox is middling for a primarch stats, with a slighly higher Ws than an "average" primarch, but an otherwise a pretty good combatant. He's quite durable, especially against what you would usually shoot at a primarch (meltas wound on 5s) and has a nasty set of AP2, Id on 6s Lightning Claws, whihc can shoot a punch, that trades id for Ignores cover. The real kick in the balls to most enemy squads is that they take a Heavy Flamer to the face, which is a nice bonus. while middling in combat, he is nasty at range as well, there is really no hiding from this guy, whether he is battering you with a good ol' phosphex grenade, or punching you from 16", or in your face, as well as plasma only being S4. Overall a really solid primarch, that gives great buffs, (especially for artillary), and Being nasty in the assault phase.

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