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No. These guys are anything but 'Initiates'. Literally a textbook definition of 'Initiates'
Seems you can teach the new kids some old tricks.

Initiates are the mainline rank of a Fighting Company of the Black Templars Space Marines. Initiates are the backbone of a Fighting Company, playing a role similar to Tactical Marines. After honing their skills, Initiates may specialise in a particular area of combat, such as jump pack assaults, heavy weapons or bikes.


In addition to their combat duties, Initiates are responsible for picking and training Black Templar Neophytes and guiding them in battle. The Initiate decides when the Neophyte has completed his training, after which the Neophyte is implanted with the Black Carapace and receives his power armour (Which can either be the standard-issue Mark VII: Aquila Armour or the more expensive Mark VIII: Errant Armour).

Now also comes in Primaris Flavour.


They are your Tactical Squads, so they should behave like Tactical Squads. Initiates other than their power armour is armed with a Bolt Rifle, Bolt Pistol and a Chainsword. They are more assault orientated, however, and some are known to equip themselves with Jump Packs. The new Primaris versions also carry around the Awesome Pyreblaster for long-ranged burny power.

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