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"Faith. In the right hands, it is Humanity's greatest weapon. Yet even the finest blade is rendered fallible by its wielder. In the wrong hands, the mighty sword of faith can do more hurt to the Emperor's Realm than can all the treacherous daemons of the Warp combined. This is why those who profess to be the most holy amongst us must be put to the sternest test."

– Inquisitor Greyfax

The coldest bitch who ever bitched, and the most badass space pilgrim to ever grace 40k, Inquisitor Katarinya Greyfax is one of the most infamous members of the Inquisition. Even other members of the Ordo Hereticus are scared shitless by her, and for good reason. She sees heresy pretty much everywhere, even especially among Imperial allies. Seriously, even Commissar Fuklaw thinks she takes it too far sometimes. The only Imperial Institution she (usually!) doesn't scrutinize are the Custodes since even she knows they are incapable of treachery against the emperor. On top of that, she's a potent telepath, something she takes advantage of extensively to speed her investigations along to their inevitable conclusion. This could go a long way towards explaining her rampant paranoia steadfast vigilance, as spending lots of time in other people's heads, especially heretics, isn't exactly healthy.

Curiously enough, she's also an atheist. Which ironically places her closer to the Emperor's ideal more than anyone else in the Inquisition.

Her model designer said that she wears modified Sororitas armor, which has some interesting implications when her psychic abilities and hyper-suspicion are also taken into account.

She also has a huge crush on Saint Celestine and is just too tsundere to admit it. GW, we know you want to add more diversity to 40k, and we think this would be a fantastic way to do it, for purely altruistic reasons of course.

She's also voiced by Catherine Tate.


Inquisitor Greyfax on the lower-left corner, fighting side by side with Cato Sicarius.

Inquisitor Greyfax was introduced in Fall of Cadia as one of the reinforcements Trazyn brought from his museum. She first appeared when Trazyn opened his Tesseract Labyrinth during the battle of the Elysion Fields. As the other Imperial reinforcements either charged into the fray or soiled themselves, Greyfax and her Inquisitorial Stormtroopers Tempestus Scions took some time to be thoroughly revolted with the whole situation. On one side, she saw a bunch of Chaos Space Marines and Daemons, but on the other, a bunch of heavily mutated space marines, daemonic-looking motherfuckers, and that supposed "Living Saint" who was probably a witch. After trying and failing to kill Trazyn, she came to the conclusion that the Imperial side was probably less heretical than the Chaos side, and helped Celestine and Cawl beat the shit out of Abaddon, though with the intention of investigating and executing her erstwhile allies afterward. Of course, then the planet exploded, so she had to get onto a transport with Cawl and Celestine. Although she tried to get the surviving Black Templars to back her up in declaring Celestine a heretic, Cawl pointed out that she had xenotech flowing through her veins, making her heretical as well. He offered to remove the mindshackle scarabs later, on the condition that she stop trying to BLAM everyone while they were running from Abaddon's fleet, so she spent the rest of the trip pouting in a corner. She is of the opinion that anyone clearly blessed by the Emperor should be executed anyway just in case they turn to Chaos. Which would make her a double-heretic for believing her opinion outweighs the decisions of the Emperor himself.

After sustaining heavy damage from the chaos fleet pursuing them, and guided by Celestine's prophetic dreams, the newly christened Celestinian Crusade landed on the frozen world Klaisus, engaging the Black Legion in a running battle through the icy wastes as they continued towards an unknown destination. During this journey, Celestine gave Greyfax a little pep talk, which Greyfax brushed off as more lies and idolatry, though she did start to feel the slightest twinge of hope, or something like that. Just as the Imperial forces drew up for a last stand, the combined forces of the Ynnari emerged from a nearby webway portal, driving the chaos space marines back, proving Celestine's prophecies correct, and turning Greyfax into even more of a tsundere.

After the Celestinian Crusade successfully arrived on Ultramar and resurrected Space Caesar, Greyfax couldn't control her feelings for Celestine any longer. Blushing profusely and nervously looking at her feet, Greyfax admitted that she fucked up and the living saint was right all along. As the Inquisitor sheepishly admitted her true feelings, Celestine took her in her arms and... congratulated her on finally seeing the Emperor's light, before leaving to talk to Guilliman about how awful this grimdark future is. Greyfax nervously cleared her throat and straightened her hat before following suit.

After the Celestinian Crusade, she played an active role in the Terran Crusade, helping Guilliman reach Terra. Shortly after she was debriefed by Lord Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus on Terra, she was summoned by Guilliman, who set her on a quest to retrieve the Eye of Night in order to help fix the Cicatrix Maledictum which now cut the galaxy in half. After going on a cool Indiana Jones adventure through the Gothic Sector along with some Grey Knights, she encountered the ghost of Inquisitor Horst from the 12th Black Crusade, fought a bunch of cultists and daemons, and found and retrieved the artifact in the skull of Horst's corpse.

Later helped White Scars obliterate the Death Guard on Dortwyr, purges Necron forces around Ultramar, bodyguard mission with Celestine (and Centurion Longinus) on Ecclesiarch Decius XXIII (conflicting canon with Ecclesiarch Baldo Slyst) which was a ploy by a Lord of Change to possess Celestine's body. The two gals bonded. At some point, she executed the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Helynna Valeria, who also was controlled by Trazyn's Mindshackle Scarabs.

On the Tabletop[edit]

Even her miniature looks pissed. And why the hell does she have heels? Blam heretic that is why!
Power Points M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Inquisitor Greyfax: 5 85 6" 3+ 3+ 3 3 5 4 10 3+

Inquisitor Greyfax has been nerfed with the release of 8th edition and remained same in 9th. Although her master-crafted condemnor boltgun is better due to the changes to their rules, her psychic might has been reduced considerably. She no longer has her special Aura of Oppression psychic power, and she can only cast one power per turn. On the bright side, she can deny two psychic powers per turn, and she gets a +1 bonus on any rolls to do so. Additionally, she's the only character in the Inquisition who has a psyocculum, letting her snipe PSYKER and DAEMON CHARACTERS. She can completely ruin any psyker's day, but her abilities are almost completely wasted on non-psychic armies, making her an iffy choice unless you know for certain you're fighting a psyker-heavy army, like Grey Knights, Chaos Daemons, or Craftworld Eldar.

Her model still makes for a great Inquisitor Adrastia proxy.

7th Edition[edit]

Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Inquisitor Greyfax: 150 4 4 3 3 3 4 3 10 3+

Inquisitor Grayfax has the exact same statline as normal inquisitors, but has a Master-Crafted Condemnor Boltgun, a Master-Crafted Powersword, and a Psyocculum in addition to her Psyk-out grenades. This makes her worth it up front as an anti-Psyker tool. Moreover, she's an ML2 psyker who can only take Telepathy, but she also always knows a unique power called Aura of Oppression which comes in Warp Charge 1 and 3 varieties. The WC1 version is a malediction targeting a single enemy non-vehicle unit within 12" which forces a pinning test, which even if they pass they cannot run, turbo-boost, sweeping advance, or fire Overwatch. The WC3 variant is instead a "nova Malediction" targeting all non-vehicle enemy units within 12". Great in particular at shutting down Tau Support fire bullshit and Dark Angels Supreme Fire Discipline, but grab some Psykers for extra charges.

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