Interceptor Squad

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Interceptor Squads are special Grey Knights (As if they aren't 'special' enough already. BLAM!) outfitted with personal backpack teleporters, allowing them to "shunt" themselves through Warpspace to another location on the battlefield like ALA Eldar Warp Spiders. Except unlike the Warp Spiders, Interceptors are tougher and more likely to survive then their Elfdar equivalents. Seriously they out-Warp Spidered the Warp Spiders. If anything it goes to show that the only way GeeDubs can make an obnoxious and insufferable faction more humble is by adding in an even more obnoxious and insufferable faction. Fucking failure.

Why the Imperium couldn't just mass produce these things to cut down on the usage of expensive terminator armor and increase mobility is another example of Mechanicum failure, although in most chapters only the librarians would be able to make use of them, as they are described as requiring a psyker to be used safely: there is a catch for this nifty device. The wearer must possess great fortitude of mind and body to traverse Warpspace without the protection of a Gellar Field. Worse, he must do so without the added protections of Terminator Armour. Such wargear is too bulky for the limitations of the personal teleporter, which is why Interceptor Squads must, first and foremost, look to their own psychic abilities to act as defence against the untold and endless dangers of the Empyrean. This device was once used by Justicar Maligante to teleport from a planet’s surface to its moon in pursuit of the Daemon Prince Hazashe, an act of psychic and technical proficiency that few others could hope to duplicate. The potential of this technology is nonetheless staggering, as it offers the Grey Knights an unparalleled ability to make rapid surgical attacks at enemy positions.

Of all the warriors in service to the Imperium, only Grey Knights (and maybe the Deathwatch and Mechanicus) could hope have access to such technology, due to the tendency of various factions to refuse to share (looking at you, Blood Angels).

Their standard equipment includes the personal teleporter (Interceptor Squad only), wrist-mounted storm bolter, nemesis force sword, frag grenades, krak grenades, and psyk-out grenades, whilst wearing the 'standard-issue' Aegis Armour. They also get the commonly used Hammerhand psychic power, which is essentially FALCON PUNCH!, as well as the awesome warp quake which is a gestalt psychic power that causes a tremor in the border between the Warp and realspace, throwing teleport beams off course, silencing marker beacons and destabilizing landing thrusters.

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