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– Asmodai

Interrogator-Chaplains are super special and secret Chaplains utilized by the Dark Angels. They are members of the Dark Angels' Inner Circle and are thus highly respected and trusted by their peers in their quest of obtaining every last information from the Fallen INTELLIGENCE FROM VILE TRAITOROUS HERETICS THAT HAVE NO CONNECTION TO THE FIRST LEGION!


The route to becoming an Interrogator-Chaplain is perilous and dangerous as he will be observed from a distance throughout his career and may eventually come to learn some of the secrets pertaining to the fall of Caliban THAT OUR PRECIOUS HOME WORLD FELL VICTIM TO ADMINISTRATIVE INCOMPETENCE! WHAT?! NO, WE'RE NOT HIDING ANYTHING! MOVING ON!

If this is so, he will be brought before the Inner Circle and judged whether he is ready to join them or not. If so he will become a full member and learn the secrets of the chapter. If he is judged not to be ready then he may be mind-scrubbed, or worse HE WILL BE SENT TO THE DETENTION AREA AND BE LECTURED WHY HE DID NOT PASS! Anyways, once the Interrogator-Chaplain becomes who he is, he will be tasked similarly from other Chaplains but with the added responsibility in forcing the Fallen to repent for their sins via multiple interesting ways (Read: A copious amount of torture) THAT SOMETIMES THE BEST FORM OF INTERROGATION IS THROUGH EARNING THE ACCUSED'S TRUST VIA COMPASSION, HUGS AND KISSES! MOVE THE FUCK ALONG THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

Due to their role, Interrogator-Chaplains are masters of interrogation, torture and psychological manipulation that could rival the most experienced members of the Inquisition's Ordo Hereticus. Heck they may even be hired to be part of the Ordo Hereticus from time to time so long as they keep their Chapter's dark secret from public knowledge COMPLETELY NOBLE AND HONORABLE HERITAGE AND HISTORY!

For every Fallen FILTHY HERETIC that repent from their heinous crimes, they may add a black pearl to their Rosarius in honor of this achievement. Master Molochia had a dozen black pearls making him one of the most successful Interrogator-Chaplains in the history of the Dark Angels. The black pearls themselves can be found on the planet of Malmar, a watery Death World on the edge of the Eye of Terror. Upon promotion to his role, each Interrogator-Chaplain must travel to Malmar to retrieve one of these treasures to be stored within The Rock's Reclusiam, in the hope that one day it will be returned. It is said that on that dread planet, one must face his own temptations -- a test of will that makes facing the threat of the fierce predators who inhabit that world easy by comparison.

Why the Dark Angels think that wearing potentially Chaos-tainted pearls and frequently travelling to a nascent Daemon World are good ideas is unknown. Perhaps the "Dark Angels are closet-heretics" meme has some traction after all...

Other than their expertise in torture and psychological mindfuckery, Interrogator-Chaplains overall have the same equipment from regular Chaplains.

The most famous of the Interrogator-Chaplains is Asmodai.

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