Introducing the Lurker

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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

Weirdest thing I ever saw was one of those lurkers.

Me and my crew were hanging about in a bar, if you can call it that. They'd managed to simulate some drinks pretty well, and it was worth the Pix just to feel again. Anyway, suddenly there's a load of screaming outside, and we start shitting ourselves, because we know what that means.

This guy, I swear he was sitting right next to me but I didn't even know he was there, just stands up and sighs. He walks out the door, not bothering to open it. We follow, curious about this loon.

Outside, we see the Cyber, like a giant ape with six of those great black arms and cruel claws. This guy is walking towards, but he's hard to see. Your eyes just slipped off him, didn't seem to recognize he was there. He walks straight up to the thing, and round its back. Doesn't even notice him. Were thinking "He's bugging out, and we should too".

Then, on top of its head, he pops up. He rolls up a sleeve and then shoves it straight into the things head. We freaked. The thing stopped, and looked curious, swinging its arms around. I swear to moot it shoulda hit 'im, but the arm just went straight through. He seemed to take holda something, and pulled, and the entire Cyber just broke apart, the chunks of code scattered to the winds. He rode the disintegrating body to the ground, then walked back into the bar and ordered another drink.

We bombarded him with stories, but he wouldn't say much, and eventually left. It was only a while after he'd gone we realized the bastard hadn't even paid his tab!