Introducing the Prober

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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

You ever try to see while going through a link? Ignore those old-wives tales about looking into a hyperlink directly. Open your eyes and ears. Feel the rush of data flowing past you both in and out like deep breaths of an Old on your face...that's the path to knowing how to be a Prober.

It's a lost art, Probing. Way back before the fall it was as simple as putting a query to Telnet and see how many times that signal got bounced. These days, you pretty well are screwed when it comes to a link and the things dwelling in between. Unless you know how to Probe.

Sure, some call us fakes or crazies, thinking we're just dowsing for water and likely to open the maw to Google to the poor saps. But a good Prober can see beyond the HTML. We can hear the server's pulse. Its like a heartbeat, and we're the blood. It'd all look like gibberish to your average Script Kiddie, but I know it's ways. I can see where the old links go before I even step foot in them.

Hackers and Coders can open links, certainly, but we Probers see where they are blind and hear where they are deaf.

Now, what's a server, you ask? It's where we are. No, not the page we're on. This is just a layer of reality painted onto the Servers we can understand. I'm talking about beyond this. I'm talking about that "gibberish" before the site. Ach Tee Tee Pee, Colon Slash Slash, Dubyew Dubyew Dubyew.

Trust me. Where I'm gonna take you, don't need eyes to see.

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