Invictor Tactical Warsuit

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We Mech Warrior now! We're not kidding, this looks like the lovechild between a Kit Fox and a Mad Dog.

Welp, it seems like the Primaris Space Marines had nicked off the designs from the oldschool Eldar War Walkers and a Grey Knight Dreadknight and somehow manage to fit the whole thing inside a Dreadnought chassis. Or, for those non-40kers out there, it resembles the love child of the AMP Suits from Avatar and the Power Loaders from Aliens (With a bit of the APU from the Matrix sequels into the bargain).

This machine is for those Space Marines who want to play around as a Dreadnought without suffering the very necessary side effect of being turned into a bag of organs floating in nutrient soup and being permanently interned into one and would rather not look like an ass in the Centurion suit. Consequently enough, only Vanguard Primaris are given the special privilege in riding one.


As hinted, the Invictor Tactical Warsuit (also known as the Stealthnought - being a stealthy dreadnought that has NO chance at actual stealth, sometimes also known as the Dread-not since it's not an actual Dreadnought) is ridiculously designed, apparently because our favourite cyborg built it out of a stripped-down Redemptor chassis. The roll-cage may prevent the Primaris from getting squashed inside his own walker, but considering these things also explode, it seems like piloting a pseudo-Dreadnought is a great way to wind up in an actual Dreadnought.

The Invictor Tactical Warsuit is meant to be a stealthy fast walker designed to accompany Vanguard recon forces to give them some heavy firepower ('Heavy' being a relative term, since the loadout is geared towards fighting infantry hordes, with either a Heavy 6 S7 AP-1 D2 twin Autocannon to pop Nobz from across the table or a 12" Heavy 2D6 S5 AP-1 Heavy Flamer to roast Boyz straight out of Deepstrike/Concealed, a Heavy Bolter for everything in between, and Ironhail Heavy Stubbers or a Fragstorm Grenade Launcher to clear out anyone left). The only true anti-armor punch it has is quite literal: 4 attacks with a S14, AP-3, damage 3 power fist that has no penalty to hit. To help shore up it’s close combat abilities, that power fist also has the ability to wield the heavy bolter like a pistol—no really, it becomes Pistol 3 when enemies are within 1”.

Why GeeDubs didn't think of selling this is beyond us.

As a stealth walker, it is meant to go behind enemy lines and attack vulnerable positions with very little resistance, aided by some kind of sound dampening alloy that lets it move quietly for something of its size. However, you must be as blind as an 80 year old senior with cataracts to miss that Dreadnought-sized machine lumbering around - though chances are it isn't meant to be unseen as much as undetected by scanners and whatnot, at least until the target is riddled with holes larger than cat flaps. Unless of course, they are led by the Raven Guard, in which case hiding these walking fridges should be both possible and expected.

As far as how effective this strategy is in practice? Well it's the same concept as light tanks such as the Tetrarch Tank in WW2 which could be deployed by glider and the Sheridan air drop tank. The Tetrarch saw some action in the air dropped role during Normandy where they were ineffective compared to German armor. The Invictor has the same problem, but it's load out points it to more of an infantry shredder then a tank to tank fighter.

Well, at the very least, one of the few redeeming qualities of this walker is the heavy bolter strapped to it’s leg, which can be used by the giant powerfist like a pistol, complete with the ability to use it while in melee. Which can lead to some legitimately tacticool move sets/conversion. Likewise, we could at least be grateful that the SPESS MEHREENS have an actual 'proper' mech now that could give the Tau some right and proper fisting.

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