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Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Clerics of Steel
Warband Leader Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Strength Unknown
Specialty Unknown
Allegiance Chaos Undivided and other Gods as it is rumored
Colours Blue/purple/red gradient with silver trim
The Pantheon has blessed them with the sweetest of colour schemes.

The Invocators are one of the Judged, thirty chapters which got sentenced to the Abyssal Crusade. Before they plunged into the Eye of Terror they were known as the Clerics of Steel. They are known for the daemonic hosts they summon before each battle. The Invocators are a rag-tag assortment of minor warbands that now seek power through bringing as many daemonic rituals to fruition as they can. There are rumors that they serve other gods aside the Ruinous Powers.

Also, their helmets are awesome. (And interestingly, their livery resembles that of the Thousand Sons, with a similar flaming snake motif. Make of that what you will.)


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