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A crook shaped like a stylized eye
Alignment True Neutral
Pantheon Dawn War
Portfolio Knowledge, Skill, Prophecy
Domains Knowledge
Home Plane Kerith-Ald (Hestavar)
Worshippers Sages, tacticians, stududents of magic

Ioun is a Dungeons & Dragons goddess introduced in 4e as part of the Dawn War Pantheon. She is the Goddess of Knowledge, Skill and Prophecy, making her closely aligned with Pelor and Erathis as one of the three "Gods of Civilization".

Ioun takes her name from the famous Ioun Stones, magical items that have existed in D&D since the days of Basic.

The connection between Ioun and the Ioun Stones has been retained in 5E, where she is mentioned both in the Dungeon Master's Guide and on Magic Item Card accessories featuring Ioun Stone varieties.

The deities of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons
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