Ireland (Mutant: Heirs of Doom)

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"The Knowledge is Eternal!"

The Most Holiest of the Albionic Isles and the lands beyond the Sea the Theocracy of Ireland, with its population of 100,000, is the most technologically advanced country in the Albionic Icelands, famous for their scrap and metal export. Ireland is the largest of the Albionic states, led by an order of holy knowledgists and is notable for its railway and high standard for domestic technology and surgery. Its deeply religious, violent and proud population are kept under control by governmental robots armed with shock batons. Ireland's national animal is the Bearmour and its currency is the Iron. Ireland's three cities are Heartstation, Nikkel-ring and Eastation.

The knowledgists have three airballoons they can use for expeditions and the like. Their army has one plane from before the disaster, which unfortunately is broken. Every year it is dragged through the country on a cart as a form of parade. It is described as "A death bringing machine of war used by the ancients, who sent it flying by its own power and reigned death and fire on the enemies of the Ire!" About a third of the population lives in trains. There is plans on building a railway around the whole isle. Train artillery is used for defence against marauders.


After the War, primitive tribes of mutants roamed the Island. One day, a group of humans left the enclave Sanctarium IV to explore the surface. They found the railway station today known as Eastation, and saw that it was good. They decided to follow the road until they arrived at the heart of Ireland. There, they decided to rebuild the most glorious nation with the power of technology.


Just look at a map of Ireland.


Knowledgism is a pseudo-scientific religion based on the knowledge from the past. It is led by the Order of Knowledgism, which in turn is led by the Highest Knowledgist Philippe Joywater, a mutated dolphin with an obsessive love for hi-tekh weapons. Knowledgism teaches about an eternal soul and a replaceable body, which means that the body can be treated any possible way as long as the soul is pure.

Their main pantheon is made out of three gods. Ironaya, Paplate and Aluminia. Some places, like Lake Nikkel, has a regional god of it's own.

Ironaya eL Kab[edit]

"Aunt Ore" is a daughter of the earth. She has the form of a stalagmitic crystal creature. She is the one who decides where the earth will be good for sowing.

Paplate/Father Plate[edit]

"The Lord of Robots" has the image of The Iron Giant. He is the loving, fatherly god of all technology. He is worshiped by robots and knowledgists.


"The Burning Goat Demon" has the image of a metallic, burning goattaur without hair. Aluminia is a creature of hate and flames fighting against spirits of disorderly concepts trying to get into reality. People pray to her to avoid bad ideas coming to one's mind.

They do not need prayers or sacrifices, but the chance of them helping you increases if you do. They wander around the world with a part of their soul being in every Idol of theirs. The gods are concepts, and was it not for their existence what they are god of would not work. For example, if Aunt Ore did not be, plants would not grow in Ireland.

Lake Nikkel Monster - Worshiped by the people who lives by Lake Nikkel. It decides who is allowed to take the treasure of the lake.

Ssaab -