Iron Lords

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Iron Lords
Iron Lords Badge.jpg
Battle Cry Unknown
Founding M38
Successors of Iron Hands
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Ferrus Manus
Homeworld Sternac
Strength Unknown
Specialty Killing Aliens.
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Black body, Red legs, with Helmet stripe of company color.

"Kill anything that's not human."

– SGT. Natz, Battle For LA

Take the demeanor of the Iron Hands and merge it with the endless xeno-hate of the Novamarines and you get the Iron Lords. These guys hate xenos, everything they have done has been against various xenos in 40k. Tyranids? Check. Tau? Check. Unknown-but-who-cares-since-they-can-be-killed xenos? Check. Typically found guarding the Grendel Stars to prevent another xeno species from getting in the way of the Imperium. But that was only a brief period of time, after which they purged the shit out of the Grendel Stars. Death Specters, take notes. But apparently these aliens weren't all dead yet. So Hive Fleet Kraken decided to go harvest their bio-mass. The Iron Lords then cornered the Hive Fleet and told them to fuck-off, thus the "Barghesi" of the Grendel Stars were fucked even further. Afterwards the Chapter responded to threats from an unknown xenos race on the fringes of Imperial space. Then proceeded to exterminate said xenos race.

If their color scheme didn't make any sense it will now after they plant their foot up your ass.

If these guys had more fluff, they'd be a big thing. Just imagine a bunch of space marines who act like robots on a daily basis. They seem slow, irritable and gruff. Its as if they don't care about anyone else. It's also as if they don't do anything at all. Just standing around, occasionally doing a drill or maneuvers. Then word from the Brass comes down and you got an Ork Kroozer heading your way. So you and your regiment get it together and start planning out potential landing zones the Orks might take. But wait, you gotta tell those Marines that something is coming. At first their Force Commander just looks at you, past you. Then you tell them it's Orks that are heading here. That does something to the Marines. Soon you find that they can convey emotion, mainly swears, and eventually every spot your forces are at, the Marines are at too. You over hear them talk, its like they're happy. When the orbital defenses fall, and the Kroozer plummets down onto the surface, the Marines don't wait. The shock-wave hasn't even dissipated yet and there they are, riding up to the hull of the craft waiting to crush anything that isn't human that comes out. Soon you got orders to shell the Kroozer until you run out of ammo. You can see the Marines there, at the edge of the crater just blowing holes into the hulk. Orks are getting out of their scrap-heap but each one that does winds-up a tattered rag of green flesh. Hours go by like this, then days. But at last the apparent Warboss cleaves his way out of a new entrance of his ship. He and his posse don't have much time to react as there are a few dozen multi-meltas, plasma cannons and a few hundred bolters unloading their fire. Whatever was left of the Warboss is now being stomped on by a Marine in Terminator armor while he flips the bird at the puddle of Ork guts he's standing in.


  • Grendl Stars Campaign - In M38, the Chapter kicks the ass of the hyper-aggressive Barghesi and sends them back to their home in the Grendl Stars. This establishes their dominance in the region.
  • Judgement of Hellenus - Caught off guard by mutants, their gene-seed got tainted so they had BLAM a few of their own. Hector Rex was involved in this, which means the threat was some serious shit, and the failure cannot be blamed entirely on the Chapter.
  • Defence of Valedor - Lost their battle barge when Hive Fleet Leviathan fell upon a Cardinal World.
  • Zeist Campaign - Marneus Calgar summons a force Astartes to throw back the expansion of the Tau's Third Sphere Expansion. The Iron Lords answer the call and participate in the following punitive campaign alongside the forces led by Cato Sicarius.
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