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Grand Alliance Destruction


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General Tactics

The Ironjawz are a faction of Orruks found in Age of Sigmar. They, to put it simply, are the 'Ardest of the 'Ardest, consisting of Orruks who would be considered full-blown WARBOSSES in other Orruk tribes due to their sheer strength and size. To be more precise, they'd be MegaNobz considering how massive and ungainly their armor is, which these models are good proxies for. Greatest amongst the Ironjawz, and the closest thing the Orruks have to a racial leader, is Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork. They were the de facto posterboys for Destruction for a good long while before the Gloomspite Gitz seized it from them like the sneaky gitz they are.


The Ironjawz aren't like the traditional Orruk tribes in that EVERY different colour or warband are part of the same tribe and will actively follow DA ONE TRUE BOSS if they encounter him. Yes, you heard that right. These gits all will follow one boss instead of fighting each other to be the biggest boss, due to how 'ard this boss is. Because of their unique way of leadership the Ironjawz have become a very feared and terrifying force of destruction, Their religion is similar; it states that Gordrakk is the Prophet of Gorkamorka and that the only way to get Gorkamorka to return to the Mortal Realms is to unleash the biggest, meanest, most bloody scrap ever fought. And it's worryingly likely. The Beastclaw Raiders, Bonesplitterz, and most other factions of Destruction are joining WAAAGH! Gordrakk. Currently Gordrakk has just built himself a colossal battering ram made out of the skull of a Godbeast, and has announced his plans to krump Sigmar himself, viewing him as the only worthy opponent left in the Mortal Realms.

Da Forces of Da Ironjawz[edit]

Ironjawz have a crude but efficient method of organization. The basic unit is the Mob, which may range in size anywhere from five to five hundred. Five Mobs make a Fist, and five Fists makes a Brawl, the Ironjawz equivelant of a regiment. This fixation on fives is because most Ironjawz can't count any higher. It is said Gordrakk's Waaagh! is so big that it is counted in units of ten, which the Ironjawz see as a formidable feat due to the legend that "seven ate nine". Myths seen as ludicrous even by the Ironjawz speak of Orruks so kunnin' they can count to twenty if they take off their shoes.

  • Ardboys: So you ever wondered what happened to Black Orcs? Welp they became the fan boyz of the Ironjawz. Ardboyz are orcs who want to join the Ironjawz tribe, to do this they wear full-plate armour and copy whatever the ironjawz do so in short they are obsessed fanboyz. Thats not to say they aren't a hard frontline with a +4 armour save and two wounds a piece these guys will hit hard and keep smashing until either they die or the enemies dies.
  • Orruk Brutes: While the ardboys can be considered the grots of the Ironjaw society, Brutes can be considered the regular boyz. The Brutes are orruk Nobz in strength and size, they are clad in metal scraps smashed into shape to fit the wearer. These guys are your basic front-line infantry like the ard boyz but unlike the ard boyz, brutes are better at smashing through enemy than boyz and get to attack twice when facing an enemy that has 4 or more wounds.
  • Gore Gruntaz: Gruntas are pig-like creatures ridden by the Ironjawz, and are said to be to a boar what an ogor is to a human. The comparison to an ogor is apt, for a Grunta shares their size and hunger, to the point Ironjawz use them as siege weapons by having them literally eat enemy fortifications. The only thing Gruntas cannot eat is metal, which they crap out undigested. Ironjawz view this "pig-iron" as lucky and favor it for crafting.
  • Warchanters: Most Ironjawz think music is pointless, and laugh at the Ardboys for their use of war-drums. However, they all respect the mystical beats of the Warchanter. These Orruks are constantly said to hear the twin heartbeats of Gork and Mork, and are compelled to recreate this rhythm, whether it be by bashing their sticks together or by bashing their enemies' skulls instead. Hearing this beat intensifies the power of the Waaagh! in Ironjawz and makes them fight with even more intensity.
  • Weirdnob Shaman: Pretty much your standard orc shaman. Have a rivalry with the Wurrgog Prophets of the Bonesplitterz; the Wurrgog view them as less in touch with the will of Gorkamorka, while the Weirdnobs counter that anybody who summons a giant fist to krump their enemies is clearly following their gods will.
  • Megaboss: The biggest of the big boys, and constantly growing bigger to the point where they pretty much regenerate in combat because killing only makes them stronger.
  • Megaboss on Maw-Krusha: Since most Megabosses are so big that they'd break the back of any grunta, they typically use these dragon-like monsters instead. These colossal beasties look like buffed up wyverns and can let out a roar loud enough to shatter most mortal men’s heads. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a Maw-Krusha should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its enormous fat body off the ground. The Maw-Krusha, of course, flies anyway because Orruks don't care what humans think is impossible and/or Maw-Krushas are so aggressive, even gravity doesn't want to get in their way.


In an attempt to make the Orruks seem less single minded, recent fluff has added that not all Orruks are willing to follow Gordrakk’s Big Waaagh! Oh sure, they’ll still support him if they cross paths, but most other Orruks will usually stick to their own traditions and tribes, collectively known as Warclans.

  • Ironsunz: The biggest and most recognized of Ironjawz Warclans, infamous for their garish yellow armor and surprising level of cunning. While this clan has existed since the Age of Myth, they really didn’t gain their current notoriety until the arrival of Grand Overboss Dakkbad Grotkicker. Now Dakkbad had a revelation early in his life; by actively avoiding getting shot and stabbed, he can smash and crush back even harder. Expectedly, this was a controversial opinion among his fellow Orruks. Such qualms were silenced after the ambitious Brute used this intellect to survive the ear-drum shattering roar of a Maw-Crusha that previously offed his former boss. Now Dakkbad leads the Ironsunz as a cult of personality, where every Orruk in it aspires to be just as cunnin’ as he is. Interestingly, he loathes Gordrakk (likely due to Gordrakk’s god-given rise to power contrasting with Dakkbad’s long and arduous climb to leadership) and aspires to reign control the Big Waaagh! from the Fist of Gork.
  • Bloodtoofs: It’s the Wacky Races in the Mortal Realms! These red rough riders have an obsession for throwing themselves into realmgates at high speeds, and then repeating the process over and over. They barrel through cities and fortresses without a care in the world other than where’s the next realmgate. They also have a fierce rivalry with the Ironsunz, after Dakkbad Grotkicker killed their reigning Warboss.
  • Da Choppas: The blue boys of Da Choppas focus on desecration rather than destruction. Like a rowdy gang of delinquents, they leave enemy strongholds standing, but completely graffitied and defiled with greenskin “art.” Their most infamous raid saw them defile an Everchosen Dreadhold and replace the head of an Archaon statue with a grot’s head. They’re led by an enterprising Weirdnob Shaman who carries the skull of the previous Megaboss on his staff, claiming to speak to his boss from “da great beyond”.
  • Fang-krushas: Swaggering blowhards who follow the Fist of Gork, claiming to be his favorite mob of Orruks.
  • Kryptboyz: A Warclan native to Shyish, this horde of Greenskins takes particular pleasure in tearing down the necropoli of the Ossiarch Bonereapers and wearing their looted bones as trophies. Their color scheme is identical to the Black Orcs of Fantasy Battle.
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