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AKA "I feel the need to have 'Irony' be a bluelink so I can pothole 'Irony', but can't think of anything for it to be a redirect to".

"It's like raaaaaiiinnnn on your wedding day..."

– Alanis Morissette

When something is intended one way but comes out the opposite way.

Some common possible cases of irony from /tg/:

  • People think of D&D, which was originally a individual units wargame, as the pinnacle of role-playing games.
  • /tg/ loves Monstergirls, but hates sexualized Furries.
  • Hanafuda cards were specifically designed to prevent their use in gambling (no visible numbers, suits are somewhat hard to quickly read, etc.) are now almost exclusively used by gamblers.
  • Warhammer 40k started out as parody and satire, but now a lot of people take it completely seriously.
  • The God-Emperor of the Imperium from WH40k was an ultra-militant atheist.
    • Double irony points: In being such a militant atheist, he threw away the most useful tool against Chaos (as it turns out, having a religion keeps the Chaos Gods away by redirecting that emotional energy into less pure forms, and eventually creates weapons or entities that can beat them), which is what ultimate ended up getting him worshiped as a God.
  • The song "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette is in a surprisingly quantum state; that is, it's in a superposition of both being and not being actually ironic.
  • The following statement:

Of course, whether any of the above actually is ironic or not is left up to the reader to decide.